Brexit and it's affect on musicians


  1. With all the head spinning information associated with Brexit, it suddenly occurred to me that none  of the media (or your page) has investigated the impact of a no deal  on musicians and promoters. I decided therefore to do some research myself. Contacting the government was a waste of time as was a phone call to the musicians union. However  an e-mail to Brussels did furnish results. Whilst still in the developmental stage, some definite decisions had been made and here they are:-

    1   All instruments to be surrendered and examined at points of entry and exit, to be searched for contraband ranging from concealed cash in hand to bum notes.

  2. 2.  All drum kits to be subjected to sound tests and should they be above the maximum decibel regulations destroyed at once.

  3. 3.   All banjos must be fireproofed to prevent ignition by possible irate fans or other band members after prolonged solos. 

  4. 4.  All double bass players to be especially scrutinised as the average case has been found to be capable of hiding nine bottles of wine or one small French person.  

  5. Somewhat daunting Fred, but imagine my surprise and concern when I realised the communiqué was signed by a  Herr Kitzingfangel

    Yours worryingly 

    Jeff Roberts


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