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May 2018

31/05/18 - From time to time interest is shown in musicians, bands and venues outside of the North West. In particular bands and musicians from New Orleans like Tuba Skinny, The Shotgun Band, the Shake Em Up jazz band and the Carling Family from Sweden. Search for them on YouTube if you haven't seen them. Today I noticed that Sunderland have a Tall Ships Race coming up, and to tie in with it, a Summer Streets festival with an international theme with acts as far afield as Norway and New Orleans. The all-female Shake Em Up jazz band and Swedish YouTube sensation Gunhild Carling with her band (famous for playing three trumpets at the same time) - will both be making an appearance. It all takes place on Sat 14th July so that's definitely one to travel a bit further afield for.  See poster.

31/05/18 - We wanted to say thank you to all of Keith's fellow Jazz musicians who have supported the family with their messages, reminiscences and not least for those who came to play at the celebration of his life on 4th May, it was lovely to see so many friends representing Keith's jazz playing over the years. Particular thanks to Roy Gregory and the Parade Band who organised the band at the Lever Club and for all the generous donations to Christian Aid and Claire House Children's Hospice in his memory. Many thanks, - Pat & the girls

27/05/18 - If you like to get out and about during the day, then on Monday you can see the Red Rose Band marching quite a distance around Garstang. If however you fancy a flutter, you could pop up to Cartmel Racecourse where Deco Delight are playing between races.

27/05/18 - Remember Tom Culbert's Quayside Hot Stompers?  With the sad loss of Delia Glaister and the retirement of Alan Duckles, it's unlikely we will hear that unique sound locally ever again. So just to remind you of the band, this week's Page of The Week is  a photograph and selection of tunes from their CD.

26/05/18 - Good job it's warm weather, I found this statement on a jazz site that I link to, which I won't name in order to spare blushes. "Please note: work is taking place on our new website ........You may, or may not experience any problems at all, but if you do please bare with us".

26/05/18 - Fifty Six years ago today, Acker Bilk, dressed in the throwback costume of an Edwardian music hall player, becomes the first British artist to top the US pop chart with his instrumental single, “Stranger On the Shore”.

25/05/18 - Many Happy Returns next week to jazz promoter Graham Brook on Friday, and on Saturday to ex Collegians and Crescent Jazz Band pianist Brenda Canty-Forest.

25/05/18 - I came across an interesting musician advert in UK Music industry Magazine - "About The Job - Trad jazz trumpet or clarinet player needed in Reigate this Saturday 26th May. £147, Playing 2x 40 mins between 12 and 3pm., Dress: dinner jacket, black bow tie". Wonder if they pay travelling expenses, or even double pay if you can play both instruments? 

24/05/18 - I'm sure you've heard that this year's Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival was successful, and has clearly established itself. I'm writing to say our Guest Sessions pulled in lots of musicians and customers and will hopefully be running again next year. We had a 1.5 hour busk in the Market Square on Sunday morning, in sunshine instead of the usual rain, collecting for The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, and a cheque for £425 has been sent to them. Our thanks to all contributors. I hear strains of Happy Birthday coming from your website - Thanks again. - Malcolm Hogarth. Especially for you Malcolm, click here on Saturday (or now if you can't wait) - Fred

24/05/18 - Dear Fred, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me just now, please see below the link that we discussed. It was our Head Gardener that recommended I looked at your page ( And he did tell me that this isn’t the kind of Jazz that he was used to).  As I mentioned on the telephone, we are just starting out doing this kind of event, so we are all very new to this, you never know, maybe we could do something more on your wave length in the future.  Please feel free to have a look at our website and maybe if you have a free Sunday, maybe you would like to visit us.http://tinyurl.com/yavpuj5b  Kind Regards - Lisa Redfern. Events Manager, Adlington Hall. No it's not traditional jazz, but worth checking out as the music is played by two young musicians from the Northern College of Music.

24/05/18 - Our gig with Marla and John Dixon last Sunday was truly fabulous, everything we expected and more with the local guys providing excellent support.  I have put 4 videos, totalling about 85 minutes all together, on YouTube and the links are below.  Marla and John Dixon with Brian Lawrence on bass, Roger Bird on clarinet/sax, Nick Ward on drums and Pete Johnson on trombone. Pete runs his own swing/jazz band but has never played with this type of line-up before, he practised along to Marla's videos on YT to get used to her style and did a great job for us!  Start first set https://youtu.be/YsL_zjBYBsU  : End first set https://youtu.be/Cow6OBoRmas : Part of second set https://youtu.be/dw1oJ_FQoEU : End of gig https://youtu.be/smLLwlEIC10  - John and Marie Howell, Jazz Club 90, Albrighton Sports and Social Club. Photo - Norman Gibson

21/05/18 - Sam Wood asked me if I could include the late Ron Smith on the tributes page. Ron, who played banjo with Annie's Saints & Sinners, died last month

20/05/18 - After making the page "The daft things punters say", the page of the week last week, some more anecdotes came in, so I'll leave it for another week.

20/05/18 - If you like your live jazz with a lunchtime snack, you are out of luck this week, there may be snacks, but no live jazz.

20/05/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Merseysippi Jazz Band trombone player, Peter Fryer. Next Saturday it will be Malcolm Hogarth's turn to celebrate, and on Sunday Bruce Carnaffin and Dave Dixson will also celebrate their birthdays. Many Happy Returns to you all.

19/05/18 -
I see that the Garstang Jazz Club Facebook Page has now been updated to include the next event on 7th June.

18/05/18 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated

18/05/18 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine has popped through the letter box. You can get your copy by printing off an order form here

16/05/18 -  This Sunday's session at the Bowling Club, St Helens, has been cancelled!  "This means our next session will be on June 10th at 8 pm. Guests already booked (!) are Terry Brunt on trombone, beret and scarf, and Dave Alexander on guitar", says Keith Allcock.

16/05/18 - Thanks for the Pops Coffee video of The Shotgun Jazz Band and I can say that when she is playing with Charlie Halloran (trombone) and Bruce Brackman (clarinet) they sound great. Here is a sample - Malcolm Holland

16/05/18 - "I’m delighted to be playing on June 7th at Jim Swinnerton’s new jazz club at Kirkland Village Hall, Garstang, PR3 0HR, along with Mike Owen and Tom Kincaid’s Three Bears. It starts at 12 noon and entry includes a reputedly epic hotpot lunch! It would be great to see as many faces as possible to support this new venture". - Alex Clarke. I see that the club has a Facebook presence but unless I am doing something wrong, I can't see any mention of the next event, it just tells me "Garstang Jazz Club does not have any upcoming events".  If that's the case, wake up somebody! - FB

16/05/18 - I've just realised 'Pops' Coffee's jazz blog has come to an end. However, his final post 611 points us to his listing of recommended videos of great traditional bands. I, for one, will miss him, and his amusingly written pieces. Oh ! , and thanks 'Pops' for keeping the site open to let us go back through it on a sentimental journey. I must read again the one where he had a real rant about insensitive thrashing drummers. - Norman Gibson

16/05/18 - Ian McCann's 4 to the bar Jazz is back at the Devonshire Arms in Mellor (Stockport), on Tuesday 22nd May with guests John Hallam, Andy Henderson and Dave Parr from 9.00pm till 11.00pm.

16/05/18 - Just seen on Alderleyedge.com that the Beartown Stompers Jazz Band will parade through the village of Alderley Edge setting off from Chorley Hall Lane at 10.30am on Saturday, that's another event that's news to me. Forgive my ignorance, but can somebody tell me the significance of 'Beartown'?

14/05/18 - I was quite surprised to pick up this flyer pushed through the letterbox by the postman, which was headed Preston Jazz & Improvisation Festival. I noticed it was supported by The Arts Council, England, so not surprisingly there was not one traditional; jazz band featured. One name I recognised was local multi style reed player Harold Salisbury who is a first class New Orleans Jazz musician but  will be playing with his jazz Fusion band - Pinto Beans.

14/05/18 - Jon Moreman asks, "Anyone selling a sousaphone?". Details on the Wanted Items page.

14/05/18 - I enjoyed reading about the odd requests that punters ask for, (This week's Page of The Week), they make me laugh. - Mildred Finney

14/05/18 - The New Riverside Jazz Band residency on the first Monday of the month at the Black Bull in Bentham has come to an end. This comes on top of the residency at The Wagon & Horses in Lancaster coming to an end at the end of last year. Unfortunately the band now doesn't have a place to call home.

