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The Harmony Hounds


Strictly speaking this is a photograph of the "Jazz Hounds". 
Left to right it's Colin Turner, Phil Wall, Chris Howse and Warren Latham.  Warren was a Harmony Hound for many years.

Yes, the band that was started on St Cecilia’s day in 1987 by Chris Howse, Colin Turner and Willy Entwistle, is out of quarantine and showing no signs of any canine diseases ( maybe a touch of rabies) !! The original three have returned to their posts and with the addition of two new members are now a five piece. The line up is: Andy Henderson- cornet, Willy Entwistle- reeds/violin, Colin Turner- bass saxophone, Chris Howse -banjo, guitar and vocals, John Smith- drums. We hope a few people are old enough to remember us and we look forward to seeing you at our opening gig at Southport jazz club on Wednesday the 24th July 2019.


For several years the band consisted of  John Hallam, Mike Burns, Chris Howse & Colin Turner

Photo taken at Blakeys Cafe Bar in Blackburn by Fred Burnett

The Harmony Hounds, who were always a popular band at the Keswick Jazz Festival, are a band of first rate musicians producing a sound which can best be described as a miniature version of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra. The Hounds are a polished and highly entertaining four-piece band who play jazz and dance music as it would have been heard in the hotel, dance halls and clubs of 1920's America. Their music draws on the repertoire of Jimmy Noone, Clarence Williams, Bessie Smith and even Bing Crosby among many others, with vocals to the fore. They are Chris Howse (banjo, guitar and vocals), John Hallam (clarinet and saxes), Colin Turner (tuba and bass sax) and Mike Burns (trumpet). The band has not actually folded as such, and each of the above musicians are all playing regularly  in the North West, which in turn made it difficult to get together on a regular basis.

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Chris Howse
0484 515229

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