QUIZ 1 –  Musicians’ Names

by Bert Thompson

Give the musicians’ first names


1. “Kid” Ory

2. “Turk” Murphy
3. “Wingy” Manone
4. “Fatha” Hines
5. “Bunk” Johnson
6. “Baby” Dodds
7. “Red” Nichols
8. “Jelly Roll” Morton
9. “Buddy” Bolden

10. “Pee Wee” Russell

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QUIZ 2 –  Band Leader's Names

by Trevor Barnes

Anagrams of British Trad Band leaders.
Supplied by Trevor Barnes


Can you unscramble?

1. rick blake

2. sir herb crab
3. Homely Plenty Truth
4. lax wheels
5. noisy them nuns
6. holy gift rotter
7. crony leek
8. withholds cracker
9. bleak lynn

10. claim milk gun

11. dislike name
12. hard glory
13. risk lice
14. fry ladder land

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QUIZ 3 –  Couples

by Bert Thompson

Each pair of musicians is or was a married couple, although they did not necessarily play together.
Match the husbands with their respective wives. - Bert Thompson




1. DeDe Pierce

A. Mildred Bailey

2. Louis Armstrong

B. Marian Turner

3. Jimmy McPartland

C. Sadie Goodson

4. Chris Barber

D. Cleo Laine

5. Narvin Kimball

E. Keely Smith

6. Max Collie

F. Billie Goodson

7. John Dankworth

G. Jeanette Salvant

8. Louis Prima

H. Lil Hardin

9. Red Norvo

J. Annie Hawkins

10. Kid Sheik Colar

K. Ottilie Patterson

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QUIZ – 4: Instruments

by Bert Thompson

Name the instrument in each title or lyric excerpt


1. You ought to see deacon Jones

    When he rattles the _______

2. _______ Boy March

3.  For I’m off for Alabama with a _______ on my knee

4.  _______ Wiggles
5.  _______ Chop Suey
6.  When Erastus plays his old -

7.  Oh Cholly, blow that thing,

      Play that slide -

8. _______ Marmalade

9. Bull _______ Blues

10. My baby, when you hear them _______ go dingaling
All turn around and sweetly you must sing


QUIZ – 5

By Fred Burnett

Untangle these mixed up names into N.W. musicians


Nomadic Kit
A Pole Courier
Sea Owner
Noteable Rise
Colin Waxall
Our dry ham war
Marbella Harris
The Just Monk
Hoarse Drinker
Jail Scum
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QUIZ – 6

By Bert Thompson

Comestible Quiz.

_______ head blues
_______ and crawfish pie and filé gumbo
Gimme a _______ _______ and a bottle of beer
Dill _______
_______ ain’t nothin’ but a bird
I like _______ because they got no bones
I ain’t gonna give nobody none of my _______ _______
You could say what you choose
but I'm all confused
I got the sweet, sweet _______ blues
_______ _______ and rice, I'm in paradise
Oh, Louisian-I-A, I'm comin' to you
You’re not the only _______ in the stew

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QUIZ – 7

By Fred Burnett

Untangle these mixed up names into N.W. musicians
 If you need help, try the Deps List

Mildly Babel
Diana Plume
Wren Joins Mint
UR Clint Nero
Cuff in Camberra
Rick Bebop Gills
Local jet trick
Two Speed Deer
Rome Gene
Probe Meek Kim
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QUIZ – 8

By Bert Thompson

The following questions all relate to the deaths of jazz personalities

 In what type of an institution did Buddy Bolden die?
Which famous blues singer died after being an automobile accident?
How old was Bix Beiderbecke when he died – 28, 33, 45, or 63?

The day after being attacked by one of his sidemen in 1919, bandleader
James Reese Europe,  a jazz pioneer, died.  With what was he attacked?

Which famous ragtime pianist died of syphilitic dementia?
How old did Eubie Blake claim to be the year of his death (1983)?
Which musician collapsed and died while, or just after,
participating in a memorial concert for his or her ex-spouse?

Where did Kid Ory die – (1) New Orleans, Louisiana;
(2) Honolulu, Hawaii; or (3) Culver City, California?