14/05/18 - Just listening to John Petter's "Spotlight on Mike Poynton, Part 2" broadcast on Spitfire Radio, The show features tracks by Kid Ory / Red Allen, Wild Bill with Strings, Charlie & His Orchestra, Cap'n John Handy & Sammy Rimington, Bessie Smith and Benny Carter. if you've missed it there's a second chance to hear it again on Wednesday at 11pm

14/05/18 - Not often jazz bands receive thank you letters, so Mike Lovell was well pleased to receive this one - "Dear Mike, Chris, Colin, Willie, Andy and John   What a wonderful evening of delightful music and entertainment last night at Todwick Jazz Supper Club 12 May 2018. Please accept my  and the club members grateful thanks for all your efforts. Lots of lovely comments received...... everyone very impressed with all your expertise. Hope you all got home safely. - Sheila"

14/05/18 - The Black Horse Jazzmen gig at The Lion at Settle tomorrow night has been cancelled as the renovations are not yet finished.

13/05/18 - It's been a while since a musician sent me an amusing story about a strange musical request, 13 years in fact, so how about some new ones for "The Daft Things Punters Say" which is this week's page of the week.

13/05/18 - Mike Lovell's Six in a Bar at Eagley Jazz Club last Monday. Photo courtesy Ann Lord

12/05/18 - Happy Birthday today to Martin Bennett. Next week it will be John Barnes' birthday on Tuesday, Phil Lucas on Wednesday, John Higham on Friday and Paul Medina on Saturday. Many Happy Returns to you all.

10/05/18 - Tony Pringle has now been added to the tributes page. Tony was born on 12th December 1936 in a bungalow named "The Anchorage" in the village of Greasby on the Wirral Peninsula. He emigrated to the USA in 1969 where he met Tommy Sancton and they started The Black Eagle Jazz Band

10/05/18 - From time to time a residency comes to an end, and unfortunately nobody lets me know. Whether it was a one off or permanent I'm not sure, but I do know that Norman Gibson, with his wife and sister, did a wasted 100 mile round trip to Radcliffe, Greater M/cr, last night to see one of his favourite bands,  Jeriatric Jazz,  at Dobbies Sports & Social Club, which "What's on" had listed as appearing every 2nd Wednesday in the month. If you do see anything listed in What's On that you know is no longer taking place, please, please contact me and I'll update right away.

09/05/18 - Jim Swinnerton will be presenting the second of his jazz club events at Kirkland Village Hall near Garstang on Thursday June 7th. This time his guest will be 18 year old reed player Alex Clarke, who caused quite a stir with her remarkable jazz playing ability when she last appeared in the Lancs & Cumbria area. Jim on bass, will also have Tom Kincaid on piano, Mike Owen on trombone and Jack Cotterill on drums, a great line-up, one not to be missed. Full details are available here. My thanks to Gudrun Ohara & David Wellock for this photograph taken at the last event when Ben Holder made a guest appearance (click photo for larger version). I'm looking forward to being well enough to make this on

09/05/18  - Sam Ralph has sent me his latest set of photographs taken at Rochdale Jazz Club with the Harlem Hot Stompers

09/05/18 - I have been in touch with Marla Dixon, of the Shotgun Jazz Band in New Orleans, and her gig with us on May 20th is the only one she is doing in the UK (apart from Keswick Festival), I thought this might interest some of your readers who do occasionally travel down to Albrighton.  The gig is the usual time.....1.00 - 3.00 pm and admission £5.00.  Regards, - John and Marie Howell

09/05/18 - I've been wondering how I might be affected by the new General Data Protection Law, but it only seems to apply to businesses and public sector organisations. So added to the fact that I'm not a business and I don't hold any individual's data other than name, and that those who break the rules can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover for breaching them, means I can sleep easy knowing that in the worse case scenario, 4% of nothing is not worth worrying about.

09/05/18 - The latest issue of Dove Jazz Bugle is now available on line at http://tinyurl.com/y8x55sl4

07/08/15 -  Hi Fred, I know this is not in the North West, but here's some information of a gig we're putting on near to Leeds next Sunday, 13th May, if you'd be so kind as to put it on the site.  The Peter Frank memorial evening, with the Aire Valley Jazz Band. The Wharfedale Inn, Arthington Lane, Arthington LS21 1NL. Sunday 13th May, 2018. 8.30pm until 11.00pm.  Admission £6.00 on the night.  Peter Frank passed away on 13th May, 2017. This event is planned to remember Peter as a great man and fine musician who always supported jazz in the North of England. The Aire Valley Jazz Band is the current name of the Peter Frank Dixieland Allstars.  The line up for the 13th is Frank Brooker on reeds, Andy Henderson on Cornet, Dave Merrell on trombone, Chris Howse on Banjo/Guitar, Phil Kampen on Bass, and Rod McNamara on Drums. - Andy Henderson 07779 240468 : The Wharfedale Inn 0113 284 2921

07/08/15 - The news of Tony Pringle's death and the details of the various Liverpool and Wirral spots, really brings back memories when, straight off the Crosville bus from North Wales I’d hop into the Temple or Picton Rooms before going to my lodgings. I had no idea who I listened to in The Temple but was mesmerised by the trumpeter who had a rapid up and down movement as he played. I was too ignorant to find out who were the players, and possibly too busy studying accountancy to spend time investigating. That was about 1950/51 I suppose. What an idiot I was! - Denys Owen

07/05/18 - "I've got a real corker of a show lined up tomorrow on the Sound of Spitfire!", writes John Petters. "It features the first part of an in depth interview with trombonist, writer, producer and broadcaster. Mike Pointon, recorded last month at my Louis Armstrong Celebration Jazz Festival at Norwich". Mike discusses his influences, illustrating this with some fabulous music, including, John Petters Creole Jazz Band featuring Mike with Cuff Billett, James Evans, Martin Litton, Keith Donald and Tim Phillips, Ken Colyer, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, The Eureka Brass Band, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Red Allen and Albert Nicholas.  Tune tomorrow night (Monday) at 9pm uk time".

07/05/18 - Congratulations to Phil & Nichola Lucas on the birth of Oliver James born on 3rd May. Pictured holding him is proud granddad Jim.

06/05/18 - Page of The Week remains the same because I forgot to change the link on the main Menu and in Jazz Extras

06/05/18 - Many Happy Returns on Thursday to ex? jazz promoter Norman Gibson, on Friday to musicians Darren Lloyds and Saturday to Martin Bennett

06/05/18 - Following on from their successful trip "Oop North" to video NW bands and interview fans and musicians, Jenny & Ray Knight aka RayK Jazz, are all set for their third trip. Jenny has sent me their itinerary as follows - 18th May, 12.30 - 2.30pm High Society Jazz Band : 20th May, 12.30 -3.00pm Sun Street Stompers : 22nd May 8.30 - 11.00pm The Forest New Orleans Jazz Band. Louis Lince did the research for these bands and venues and will be accompanying them. You can find the venues in What's On.

06/05/18 - Barry Pryme sent me this message but I was unable to get it on in time - "Just noticed that the Cerys Matthews programme 10.00am Sunday morning on BBC Radio 6 (digital) is live from Cheltenham Jazz Festival and will feature the well-known Adrian Cox and his latest project Kansas Smitty's House Band". However all is not lost because you can catch it on iPlayer at  http://tinyurl.com/y6vlhyup

06/05/18 - Dear Fred ,Your readers in the Morecambe/Lancaster area will be sad to hear the recent passing of Warren Hutchings, 80. A devoted trad jazz fan Warren was a life long follower of various bands in this region /and his native Gtr Manchester. The funeral/celebration in Lancaster Crematorium on Thurs May 10th at 12.30 mid-day and will be followed by a send off gig at the Bare Village Club. All jazzers welcome with/without instruments. Thank you Fred for all your hard work that you do behind the screens  - Rick Bradshaw and Gilly.

04/05/18 - Word has just come through from two sources that New Black Eagles leader and ex Mersey trumpeter, Tony Pringle, has died.  Tony was a regular contributor to this site and was able to contribute much to the history of jazz on Merseyside. "Sadly Tony passed away yesterday in hospital in America" writes John Dunlop.  "As you know I became the bass player with Tony replacing the tea chest player in the band Tony was forming - the Druids jazz band in the late fifties. We started playing at the Kraal club in New Brighton and we graduated to the Temple in Liverpool before a brief period at the Cavern in Liverpool before the Blue Jeans and subsequently the Beatles took over. With the Druids our clarinettist Brian Williams emigrated to Canada, Vic Sanderson banjo went to Australia, Rusty Hartshorn - drums went to Canada and of course Tony went to America! I did not realise I was that bad!  As you may know Tony eventually formed The New Black Eagle jazz band in the Boston area which he led until he sadly passed away".  Also this message from Bert Thompson, "I just heard that Tony Pringle, leader of the New Black Eagles Jazz Band, did not fully recover from the aortic surgery he had to undergo recently and a heart attack. He passed away yesterday, May 4th--a sad loss for the trad jazz community. He was a most able band leader and had a very personal and identifiable sound on his horn. As we are saying more and more frequently these days, another good one gone".

