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January 2017

  • 19/01/17 - Lots of jazz snippets in my weekly newspaper on all things jazz in the world,  put together from twitter feeds.

  • - Many of you who have visited JazzClub 90 at Albrighton in Shropshire will know John & Marie Howell. John has just sent me a touching story about a plucky young lad, Harry Bowen who lives two doors away from him, and unfortunately has cerebral palsy.  While watching an advert for the Children in Need programme he told his mom that he wanted to raise some money for "poorly children"!  John told Harry's story at the gig with JB's Jazz and Blues Band on December 4th and a collection raised £135.00, with John Beckingham starting it off with the first donation.  The reason for John's email was to emphasise the generosity of jazz people, not only for their donations but also for the warm welcome they gave to Harry and his meant a great deal to his mom. You can read the story in full by clicking here which includes a video that John took of young Harry attempting a sponsored walk, and succeeding.

  • 17/01/17 - As you will recall Fred, I made an effort to organise a coach to FestJazz Brittany a couple of years back, but started it rather late and my reserved accommodation had to be released before I could fill it. Well, now a limited offer is being considered with Trevor Stent. Anyone interested in going down this year, and taking advantage of the Early Bird pricing, would get free transfers from Brest Airport. Just e-mail me in the first instance  The firm band bookings so far, and all other information in English are available on the FestJazz website. I am a party to the final musicians under serious negotiations, and I am excited ( not bad for my age !). Just think of those talented young of the quality of Tuba Skinny, Shot Gun JB, etc., and you will be close. This festival just gets better every year and way cheaper than most here. - Norman Gibson

  • 16/01/17 - I'm indebted to Tony Pringle for sending me a copy of the DVD "The Last of the First".   It's a video of a concert the New Black Eagles Jazz Band did in 1990 at the Rhode Island School of Design. The concert was going to feature Chester Zardis on bass, but sadly just before the concert, Chester Zardis died and the event became a memorial concert for him. Tommy Sancton (clarinet) and Danny Barker (banjo) were invited to join the band for the occasion.

  • 16/01/17 - Having heard the sad news about Rod Mason, I can't find any detailed reports or obits.  Digging through my files, though, I find a track I recorded at the Palk Arms in Torquay back in '71 - a composition by banjo player Pete Sumner to mark the passing of Louis. A good memorial number for Rod, eh?

  • 16/01/17 - The Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival web page has been amended recently, but I haven't been able to spot the difference. I did notice though that when you click on the "Book on line" button there seems to be a wide range of prices. For example it says 4 day stroller pass tickets are available from £5.00 - £120.00 although let me know if you can find a £5 tickets Follow that up and there's an Admin charge of £5.00, then there's a booking fee that varies depending on how much you are paying - between 4 and 10%, plus a box to make a donation to Victoria Hall.  It seems you can even buy 1 ticket and anything up to 251 Admin charges or visa versa!  Whatever happened to 'simple'?

  • 16/01/17- The gig list for Jazz at the York Street Club Bingley, W. Yorks. has just been updated

  • 16/01/17 - Hi Fred. Just passing on the news of the sad loss of our Bass player, vocalist and band leader with the Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band. Peter Campbell. He passed away last Friday morning in hospital where he had spent several months.  Pete was a lovely guy who worked hard and organised most of the gigs we did. Pete was a founder member, with the late Cliff Barker, of the Mathew Street Ragtime Jazz Band back in the mid 1980s. At the moment I have no details of the funeral arrangements.  - Jim Lucas.

  • 15/01/17 - Page of the week this week is a look back at the front page of The Hotspur, which most male readers will remember. This copy from December 6th 1958, was supplied by Mart Rodger, and it's well worth scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

  • 15/01/17 - Last week's page of the week brought out the wittier side of certain musicians, and even the page's founder, John Muskett has felt the need to add yet another contribution to the life of Horst Kitzinfangel. 

  • 15/01/17 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event this week and that's The High Society Jazz Band on Fri, 20 January, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth. where there are Tea Rooms and good food available.  There will be a collection taken.

  • 15/01/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to Jeff Roberts  on Wednesday 18th, and to John Hallam on the Thursday 19th.

  • 14/01/17 Interesting article on a BT web page that tells you "how to cure your horrible winter cold", you'll be surprised at what can help!

  • 13/01/17 - On the subject of younger people getting involved in jazz,  my band, The Dixie Beats, have made it part of our mission to encourage young talent and find younger audiences. We meet once a week in Bolton to practise and have a policy of welcoming any capable young player interested in playing jazz - any player interested can read about us and get in touch via our website ( and arrange to come along even if they just want to listen at first. At the moment we are particularly interested hearing from reed players but encourage players of any relevant instrument to get involved - we will help them as much as we can and hopefully we can find some players for the future

  • 13/01/17 - The Dove Jazz Bugle was kindly sent to me by Roger Marshall a week ago, but it has only recently gone on the club's web site, so you too can read it now.

  • 11/01/17 -  The Jazz2Swing2 page on the 'NW Jazz Clubs' Page has been updated. Norman reminds me of the lengthy discussion, - 'Getting the Younger Generation Involved in Jazz', on the jazzandjazz  website last year. Pete Lay subsequently made the suggestion ' maybe someone needs to take a gamble' and engage younger bands at  (you'll need to scroll down to the section headed "An Afterthought"). This would appear to be Norman's offering in that direction, a big band of accomplished young musicians, followed by two bands the young will wish to see and swing dance to. Here's wishing him success.

  • 11/0117 - It is a fact that Linda Leigh was a good jazz singer and one who knew when not to try and improve on a good melody. I was in Terry Perry’s “Big Easy” band for many years and she sang regularly with the band with great intonation and feel, hitting notes right in the middle rather than take the usual easy way and swoop up to it.

