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01/12/19 -

Hi Fred, I've been meaning to drop you a line for some time, after finding your splendid website.

I wrote a weekly jazz column on the dear old Stockport Advertiser from 1956 to Ď59, when many of the bands you feature were either well established or just getting going. I certainly recorded the birth of Mart Rodgersí first band with the future Mrs Rodger on banjo and a young student called John Mayall on piano. (Little did we know!) I used to go around with his dad Murray Mayall judging local jazz band competitions back them - one of them in a tent in Bury when we were joined by Lonnie Donegan no less. And forty-plus years later Martís band played at my retirement party.

Then there was the Dallas, the Pendlebury brothers, Alan Hare and his Bluenotes, Barry Quilliam out at Wilmslow, and many more young men who became jazz stars. What memories!

What made it even more exciting was the American invasion after the union ban was lifted in the mid-50s. Which is the reason for this email.

I dug out an old box and in it were publicity photographs of many of these American stars Ė Louis and Ella and Oscar, the Duke and the Count, Getz, Dizzy and the MJQ, Hawkins and Eldridge, Woody and Krupa. Iím reluctant to throw them out, and Iím sure there must be people among your readers who would like them Ė for free of course.

Regards, Doug Jackson.


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