04/05/18 - May I, through the medium of your website, thank those who sent me "get well" messages when I was recently submitted to Hospital following a stroke. Glad to say, I am greatly improved. Thank you all.  - NoŽl Broadgate

03/05/18 - I just read on the Jazz Guide web site News Page  that "the multiple award-winning feature documentary, ONE NOTE AT A TIME, which pays homage to the musicians who courageously returned to their hometown of New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, is to be released in UK cinemas late summer (24th August), in the year which marks the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city affectionately considered the birthplace of jazz." Here's the official trailer -

03/05/18 - "The Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival runs next week from Thursday 10th May to Sunday 13th May. I'll be running the Guest Sessions (a free event) daily from 2 to 5 pm, at The Pack Horse Inn on Thu & Sun, and at The Conservative Club on Fri & Sat. There's food and (lots of) beer, etc, at both venues", writes Malcolm Hogarth. "The Guest Sessions are inclusive, so everybody gets a go to play, sing, dance, etc. The house band is bass, drums, keyboard, a front line player (trumpet/trombone/reeds) and banjo, and all players are welcome.  It's meant to be a fun session, providing entertainment and wonderment for the audience. We look forward to having Jazz North West users there to prove that Jazz is tops in the North West. - Malcolm (trainee Northerner, from the South-hiss, boo).

02/05/18 - What at first glance might look like a scene from the Wild West, is in fact Mike Lovell's 'Sticky Rock Three' playing at a “Speak Easy” themed night at Booths Supermarket in Poulton le Fylde last Sunday. It featured Mike with Colin Turner and Anthony Mason. See also http://tinyurl.com/yd24o3un

02/05/18 - Still under the weather at this end, strong antibiotics making me quite weary, so delays in dealing with emails and the news updates I'm afraid, this on top of my son currently in hospital makes it unlikely that we'll make Lancashire's new Garstang lunchtime jazz club tomorrow

April 2018

30/04/18 -
The 20th Anniversary edition of JUST JAZZ magazine is now out, and there's quite a bit of Northern content in it. Apart from some snippets from this site, there's a battle of words taking place between musician Chris Watford of Dallas Dandies and New Orleans Standard-Bearers fame, and Rochdale Jazz Club's chairman, Tony Sheldon.  Dave Donohoe also relates an amusing anecdote comparing band fees with the price of beer.

29/04/18 - Did you know that you can view and print off a month's listing of NW gigs complete with all the notes and descriptions. You can access it via the What's On page, and it's this weeks Page of the Week

29/04/18 - Daytime jazz this week includes the Silver Bell Band who will be playing at a Blue Plaque event in St Anne's on Tue, 1 May, 11:00 – 12:00 outside the opticians on St Andrews Road South. Also on Tuesday the Savoy Jazzmen will be playing in the Palm House in Sefton Park.

Thursday 3rd May will see see a new venture organised by bass player Jim Swinnerton. It's Jim's Three Bears trio with Mike Owen (tbn) & Ben Holder (violin), from 12:00 – 14:30 at Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, Preston PR3 0HR. It starts at 12 noon and admission includes a hotpot lunch, and don't forget to bring your own drinks. This is the start of a new jazz club venture for Jim, and the only one in Lancashire, so hopefully he will get plenty of support.

29/04/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to Dave Pogson, Norman Pennington and Sue Parish on Monday, and Trevor Stent on Wednesday.

29/04/18 - Sadly, I have to report that from now on the Wall City Jazz Band will only be playing once a month at the Mill Hotel. Furthermore, this will be for a 3-month trial period, during which we will have to prove that we can fill the place, or we'll be out, to put it bluntly. Anyway, for the moment, we will remain optimistic. These are the dates that we will be appearing; they are all on the last Monday of the month:  April 30 : May 28 : June 25 and July 30

29/04/18 - Re Mart's front line - Congratulations guys! I remember a gig (a long time ago now) when we totted up the whole band’s ages in the Yarrow River Band and it came to 366, and it was a leap year too. Playing keeps you young, long may it continue! - Richard Knock

27/04/18 - "Another record has been achieved by Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz. All three members of the front line are over 80 years old. I wonder if any other band has a front line over 240 years old?", asks Mart

27/04/18 - Graham Martindale writes, "Good to read Ron Houghton's note about my local jazz radio station, Swing FM, based in Limoges, 45km from where I live.  It's available online using the link you provided and on steam radio at 101.2 fm.  Since changing cars I have sadly lost the ability to listen to BBC Radio 4 on longwave so I listen to Swing FM in my car much more nowadays.  As Ron says it's 24 hours of "proper" jazz & swing with some gospel and blues chucked in. They love their Louis, and Bechet of course, although someone within the organisation has a large collection of organ jazz which pops up from time to time which is not to my taste.   The programming is, however, really varied without straying into anything modern and uncomfortable. Graham went on to tell me more about the station, and you can read his email in full here.

25/04/18 - The next Jazz Rendezvous session at St Helens Bowling Club will be on Sunday May 20th and not the usual second Sunday.

24/04/18 - Hi Fred, Your readers may not be aware of a wonderful jazz radio run 24 hours a day by le hotclub de Limoges. They play great jazz from 20's to 50, Click here to connect. Satisfaction assured. Ron Houghton (ex NWest)

24/04/18 - Once again Sam Ralph has shared some of his amazing photographs taken at Rochdale Jazz Club. This time it was Washington Whirlygig who was in the limelight. Click here to view them.

23/04/18 - Many Happy Returns today to bass player Derek Vaux. On Wednesday it's the turn of Eric Brierley & Digby Fairweather to celebrate their birthdays. On Thursday  Anthony Mason, Laurie Cooper and Martyn Sharp will be having theirs, and it's a double celebration for Jon Critchley on Friday - a birthday and a wedding anniversary on the same day. Congratulations to you all

23/04/18 - Just one daytime gig coming up this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood on Wed, 25 April, 12:00 – 14:30

23/04/18 - The gig list for Eagley Jazz Club has been updated

23/04/18 - Especially for today as suggested by Barrie Marshall This version of St George's Rag by Chris Barber from the album "Elite Syncopations", my favourite album.

22/04/18 - Members of the Eclipse marching band led by Band Marshall Jeff Roberts, at the funeral procession of Dave Copperwaite. Photo supplied by Fraser  McCombe

22/04/18 - Comedy jazz quartet from the Netherlands - The Busquitos - play Staveley Roundhouse Theatre on Wednesday 25 April, 7.30pm. Book online or by phone on 015395 61076. An uproarious night is guaranteed, helped along by a free glass of wine at the interval.

21/04/18 -  A Yamaha long cornet in Lacquer  has just gone on the Sales Page

21/04/18 -  The gig list for Jazz at Maverick's 80s Lounge, Bingley, has just been updated

21/04/18 - The Original Panama Jazz Band will NOT be at The Irby Club on Wednesday 2nd May. We will be back as usual on the 16th May. - Jon Critchley

20/04/18 - I've been a bit off colour the last few days to put it lightly, hence the break in news, but Doc rang this morning to say I had an infection and antibiotic prescription was on its way, so that's the good news (I think). Peter Fryer has also emailed with good news - "The Merseysippi Jazz Band's return to their previous Monday night venue at Liverpool Cricket Club is going well and we have invited our good friend John Hallam to guest with us on Monday, 21st May. All welcome to join us. We now play from 8.00 until 10.30 pm in the smaller Sports bar downstairs. NO MORE STEEP STAIRS TO CLIMB!

17/04/18 - Sorry to see Annie's news about Ron Smith, another real gentleman of jazz. It must be nearly twenty years since I first met Ron, either at the Travellers Rest, Quarnford or the Dog and Partridge at Bollington. I then spent a few years playing alongside Ron in Annie's Saints and Sinners. Apart from those venues, Ron was a willing dep, playing all over the north west. I remember once thanking Ron for coming to the Travellers on a horrible foggy night, just to listen he didn't want to sit-in. Ron's reply was something like this "if we all turned up to each other's gigs we'd all have an audience". There's something to think about! - Sam Wood

17/04/18 - Walter Love's excellent Radio Ulster Jazz Club of Sunday 15.04.18 featured John and Renee Long and the music of Ken Colyer. Well worth a playback on Radio iPlayer! - David Evans

17/04/18 - A top of the range Sax, a Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Soprano Sax, successor to Selmer MKVII, and recently serviced, has just gone on the Sales Page.