Who, at the time of his death, was reduced to “sweeping out a
pool hall and selling vegetables on the streets of Savannah, GA”?

Of what did Fats Waller die on a cross country train trip in 1943
alcoholism, pneumonia, heart attack, or cirrhosis?

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QUIZ – 9

By Bert Thompson

Each of the following musicians had a signature prop. 
Match the musician with his or her prop.


1. Jelly Roll Morton

A. chomping cigar

2. Sammy Penn

B. beanie and bells on garters

3. Sharkey Bonano

C. top hat

4. Emma Barrett

D. mortar board and gown

5. Billie Holiday

E. diamond in front tooth

6. Ted Lewis

F. loud check jacket

7. Louis Armstrong

G. derby

8. Kay Kyser

H. derby and cigar

9. Spike Jones

I. white handkerchief

0. Willie the Lion Smith

J. white gardenia

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Quiz 10

Untangle these mixed up names into N.W. musicians
 You may need help from the Deps List


A Plum Acre
Mojo Manner
Tree Advisors
Nation Ill
A Ten Banjos Truth
My Cranky Tin
A Demo Over
A Mean Bleach
Rob Pewtern
Halt Gloom March
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Quiz 11

By Bert Thompson


Name the occupation alluded to in each title or lyric excerpt

1. Stick out your can Here comes the _______.
2. He flaps my flapjacks, Cleans off the table, Feeds the horses in my stable, My man, is such a _______.
3. Here Comes the Hot _______
4. She married a B & O _______ That took and throwed her down, Bellerin' like a prune-fed calf With a big gang hanging around.
5. That's a porter's love song To a _______.
6. The _______'s Lament
7. Lifeboats here, lifeboats there, hear the shrieks and groans, The _______ calls, "All hands on deck!" and says in trembling tones.
8. _______ Save My Child
9. My very good friend the _____ says That I've been losing too much sleep.
10. This train don't carry no _______, this train.

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Quiz 12

By Bert Thompson

In each blank space in the title or lyric, place the name of the bird

1. Listen to the _______ Bird
2. You know little _______, get a little lonesome, too.
3. Sage _______ Strut
4. _______ ain't nothin' but a bird
5. Nothing but _______ All day long.
6. Yeah, up a lazy river where that _______'s song Awakes a bright new mornin', we can roll along.
7. If the ocean was whiskey and I was a _______, I'd swim to the bottom and drink my way up.
8. From a _______ out on the hill, They took a new note, Pushed it through a horn 'till it was worn, Into a blue note.
9. _______ Have you anything to say to me?
10. My _______ Has Circles under His Eyes

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Quiz 13

 by Bert Thompson


To whom does each of the following nicknames apply?
(Clue: his instrument is given in the parentheses)

1. Lux (piano)
2. Trummy (trombone)
3. Wooden Joe (trumpet)
4. Zutty (drums)
5. Sharkey (trumpet)
6. Muggsy (cornet)
7. Punch (cornet)
8. Big Eye (trombone)
9. DeDe (trumpet)
10. Ram (drums) 
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Quiz 14

 by Bert Thompson

Fill the blank in each song line or title with the name of the flower

1. He's the _______ of the Valley, He’s the Bright and Morning Star
2. When You Wore a _______
3. Help me in my distress, Sweet _______ _______, please do
4. _______ of Washington Square
5. _______ Goodbye
6. Church bells will chime, You will be mine , In _______ _______ time
7. A White Sport Coat and a Pink _______
8. You're confection goodness knows _______ rose
9. Do the sweet _______ blossom at everybody's door?
Do the folks keep eating possum til they can't eat no more?
10. Because it isn't raining rain, you know, it's raining _______

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Quiz 15

By Bert Thompson

Each of the following musical personalities had a sibling (or two) who was (were) also a performer(s).
Name a sibling in each case and specify his or her instrument