17/04/18 - Jelly Roll Morton Show - Now You Has Jazz Jazz Jazz on The Sound of Spitfire Tonight at 9pm, I will be looking at the life and music of Jelly Roll Morton., with recordings by the classic Red Hot Peppers, his Trio, solo work and the New Orleans Jazz Men.  There will be excerpts from Morton's interview with Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress plus track from my Ragtime Revisited album with James Evans and Martin Litton and two great performances by the young duo, Andrew Oliver and David Horniblow, who have embarked on a massive task of recording the Jelly Roll Morton compositions. Look at https://andrewoliver.net/ The show goes out live at 9pm local time or 20:00 utc. It is repeated at 11pm and midnight on Wednesday (22:00 & 23:00 utc)

17/04/18 - Your readers might like to know about a Community Radio Station that opened up here in the Lancaster and Morecambe area last year. It is called 'Beyond Radio' and it broadcasts 24 hours a day on 103.5 FM - and it is possible to tune in via their website. On a Wednesday evening, a lady called Harri Deane presents a programme of jazz and swing from 7.00 - 8.00pm. She has just started a section which features a local band or artist - last week 11th April - it was The High Society Jazz Band, and she played two tracks from one of our live CD recordings, and gave a lot of information about the band and upcoming gigs. She is hoping to develop this into a regular 'gig guide' spot as well. Harri herself is a singer, and will be performing at The Winter Gardens, Morecambe, on Sunday 22nd April from 1.30-4.00pm. You can get more details from their website or from their Facebook page. - Dave Bateman

16/04/18 - After an absence due to refurbishment, and a delayed start due to bad weather, jazz finally returns to The Bolton Arms in Leyburn, Wensleydale next Sunday 22nd.  KATHY BENSON'S CREOLE JAZZ (rags, stomps, spirituals and blues from the classic jazz era) Sunday lunchtime 12.00 'til 3pm (lovely room in ground floor back bar area). Free admission - food available.

14/04/18 - Always interesting to read some of the pen portraits of musicians etc., on the site, and some time ago I listed them all and if you haven't seen them, check out the list on this week's Page of The Week

14/04/18 - The only mid week daytime jazz gig is The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 20 April, 12:30 – 14:30

14/04/18 - Many Happy Returns on Tuesday to Chris Barber celebrating his 88th birthday.  Also to musician Jack Wilson from the Scottish Borders who celebrates his 80th birthday on Wednesday.

13/04/18 - Hi Fred, Many thanks for setting up the Keith Jones tribute page - it's lovely to read all the messages from people who played with Keith over the years.  We would be grateful if you could add the details about his Thanksgiving Service to your page:  Thanksgiving service at 3pm, Bromborough Methodist Church, 175 Allport Lane Bromborough Wirral CH62 7HW. The family request that bright colours are worn, not black, as this is a celebration of Keith's life. Family flowers only. If anyone wishes to make a donation in Keith's memory these will be divided between Christian Aid & Claire House Children's Hospice. Donations c/o the funeral directors: Charles Stephens - Bromborough. 0151 334 1727. Refreshments and Jazz afterwards from 4.30pm at the Lever Club, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight, Wirral CH62 4XB.  Roy Gregory and the Parade Band will be playing but they warmly invite any fellow jazz musicians to sit in with them and play in celebration of Keith.  (Just to warn you - parking at both venues is limited). - Pat & the girls (I'm awaiting the date, will add here as soon as I get it - Fred).   "Sorry, we missed the important thing. Friday May 4th, 3pm at Bromborough Methodist church, 4.30 onwards at the Lever Club". - Pat

11/04/18 -
Just had 3 nights in the Lake District, but took the laptop with me to keep the site updated, (not popular in some quarters), and after a full day out, an evening meal and a glass of red wine, I've discovered that updating the site late at night is not always a good idea. Not only did I get the date of Jim's new jazz club wrong (hurriedly corrected next morning thanks to the sharp eyes of Norman Gibson), Howard Murray has also pointed out that I have suddenly removed Roy Gregory as leader of the Parade Band, and replaced him with Greg Robley who has just gone on the deps list. An easy mistake to make!  Got some nice pics though.

11/04/18 - Hi Fred,  Sad to report that drummer, Tony Tolley has passed away after a long illness.  Tony played many Summer seasons at Blackpool and, in fact, for a number of years he was the drummer with the Bachelors and became known as 'the fourth Bachelor'.  Back in 1980 he was a founder member of The Jazz Knights and of The Bill Barrow Quartet with whom he remained until a couple of years ago when, due to illness, he was forced to retire.  The funeral will take place at Carleton Crematorium, Blackpool on Tuesday 24th April at 1-15 pm.  At the family's request the cortege will be led from the cemetery gates by The Jazz Knights. Any musicians wishing to join the very short march will be very welcome.  - Bill Barrow 01253-777631

11/04/18 - Once again Sam Ralph has produced some cracking photographs taken at Rochdale Jazz Club. It's amazing how Sam manages to re-create the traditional view of a jazz club of years ago, minus the smoke of course. This time it's the Wirrorleans Jazz Band that is in the spotlight. You can see Sam's Pictures by clicking here

11/04/18 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated

10/04/18 - Lancashire is to get its only traditional jazz club. The last one was run by Norman Gibson at Morecambe and before you start telling me about Southport, Rochdale or Eagley I must point out that they are in Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Following in his father's footsteps, bass player Jim Swinnerton is starting one near Garstang at Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, at the junction of the A6 and the A586 near Garstang, PR3 0HR. Another bonus is that it's a lunchtime venue, and will include a hotpot lunch. Drinks are free, because you bring your own. It's well worth your support and the first one is on Thursday May 3rd. It all kicks off with a cracking band, just wait until you see the line-up, one of the youngest ever to appear in the County (unless you know diffferent) - Click here for full details. 

10/04/18 - Hi Fred,  Some great news. My Good Time Jazz Band will be returning to it's 'spiritual' home at The Fleece in Addingham (where we played every week for just on 33 years). Sessions will be weekly, commencing on Wednesday 18th April, with a start time of 8:45pm. For the first evening we will have the great Annie Hawkins playing double bass with us and Kathy Benson singing in her own inimitable style  -  Harry Long

10/04/18 - Greg Robley, leader of the Parade Jazz Band, is the latest musician to go on the Deps List

08/04/18 - Full time professional NW Musicians Tom Kincaid, Jim Swinnerton and Jack Cotterill play together as The Three Bears, yet are rarely seen in the North West. All that is about to change and starts at Kendal Rugby Club on Tuesday April 10th (Kendal Jazz Club), with guest violinist Ben Holder, in what promises to be a hard-swinging session. All four musicians are very much at the younger end of the spectrum, and produce melodic improvisations based mainly on the great jazz standards, but adding their own variations. Visitors are welcome, Admission £10 and doors open 7-30pm for 8pm, visitors welcome.

08/04/18 - Frog & Henry Tour page updated

08/04/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Mike Hayler & Matt Palmer

07/04/18 - Norman Gibson has sent me an update on progress with the Frog & Henry 2019 tour.  Nine clubs booked, two pending and just two dates left available to fill.  You can follow progress and check updates at www.jazznorthwest.co.uk/frogandh.htm

07/04/18 - The latest issue of Dove Jazz Bugle is now available on line at http://tinyurl.com/y8x55sl4

07/04/18 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event next week, one that would normally take place on the 1st Tuesday in the month, and that's the Savoy Jazzmen who are giving a concert in the beautiful setting of the Sefton Park Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. L17 1AP. Tickets cost £5.00 which includes refreshments. Tickets can be reserved by ringing 0151 726 9304 or alternatively you can pay at the door. Further information can be obtained from Peter Swensson 0151 722 1478.

07/04/18 - One item that bands have to consider, and nobody likes paying, is insurance. More frequently these days event organisers want to see proof of public liability insurance. back in 2009 Jeff Matthews wanted to know any contact details for companies that will offer Public Liability Insurance to bands. I'm sure the details that came forward then are in need of updating, so maybe musicians could check out this week's Page of the Week and send me updated recommendations.

07/04/18 - Many Happy Returns next week to Andy Henderson on Thursday 5th April

06/04/18 - Like other musicians I knew Derek Fleck rather well, I knew him in his Preston days via The Silver Bell and Red Rose Bands, sad, sad news. There are more tributes at http://tinyurl.com/ycs8unwu and http://tinyurl.com/y7zt8b8z - Barrie Marshall

05/04/18 -
Had a trip to Southport last night to the Fleetwood & Hesketh Club where the Parade Band were playing. We arrived to find the place heaving, the car park full, and the only places to park were on the main road.  Not being a football fan, little did I know that Liverpool were playing Manchester City that night, and there were tv screens of football in every room. It delayed the start of the evening by 15 minutes, (until the match interval) which caused one or two grumbles close to us, but after that the TVs in the jazz room were muted. It's been quite a few years since I last saw them, and quite a few changes in personnel. it was good to be able to make myself known to Roy Gregory, Brian Hall and Geoff Parker, and to renew acquaintance with Jim Lucas.  It was poignant evening for the band having just lost their clarinet player Keith Jones, and they dedicated a couple of spirituals to him. What I did particularly enjoy were several two part harmonies sung by Brian & Roy, not something you hear in jazz bands very often.

05/04/18 - Forwarded from Patti Durham - Many Jazz Guide readers will have good memories of West Jesmond Rhythm Kings gigs over many years - when they toured around the UK, playing jazz clubs, festivals, and other venues. I'm sorry to pass on the sad news that Derek Fleck, the band's reeds maestro, died on 28 March, after a short illness. Derek was a fine musician, with a wonderful playing style - one reviewer said he sounded 'jaunty', which greatly amused Derek - he loved the classic hot style that the band liked to do, but he was also a big fan of Lester Young and more mainstream jazz. He was quite an expert on Sandy Brown too. Some of you may know that Derek's day job was as a Weatherman here in Newcastle upon Tyne - he often lectured the band on long gig trips on the mysteries of Arctic Highs and Cold Lows. Derek will be sadly missed, mostly by his wife, Alice, and daughters, Penny and Victoria - but also all of us jazzers.

03/04/18 - Hi Fred, Ron Smith died in hospital last night after a long illness. He was the original banjoist in Annie's Saints and Sinners. He had to stop playing about two years ago when he found he couldn`t lift the banjo let alone play it. There are no funeral details as yet.  Please could you spread the word? - Annie Cousin

03/04/18 - Recently returned from Cornwall. Pleased to find The Great Western Jazz Company continuing their swinging Thursday nights at the Five Degrees West in Falmouth. A full house with food, beer and dancing. The Smugglers is still only twice a month, and I was there on the wrong week this time  - Sam Wood

02/04/18 - At 9pm tonight, John Petters will be presenting his third 'Now You Has Jazz, Jazz, Jazz' show.This weeks show highlights one of the most important figures on the British traditional jazz scene, a musician totally devoted to his art, and a warm hearted and kind soul, who did much to help me in my early days as a jazz drummer.  Stanley Kenneth Sims - Ken to us, passed away a year ago on 29th March 2017. To listen to the show follow this link http://listen.soundofspitfire.co.uk/

02/04/18 -
If you are likely to be down in London at the end of this month, I just read in my JazzNorthWest Weekly online mag, that Keith Nichols' Mayfair Orchestra will be presenting "Midnight in Mayfair", at Cadogan Hall, on 28th April. –

Carroll Gibbons and Fred Elizalde at the Savoy, Sydney Lipton at Grosvenor House, Lew Stone at the Monseigneur, Jack Jackson at the Dorchester, Henry Hall on the BBC and Ambrose at the Mayfair. The bandsmen, men like Sid Phillips, Lew Davis, Tiny Winters, George Chisholm and Nat Gonella were talented and versatile and the crooners, too, soon became stars: Al Bowlly, Sam Browne, Elsie Carlisle and Vera Lynn were just a few. The show will feature a wide range of music from the ’20s and ’30s including Billy Cotton’s Somebody Stole My Gal, Nat Gonella’s Georgia on my Mind, Al Bowlly’s The Very Thought of You, Henry Hall’s Anything Goes and Jack Hylton’s 'You’re the Top'.  

March 2018

01/04/18 - Due to last minute changes, the next Savoy Jazzmen gig at the Palm House will be on the 10th April, not the 3rd, so no midweek daytime jazz events this week after all.

01/04/18 - Thanks to Ray & Jenny Knight  who took videos of several NW Bands, I now have a lovely photograph of Keith Jones, and the tribute page has been updated tpo include it.

01/04/18 - Does political correctness still affect bands these days?  Back in 2006 many musicians had fun deciding what may or may not be regarded as a political correct title or lyrics. It's this week's Page of the Week

01/04/18 - The only mid week daytime jazz even this week is The SAVOY JAZZMEN who are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 3 April, 14:00 – 16:00

01/04/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Ged Hone.

31/03/18 - Messages of sympathy and remembrance are coming in for Keith Jones' family and I've set up a tribute page where I have added them. Unfortunately I don't have a good photograph of Keith at the moment.

30/03/18 - Sorry to hear that Keith Jones, clarinettist with the Original Panama Jazz Band for many years, also The Parade Jazzmen and The Downtown Dixies, passed away last night. Our thoughts go out to his wife Pat and family. He was a good and enthusiastic musician, bandsman and friend to many. Jon Critchley

30/03/18 - In the February edition of Just Jazz Magazine, Louis Lince wrote an article entitled "Traditional jazz in the North West", and it's about the story behind the videos that Ray & Jenny Knight came up to do. Thanks to all concerned, I've now reproduced the article on this site, which you can see by clicking here

29/03/18 - The 20th Anniversary edition of Just Jazz magazine is now available, and features a photograph of missing NW musician, Isabel Toner. Intrigued?  Then you need to get hold of a copy of the magazine, details here

29/03/18 - "Ribble International Valley Jazz Festival", and "Countdown to Fest Jazz 2018 Begins Now …" are just two items in this week's release of Jazznorthwest Weekly that may be of interest to NW readers.

28/03/18 - Funeral details for DAVID COPPERWAITE.  The funeral will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 11.30 in the Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium.  The Eclipse Parade Band will play outside Dave and Carol’s house before progressing to the cemetery, where they will escort the hearse into the chapel.  Family flowers only. Donations to Parkinsons UK [Stockport branch].  Afterwards Carol invites friends and musicians to join family at the Romiley Liberal Club 1 Beech Lane Romiley, SK6 4AL - Derek and Trish Galloway

27/03/18 - Updated - Newspaper article now on line. Alan Jeffs tells me that a photographer from a local (to Chester and area) free newspaper called The Standard visited us last night and took a few pictures, and Paul Blake has already been interviewed by them. This is in preparation for an article about the Wall City Jazz Band's 25th anniversary at The Mill. The article should appear either this Thursday or the week after. It would have been nice to have our long-standing drummer, Bill Buck, in the photos, but he's away on holiday in some hot country (can't think why).  Sadly Paul has decided to retire from his position as band leader, and next Monday (Easter Monday 2 April) will be the last time he will be appearing in this role. We will be giving him a good send-off, with cake etc so it will be a great night, albeit emotional. He won't be retiring completely, however, as he will always be welcome to join us as a guest player. Paul has asked me to take over the running of the band, and I have accepted, although I'm not sure what I have let myself in for! The Mill is now under new ownership, so the future is unsure, but I will do my best to keep the band going successfully. Our faithful audience deserve it!

27/03/18 - Just to let you know that the New Riverside Jazz Band will not be playing at the Bull on Easter Monday due to the pub's Easter Events plans. - Peter Boswell

27/03/18 - Hi Fred,  It was great to find out that the "Le Vieux Carre Jazz Club" was started up in the 50s by Mart Rodger at a pub in Urmston then moved to the Thatched House off Market St.  Thanks for your help. - Alan Pearce.

27/03/18 - Val Kennedy has emailed to say, "We’ve decided to organise a jazz gig at Abbot Hall Hotel, Kents Bank, Grange-over--Sands and I would very much appreciate it if you would advertise this event on your NW jazz web site gig list". It features Hot Fingers Trio & Emily - Thomas 'Spats' Langham: banjo, guitar, ukulele & vocal Malcolm Sked: double bass, sousaphone and/or tuba Danny Blythe: guitar, clarinet and bass clarinet Emily Campbell: vocal. Professional jazz musicians known for their audience rapport Friday 15th June 2018,  7 to 10.30 pm (with bar)  So click here for more details, price includes a sandwich supper before the gig.