1. Jack and _______ Teagarden Instrument: _______

2. Willie and _______ Humphrey Instrument: _______

3. Bing and _______ Crosby Instrument: _______

4. Benny and _______ Goodman Instrument: _______

5. Baby and _______ Dodds Instrument: _______

6. Cab and _______ Calloway Instrument: _______

7. Wynton and _______ Marsalis Instrument: _______

8. Tommy and _______ Dorsey Instrument: _______

9. Edmond and _______ Hall Instrument: _______

10. Graeme and _______ Bell Instrument: _______

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QUIZ - 16

By Bert Thompson

In each blank space in the title or lyric, identify the conveyance

1. Put on your old gray bonnet With the blue ribbons on it While I hitch old Dobbin to the _______.
2. Come away with me, Lucille, In my merry _______.
3. _______ here, _______ there, Hear the shrieks and groans.
4. I got a hot rod _______ and a two dollar bill And I know a spot right over the hill
5. You've been a good old _______, daddy, but you done broke down!
6. Swing low, sweet _______, comin' for to carry me home.
7. Now the rains a-fallin', hear the _______'s a-callin', "Woo-ee." My mama done tol' me.
8. I'll be down to get you with a _______, honey Better be ready about a half past eight.
9. Take a _______ (Bobba doo zot) Go to Siam in Bangkok Today round the clock Well, they all like to jam
10. Oh, Dinah Should you wander to China I would hop an _______ _______ Just to be with Dinah Lee.

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QUIZ - 17

By Bert Thompson

Name the town or city alluded to in each song

1. And if I make _____ with no place to go,
You can make me a pallet on the floor.
2. _____ woman with her diamond ring
Pulls that man around by her apron string.
3. I’ve got the _____ blues,
And the Main Street heart disease.
(It’s buzzin’ round.)
4. I’m goin’ to _____ because I’m sad today,
And I want to linger down ol’ Dixie way.
5. We’ll take a boat to the land of dreams,
Steam down the river, down to _____.
6. I left Ma and Pa out in Omaha-ha-ha,
When _____ Kitty smiled at me.
7. He's long gone from Kentucky,
Long gone, that boy's lucky,
Long gone, what I mean,
Long gone John from _____.
8. They call her Hard-Hearted Hannah,
The vamp of _____,
The meanest gal in town.
9. Rock my soul with the _____ Joys.
10. Oh you can pick a morning gloria right off the
sidewalks of _____.

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QUIZ - 18

By Bert Thompson

Match the band with its leader

  A.   Spike Jones
  B.   Louis Armstrong 
_____  1.   Yerba Buena Jazz Band   C.   Paul Mares 
_____  2.   Original Dixieland Jass Band    D.   Sidney Bechet
_____  3.   Red Hot Peppers                                          E.   Wilbur de Paris
_____  4.   Hot Five F.    Lu Watters 
_____  5.   Black Bottom Stompers G.   Duke Ellington
_____  6.   City Slickers      H.   Eddie Condon
_____  7.   New Orleans Rhythm Kings   I.    Muggsy Spanier
_____  8.   New Orleans Feetwarmers J.   Sharkey Bonano
_____  9.   Washingtonians  K.  Jelly Roll Morton
_____  10.   New New Orleans Jazz L.  George Lewis
  M.  Nick LaRocca
  N.  Punch Miller
  O.  Johnny Dodds

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QUIZ - 19

By Bert Thompson


In each blank space in the title or lyric, name the drink

1.  Yeah, my bucket's got a hole in it,

      I can't buy no _______.

2.  Oh, see Ola, I see Cola,
     Everybody wants a _______.
3.  Old rockin' chair's got me, my cane by my side
     Fetch me that _______, son, 'fore I tan your hide.
4.  A cup of _______, a sandwich, and you.
5.  Who threw the _______ in the well?

6.  Goodbye whiskey you used to make me frisky,

     So long_______, so long gin.

7.  I get no kick from _______,
     Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all
8.  The Days of _______ and Roses.

9.  _______ and Coca-Cola

10. Most any afternoon at five

     We’ll be so glad we’re both alive

     Then maybe fortune will complete her plan

     That all began with _______ for two.

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QUIZ - 20

By Bert Thompson

Complete the song titles with the girls’ names


1. My Gal _____
2. Shout 'em, Aunt _____
3. _____'s Wedding Day
4. _____'s Gone
5. Aunt _____'s Blues
6. Hula _____
7. _____ Wore a Golden Chain
8. My Darling _____ Gray
9. _____ and Johnny
10. _____ Make up Your Mind

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