27/03/18 - Tributes have been coming in for Dave Copperwaite and they have now all been added to Dave's Tribute Page

26/03/18 - Some more cracking photographs from Sam Ralph, taken last night at Rochdale Jazz Club where the  Doc Houlind's Revival (Denmark), were performing. Check out this link

26/03/18 - Another last minute message that gets a second chance from John Petters - Don’t forget my second Now You Has Jazz, Jazz, Jazz show tonight on the Sound of Spitfire at 20:00 utc (9pm UK time) and again on Wednesday at 22:00 utc (11pm UK time).  Tracks by Gene Krupa, Benny Goodman, Sr Rosetta Tharpe, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, The Mound City Blue Blowers, Wild Bill Davison, Sidney Bechet,, Brownie & Sticks McGee, Billiie Holiday with Count Basie, Slim Gaillard, Kenny Davern and Jelly Roll Morton. http://listen.soundofspitfire.co.uk/

26/03/18 - "There is a special event tonight that no-one else has mentioned", wrote Alan Jeffs, but which I didn't see until it was too late. "Tonight (Monday 26 March) marks the 25th anniversary of the Wall City Jazzmen playing at The Mill Hotel in Chester. We will be having a little celebration!".  Many Happy Returns all.

26/03/18 - Regarding Alan Pearce's memories. The Blue Note club on Market St. M/cr. was the Sportsman's Restaurant. It was owned by Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and adhered to Scots licence laws. the bar closed at 9.30 ! This didn't seem to spoil the enjoyment as the audience still stayed for the final hour.  Regarding the drummer on the photo. Sorry John but it is not Ray Mack. It could be Max Kaminsky's brother in law for all we know. Very frustrating though.  As for that joke about drummers. I first heard it about 40yrs.ago and the bloke who told it to me still needs to walk with a stick! - Moe Green.

26/03/18 - Just realised I was a few weeks out on the birthday calendar. So it's birthday greetings today to Richard Vernon, Bert Schroeder tomorrow, and Ed Lloyd-Hughes, Jon Penn, and Paul Munnery on Wednesday.

25/03/18 - Just looking for this week's page of the week, I came across Mart Rodger's 70th birthday party where 10 years later I had added a link to a radio interview he did with  Mike Sweeney & Gerald Jackson on BBC Radio Manchester,  just before his 80th Birthday. It seems I had dated that interview as 1st February 1916. Crikey that would make Mart now still playing strong at 182, some going that!  Mart's 70th party is this week's Page of the Week.

25/03/18 - Midday midweek jazz this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood on Wed, 28 March, 12:00 – 14:30

25/03/18 - Although the weekend has been fully booked for some time, due to cancellations through ill health, John Hallam & Friends Jazz at The Burnside 13th-15th April, now have 2 double rooms available, please contact quickly if you are interested.  Contact details on the jazz festivals page

24/03/18 - The Ale Emporium in Preston, where the Silver Bell Band have a residency, has been renamed the "Mad Hatters".

23/03/18 - Norman Gibson was quite amused by a joke from resident quizzer Barry Simmons on Eggheads last night following a music round. He said "What do you call a man who hangs around with musicians"?   The answer was "A Drummer".  Wonder if Moe Green saw that one?

23/03/18 - That photo of the Vieux Carre Jazz Club card brought back some memories! When Mart started the band, Mart Rodger Jazz Aces, at age 16 to 17, they played at first at a pub in Urmston and called it Le Vieux Carre Jazz Club. Possibly this was the idea of Bill Brennan who was the manager of the band. Later they moved into the Thatched House pub, just off Market Street in Manchester and used the title again. Mart was then asked by Her Majesty’s Government to enrol in the Army as he became 18 and Eric Batty took over the band. A few years later, Dizzie Burton became the leader but the band finished sometime after that. - Janet Rodger

23/03/18 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

23/03/18 -  Tributes are coming in, following the death of Dave Copperwaite. Dave now joins many other greats on the tribute page.

23/03/18 - Our dear friend trumpet player DAVID COPPERWAITE died today after a long illness. We will post more information and funeral details later. - Derek and Trish Galloway

23/03/18 - I've just amended Matt Palmer's mobile number on the dep's list after he discovered there was a slight error in one digit, which of course was enough to make it useless. If any musicians made a note of it since October last year, it might be worth checking you have it correct.

22/03/18 - The gig list for The Fleetwood Hesketh Sports & Social Club, Fylde Rd, Southport, has been updated.

22/03/18 - The John Petters radio programme - Now you has Jazz Jazz Jazz, will be available on Sound of Spitfire Radio on Monday evenings at 9pm and repeats on Wednesdays at 11pm.

22/03/18 -  Dave Davis hopes to be able to aid the discovery of the Teagarden drummer. He says, "I've attached a better photo' of him".

21/03/18 -
Re: The mystery drummer with Jack Teagarden 19/03/18 - I’ve been pondering this, and just now, sitting having a coffee, the name Ray McKinley came into my head. So I think it’s him, but like Steve Voce, could be wrong! See photo attached - Jon Critchley

21/03/18 - In the UK we sometimes refer to made up groups of musicians as a 'telephone band', and 'Loose Marbles', (12/03/13) 'Smoking Time Jazz Club' etc., all fall into this category of Royal ( that's Roy-al ) Street musicians getting together. 'Loose Marbles' have been around for quite some time,and Shaye Cohn ( Trumpet/Keybaord ), among others, can be found in earlier videos. In the Malcolm Holland video Marla Dixon { 'Shot Gun JB' & 'Skake 'em Up JB' ), husband John ( 'Shot Gun JB' Bjo ) and Robin Rapuzzi, on drums instead of his usual washboard, ( 'Tuba Skinny' and ''Frog & Henry' ) are joining up. This is all quite common in NOLA and results in some great music. - Norman Gibson (see also http://tinyurl.com/yd5tgfy8)

21/03/18 - Re: The mystery drummer with Jack Teagarden 19/03/18 - Given the style of Teagarden's suit and the Slingerland drum kit it must have been taken in the late '40's or very early '50's. I notice another double bass at the back so it could have been a two band session. The drummer could be Morey Feld but I'm not definite. Moe Green.

21/03/18 - I wonder how many people remember the days when you had to pay for membership to most jazz venues before you were allowed in. When I used to go in the fifties, if you forgot your membership card, you didn't get in. Things have changed since those days, even the atmosphere in the clubs, no looking through thick smoke to try and see who's playing the solo. I remember going to the Bluenote Jazz Club on Market Street in Manchester, Youngers No 3 was 1/9d ( 8p) a pint and if you felt really flush Youngers No 1 was 3/6d ( 17.5p) a pint. At the end of the night you could leave after a great night with sore eyes, lung full of smoke, ringing ears and slightly inebriated all for under a quid, even your bus fare home. I used to belong to several clubs, some of the membership cards shown, Bodega and Thatched House cards have been mislaid. Unfortunately the club Le Vieux Carre I can't remember where this was, perhaps someone can enlighten me. What a great jazz scene it was in them days. - Alan Pearce.   Alan sent me several membership cards which I'm sure will bring back a lot of memories to some people, click on the image to see them

21/03/18 - "Back safe and sound", writes globe trotting Norman Gibson. "I've heard that Fest Jazz ticket sales, at this point, compared to last year same time, are doubled. I believe that the Frog and Henry tour could well have had a good effect on that, as many fliers, provided by Trevor, were handed out and Fest Jazz was mentioned a lot at their concerts. Of course, F & H will be in France again this year, so they had motive!  We bumped into a couple of jazzers we know from Leicestershire, while strolling in Puerto Rico. Small world !".

21/03/18 - Hopefully by tomorrow recovering from what appears to be flu - shivers, aches, can't keep awake. That's twice in two years even after the jab, must be the wrong kind of flu!  It's a good sign that I've felt like putting a bit of news on.

19/03/18 - 9pm - 10pm, Just listening to John Petters with his new radio programme, "The jazz Show" on  http://listen.soundofspitfire.co.uk/. This is a brand new internet station, based near John in Spalding Lincolnshire. If it's available later I'll let you have the link. Tonight is part 1, so at least there's more to come.

19/03/18 - I must bow to superior knowledge, Fred. That's an old Al Gay. I knew a young one!   But following up on your suggestion, can anyone help Jazz Journal by identifying the drummer in this photo of Jack Teagarden with Max Kaminsky, Hungnuts Picou and Jack Lesberg?  The 'S @P' on the bass drum may not refer to him. He maybe sitting in on someone else's drums. - Steve Voce. (Click on picture for larger version).

19/03/18 - Whether or not it was Al Gay, I remember him as a great guy. I played with him at the MSG when he guested with Nev Taylor's Jump Band I think. As a callow youth, I asked him about the 'pro' scene down in the 'Smoke' (I'd had quite a few offers) and he advised about the five-to-a-flat wall to wall empty beer bottle scene so I took his wise advice! His favourite story was about the quartet he'd put together which was advertised as 'Al's Gay Quartet'. Heaven knows what sort of audience turned up. Those were the days before PC reared its ugly head! - Ian Royle

19/03/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to John Dunlop on Wednesday who reaches the great age of 80. Apologies for publishing the wrong date last week John, only just realised, hope I got it right this time.

19/03/18 - Due to (probably) a chance alignment of the planets next Wednesday 21st, The band playing at The Irby Club will be more recognisable as The Merseysippi Jazz Band. Jon Critchley is indisposed a little health-wise; Laurie Cooper thinks that it would be better to entertain his wife that night as it’s their wedding anniversary; Dave Thomas has been coerced into dog sitting for his daughter; Bill Buck has decided it’s preferable to holiday in the sun rather than trudge up the Wirral. Good news is that Malcolm Hogarth, Isabel Toner, Dave Dixson, Pete Fryer and John Hyam will be there, all jollied along by our good friend and ace drummer Brian Singleton of the Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band. Maybe that band’s erudicious piano player / vocalist Ed Lee will also be on hand; what a bonus. All this assuming the weather is fair. Fingers crossed, - Jon Critchley

19/03/18 - The Roa Island Jazz Club gig list has been updated

17/03/18 - Oh dear some things are not meant to be and we can’t control the weather.  Unfortunately CREOLE JAZZ at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn is cancelled tomorrow lunchtime due to snow / bad weather forecast. If you can post this on your site I would be grateful.  The next one will be Sunday 22nd April 12.00 – 3.00pm. - Kathy Benson

17/03/19 - This from Dove Jazz Club - "We're very sorry that, actually for the first time in twenty seven years, we have to advise the cancellation of tonight's concert by the High Society Jazz Band. Because of their concern at the forecast possibility of adverse weather later today causing disruption they have reluctantly decided not to travel to Dove.  Unfortunately at such short notice we are unable to find an alternative for you.  We offer sincere apologies to all members who were planning to come and support us for any inconvenience that this causes and we look forward to seeing you again in the future".

17/03/18 - Congratulations to Dave Davies – Al Gay is confirmed at the mystery clarinettist. No prize I’m afraid but the interest the query has received has prompted the editor to contemplate starting a regular feature.  Please encourage your followers to subscribe to the NJA Newsletter – 30 years and going strong. We’ve been in existence since 1964 and are bowing to anno domini by slowly merging with the NJA. We both have the same aims in preserving the UK’s jazz heritage. - Graham Langley

15/03/18 - Well it looks like Dave Davis has clinched it. He's sent me a couple of photographs of Al Gay, and one is off my site here,  the other is this one on the right taken from an Alex Welsh video on YouTube

15/03/18 - To me, http://tinyurl.com/yawuzoy4 with my aged eyesight, looks like Al Gay, Rod Hamer and Mike Hogh. - Louis Lince

15/03/18 - A Windsor Tenor Banjo circa 1929 is the latest item to go on the Sales Page

15/03/18 - Enjoyed the Loose Marbles set……liked the Emile Barnes style clarinettist. Saw them in NOLA last year, probably catch up with them, Shotgun Jazz Band and Tuba Skinny again this year. I see T.S. are on the ‘big stage’ in Jackson Square again at the French Quarter Festival (Thursday 12th April) - Pete Lay

15/03/18 - Regarding the photograph at http://tinyurl.com/yawuzoy4, I've had two 'maybe' for Al Gay, and one definitely not. So this from Pete Lay has really turned it into a puzzle - "Hi Fred, Definitely Al Gay in Rod Hamer’s photo. Lovely guy and musician, sadly missed. - Pete Lay".

15/03/18 - In your news, somebody is trying identify a clarinet player. I think that he may be Al Gay. - Howard M.

14/03/18 - Hi Fred, Hope you're well!  That's definitely not Al Gay in the Rod Hamer photo. - Steve Voce

14/03/18 -
Re. Graham Langleys' enquiry about the clarinet player in the Rod Hamer photo'. It looks like Al Gay.  - Dave Davis.

14/03/18 - Thanks for pointing out the Pete Vickers article - interesting stuff. I expect he realises that the photo of the Preston outfit was of one of the adult kazoo / drum marching bands which held great sway in the 20s & 30s. Known as 'Jazz' bands, but having no relationship to jazz, they had a huge following particularly in the North. They still exist today but only among children as far as I know.  - Graham Langley, Archivist, British Institute of Jazz Studies

14/03/18 - As part of Neston Music Festival 2018, as well as the Brownfield Byrne Hot 6 on Saturday 14th April, we're hosting Billy Thompson' s Gypsy Jazz Band (in the Stephane Grappelli style). He plays over a whole range of styles but is exceptionally good and such an entertainer-everyone enjoys the band's performances. They'll be at St Thomas' Church Parkgate on Thursday May 24th from 7.30pm. Tickets £10 available at Mozkitos, Parkgate Square, or from 0151 336 2530 but we usually sell out pretty quickly so hurry. Refreshments available - Ina Bushell

14/03/18 - As I promised I would keep you informed, I am sorry to have to report that jazz at The Crown in Addingham has come to a sudden end as from today (no session tonight) until further notice. This is due to refurbishment work. We are ever optimistic that it will recommence sometime in the not too distant future. In the meantime we will be looking for a temporary venue - once again I will keep you posted. Many thanks - Harry Long

14/03/18 - By strange coincidence, the same National Jazz Archive Newsletter it is revealed that "Jim Godbolt’s wonderful book, A History of Jazz in Britain, 1919–50, is available again from publishers Northway Books, thanks to a reprint to coincide with the exhibition Rhythm & Reaction at Two Temple Place. It covers the trail-blazing American artists of the twenties and thirties, their influence on British musicians, the specialist magazines, rhythm clubs, discographers and pundits, and the fascinating cloak-and-dagger plots to defy the Musicians’ Union ban". Peter Vickers must be psychic! (see 13/03/18).

14/03/18 - Just received an email from Graham Langley, asking me if I receive the National Jazz Archive Newsletter (which I didn't, but I do now), as they are looking to identity a clarinettist playing with Rod Hamer (born in Bury, Lancashire in 1940), and John Ritchie, You can see it at http://tinyurl.com/yawuzoy4. Anybody help?

13/03/18 - Eddie Condon once accused Paul Whiteman (!) of trying to "make a lady" of jazz. Well the monochromatic "Loose marbles" carry on that concept well. I didn't really want to "like" them, but their "bandsmanship" is awesome, and I listened to the improvisations on the "Great American songbook" all the way. I think it will jerk a few comments; Moe Green will have clocked the sartorial elegance of the slide guitar guy, (let down hugely by the vast PA mixer in back!), Shades of Felix Mendelssohn!- curses., Eccles,- I've given my age away. - Jon White

13/03/18 - On 11/02/18 I posted an item about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band arriving in Liverpool, and Peter Vickers took up the cudgel and dug into the British Newspaper Archives.  He produced an article about the arrival of jazz in Britain, which he has now expanded upon. You can see the more detailed article by clicking here. Peter would be pleased to receive any comments.

13/03/18 -  A distinctive wraparound tuba that was stolen last month from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans is back. Creative director and musician Ben Jaffe said he recovered the 12-year-old Italian sousaphone Monday, thanks to a tipster who wished to remain anonymous. He didn't elaborate on exactly how he got it back. More information at http://tinyurl.com/ybxuuy69

12/03/18 - Hi Fred I've just found this very interesting and enjoyable band, "The Loose Marbles", on YouTube at https://youtu.be/9EFAhHT9AEE and if you have an hour to spare I'm sure you and your readers will also enjoy it. Malcolm Holland

11/03/18 - Now our previous drummer is no longer with SIX IN A BAR Classic Jazz Band, we are very happy to announce that John Smith has now joined the band on drums. We look forward to a new chapter in the band, playing and singing arrangements of some of rarely played 1920s/30s pieces along with some great standards. - Mike Lovell

10/03/18 - Where did 16 years go?  Were you there? This poster sent to me by Sheila Collier, also a photo at  http://tinyurl.com/y8gwlgrv. You can see a larger version of the poster by clicking on it.

10/03/18 - If you want to see and hear your jazz in daylight hours during the week, then Carnforth Station is the only place to be with The High Society Jazz Band on Fri, 16 March, 12:30 – 14:30

10/03/18 - One band that has been going for over 60 years in the NW, is the Original Panama Jazz Band, and this week's page of the week is 60 Years Of The Original Panama Jazz Band 1954-2014 by Jon Critchley

10/03/18 - Many Happy Returns on Wednesday to John Dunlop who by my reckoning has reached a milestone in his life. Have a great day John.

10/03/18 -  Creole Jazz is back at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale). The first one is Sunday lunchtime 12.00 – 3.00pm 18th March 2018 in the ground floor rear bar area. Free admission – food available. Most events will take place on the 3rd Sunday in the month, but check What's On where you will also find more information.

09/03/18 - Bernie Hives reminded me that there once a photo of him and Earl Hines outside the  Club Hangover in San Francisco featured on the site, and he was right, I dug it out and here it is.

08/03/18 - ‎Bengt Johansson‎ wrote on Facebook - "Today, March 8, it is 30 years since Ken Colyer passed away. Time goes, but The Guv'nor and his music are still very much alive. RIP.".

08/03/18 - I quite agree Ian Royle, I look at myself on video, and think ‘Who’s the miserable old git on trumpet! - Richard Knock.

08/03/17 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05y4790 is where you'll find music and an interview with the Chicago Teds on Radio Merseyside. It starts 40minutes in. 29 days left to listen

08/03/18 - Just discovered, somewhat belatedly, that NW musician Andrew Mackenzie came 5th in the British Jazz Awards in Nov 2017. Well done Andrew

07/03/18 - Ian Royle writes, "I hope to be allowed to sit in on Thursday night in Sale with Charlie's band. It'll be my first time out since last November in Spain following an op for 'trigger finger' so it'll be a very gentle blow if it happens. I really enjoyed Louis Lince's two documentary videos featuring jazz bands in our area. It was great to see so many guys I know personally still blowing. My main criticism - and I'll bet my mercurial mate Terry Brunt would agree-It's great to play this joyous music we all love, so why not SHOW IT?? Most of the guys in both of those videos seem to be emulating Miles Davis's attitude to their audience. Ever watched Henry 'Red' ? Louis? Ory? You don't scowl at your followers. Most of those facial expressions would turn milk into yoghurt. C'mon guys -we're supposed to be entertaining people! ".

07/03/18 - The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor Jane Mackenzie, is hosting a charity ball in the town on March 10 at 7pm, with live music from Jeff Matthews band, the Chicago Swing Katz. It would appear that David Beckham is also doing his bit for the charity ball, the 42-year-old has agreed to personalise what he writes on his donated Man U shirt to whoever wins it. More details at http://tinyurl.com/ycuwu8u9

06/03/18 - The latest edition of 'Dove Jazz Club Bugle' is now available on the club web site.

06/03/18 - Hello Fred You are doing an excellent job in difficult times!! Watched that Jane Mc Donald " New Orleans ". Oh dear me!! nil points out of a 100?? Paint drying is better!! Could have been anywhere? Is that about right?? Anywhere in the NorthWest Jazz scene would have been good! Yours in the Jazz desert. Tony Cain

05/03/18 - Forwarded by Ian Royle who originally received it from John Westwood - I am including two links regarding Club Hangover "where there is never a cover charge - never a door charge." It was a popular San Francisco Jazz Club in the 1950's. The first link includes almost 30 live radio broadcasts, each 30 minutes long, recorded in the mid 50's. Kid Ory, Armstrong, Muggsy, Fatha Hines, Teagarden and Ralph Sutton are all featured. The audio quality is quite good. Just scroll down the page for the list of programs. It begins just below the picture of Muggsy. I think you will like these- Ian. http://tinyurl.com/ybxqjhzs The second link includes some history of the club, with some great old photos and articles.http://tinyurl.com/yaddnv3q 

04/03/18 - Just to let you know that the Doc Houlind Revival all Stars will be in Louth March 24th;Rochdale 25th and Barnsley 26th.They will be our only gigs north of the Midlands during our three week trek around the U.K.and it will be great to meet up with old friends again - Brian Turnock

04/03/18 - It would appear that quite a few musicians who served in the forces, spent time at RAF Padgate, judging by the contributions I received in 2006 about the place. It's this week's Page of the Week.

04/03/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Rosie Harrison. On Tuesday it's Roy Williams' birthday and on Friday Mart Rodger & Colin Smith will be celebrating theirs. Many Happy Returns to one and all.

04/03/18 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 6 March, 14:00 – 16:00. It's the only mid week daytime jazz event.

03/03/18 - The Canal Street Stompers will play an extra gig on Wednesday 7th March at the Railway in Sale at 8.30.  This is to replace the one cancelled last week, due to bad weather. Back to normal then on the last Wednesday in the month - Derek Galloway

03/03.18 - There's a jazz concert coming up soon in Neston library on Friday 9th March. It is by a three piece group called 52SKIDOO and titled "The joint is jumping". It sounds like real fun and younger musicians connecting with hot jazz. This concert has been put on by the library authorities, as part of the Cheshire Rural Touring Arts programme, which is very encouraging. They are also on 16 March at Macclesfield library, 14 April at Norley Village Hall and 20 April at Kettleshulme Village Hall.- Clive Edwards

03/03/18 Jon Critchley has got his deerstalker on and spyglass at the ready. He says, "I’m pretty sure that this photo at http://tinyurl.com/yabajb3n was taken more recently than the 1950s, and I make an educated guess, as they do on Eggheads, that it was around the late 1990s because the piano player is clearly on his mobile phone, probably a Nokia". He went on to say, "I’ve found out that the Lambda Record Company, who’s sign is in the photo, was based in Crosby, near Southport and recorded local bands and also Mersey groups such as Gerry & The Pacemakers later in 1961. I’m wondering if the piano player on the mobile phone is Terry Burstall who still lives in Southport and was a member of the mentioned Alt River Jazz Men , as was David Blackledge. Maybe Robin Tankard on bass? Another interesting and gripping fact is that the photo was taken at 10 past six. I’m doing my best. Cheers".

03/03/18 - Re: the picture at at http://tinyurl.com/yabajb3n, I think the picture of the band was probably from the late 1950’s, not 1940’s !  The clarinettist is David Blackledge who played in the band after coming down from Cambridge University in the late 1940’s. a fine player who was later with me for many years in Southport’s Alt River Jazzmen. He was also a fine cricketer who played for Liverpool Cricket Club up to the mid 1960’s in their halcyon days of Husband and Tyler.  The trumpeter is/was Roger Higham. Brother of John. Who was at Liverpool University in the mid 50’s.playing in various bands there, He later was with the Wirrorleans band, and is currently still playing with the Peninsular Jazz Band in Heswall.  Both fine players. - Roy Swift

03/03/18 - Another cancelled event - New Orleans Wiggle at New Mill Club,  Holmfirth, Sun, 4 March.

02/03/18 - We have had a poor spell of the weather here in Disley and I hope it improves for our Monthly Jazz at High Lane on Monday coming. I am glad we had our Charity concert in Goostrey for St.Lukes Hospice last Saturday. We have raised £11,886 for this charity so far and that makes myself and my fellow musicians very pleased.  In addition to this Janet and I met Poynton ten year old boy Joseph Whitworth who has been in a wheelchair since he was four years old. He wants to go to Poynton High School later this year and he cannot go unless he has a special new wheelchair with a cost of £25,000. Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz will be playing to help the fund raising at Poynton Methodist Church on Saturday 10th March and tickets are £8 and I hope those who can will make it.  - Mart Rodger

02/03/18 - Jazz on A Sunday at Rochdale has been cancelled this weekend due to current weather situation.

02/03/18 - Those of you who don't normally watch the series 'Cruising with Jane McDonald' on Channel 5, may be interested to know that tonight at 9pm, "the singer delves into the American Deep South, sailing along the Mississippi. She samples the jazzy vibes of vibrant New Orleans, before being introduced to her latest floating home, the American Queen, the world's largest steamboat".

01/03/18 - Following their successful night there in January, the Chicago Teds now have a series of monthly gigs at Eastham Lodge Golf Club. There are two this month, then one a month through to December. They are always on a Friday but not always the same Friday. All details have been added to the website. Also, it is now confirmed that the Teds will appear on Radio Merseyside on the afternoon of Tuesday March 7th between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. - Ed Lee Click here for more details

01/03/18 - Cancellations received today - The Pendle Jazzmen and the Tuxedo Jazz band tonight, However it's business as usual for the Silver Bell Band tonight.


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