  • 11/01/17 -  "The WirrOrleans Jazz Band’s gig on January 20th has been moved from Formby Cricket Club to The Gild Hall (sic) on Church Road, Formby. This is because the Cricket Club let us down by booking another function, leaving us to find somewhere else at fairly short notice. The change is for this month only. Sincere apologies to our supporters for any inconvenience caused, but we were left with no choice.  Contact details: The Gild Hall, Church Road, Formby, L37 3NG - 01704 872279 –".  - John Blackman.

  • 10/01/17 - When will it stop?  Never I guess, I just had an email from Brian Turnock who says, "Just had a mail to say that trumpet player Rod Mason is the latest musician to make 'the journey to the sky' "

  • 10/01/17 - Sue Povall writes, "I learned recently that Linda Leigh had passed away and that her funeral is at Landican next Thursday 19th January at 11.00am.  Linda was a superb singer with a style of an era gone by and had a huge fan base. I know she will be sadly missed. I thought she was tremendous".

  • 10/01/17 - "It was with very much sadness and shock that I have just learnt by reading Jon Penn's email that Martin Gough had passed away on Boxing Day", writes    Alan Davies from Cornwall. "I first met Martin while playing in Ray Hayes’ ‘Roaring Twenties’ band at Chester in the eighties. He subsequently played for my band Delta Jazz there while also being resident bassist with the Severnside band".  I've added Alan's tribute in full to the Martin Gough tribute page

  • 09/01/17 - We had a good night's Jazz in Rochdale Sunday night being entertained by Mike Lovell's 6-in-a-bar classic Jazz Band.  It was our annual night of celebration and recognition for our band of the year, voted for by the people who attend the club.  Tony Sheldon presented the Harry Cameron Memorial Trophy to the band with the help of Harry's brother-in-law, Bob Cavanagh. Willy Entwistle' was unfortunately not able to attend as he has a bad cough but much cheering and stomping to the beat over the night. We are hoping you may choose one of the photos to put into the news on your site. - Valerie Bracken (click here photo) . Mike sent the photo on the right, he says, " The one on the left is the individual ones each of us received, with the one on the right being the collective band one which has all the bands names that have won the title in past years. Our thanks go to Tony, his team, and the audiences at the club". As usual a click on the picture will reveal a larger version.

  • 09/01/17 - You may recall in November I mentioned that South Downs Holiday Village has been sold and would be closing its doors on 2nd January 2017 for the last time. Tony Jacobs has presented many Dixieland and big band swing events there and I wondered if he'd find another venue soon. Well I'm pleased to say that Britannia Hotels have asked Tony to present and host music events at two of their venues during 2017: Basingstoke's Country Hotel & Spa and Bournemouth's Royal Bath Hotel. He also has events at Warner's Thorseby Hall Hotel and Gunton Hall, with the Bateman Brothers, Enrico Tomasso and 'Spats' Langham; the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra; the Tony Jacobs Big Band; the American and British Songbook Show; the Swing Time Jivers and daytime events which will include a tea-dance, a dance workshop and cabaret show. More details at

  • 09/01/17 - Hi Fred, Your recent 'Page of the week' reminded me of a strange occurrence that happened some months ago. Needing to replace ageing double glazing, I contacted some local firms. All were busy and couldn't fit me in until well into 2017. Wanting it done yesterday, I contracted a' one man operation 'who duly arrived next day.   To say he was strange is an understatement, dressed in a faded 'zoot' suit and sporting an overlarge fedora he certainly cut a bizarre figure. I also noticed that whilst talking to me he was constantly playing with something under his coat, something producing a peculiar ringing sound. Not wishing to explore things further! we discussed terms and arranged a date to start which he duly did.   His work was impeccable and finished ahead of schedule and I was more than pleased with the results, so much so that I gave him a worthwhile bonus. He accepted gratefully and shambled off with a 'thanks guv, I'll send you a Xmas card'  Weeks after he had gone however, I noticed that in certain lights, barely perceptible were various type faces etched into the glass! Yes I should have complained but they were rather beautifully done so I have left them (they make an interesting talking point) and forgot the matter.  Two weeks ago I received an unsigned Xmas card with this enigmatic message written on it - GLAZIERS THINK FONT. Being a crossword and anagram addict and prompted by Page of the Week ,I looked at the message again.  Surely my workman couldn't have been-------or could it? - Worryingly yours - Jeff Roberts

  • 09/01/17 - The year has got off to a bad start with the number of deaths that have come in. Jon Penn sends this item about another musician who has passed. "Very sad to advise you that Martin Gough passed away on December 26th in Torquay, He was 77 and had moved there about 20 years ago. He had played double bass with the Severnside Jazz Band in Shrewsbury from at least 1973 when I joined it and I believe earlier on had played with Dan Pawson in the Midlands. After moving south he played occasionally with local bands and I met him in 2003 in Bude when he was with Father Mike's Chosen Six and also in 2005 when he attended with his wife Freda as a visitor. He had a triple heart bypass operation in Shrewsbury about 20 years ago which I think prompted the move South. He died shortly after being admitted to hospital just before Christmas.  This is a Torquay Herald Express Death Notice  which I only received today just 24 hours from receiving the news.  I shall always remember him as a strong rhythmic bass player who could be relied on to keep a very steady beat and drove the band with his slap bass style.  He was always immaculately turned out with never a hair out of place, just like the Jazz World's Ernie Wise, and as I often told him you could never see the join!! ". (click here for larger version, and here for Tribute Page)

  • 08/01/17 - Midweek daytime jazz sessions this week are  - Annie's Saints And Sinners jam/practice sessions @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington (check first on 01625 610059)  on Mon, 9 January, 14:00 – 16:00, and Mike Lovell's Cafe Jazz Quintet at THE MOUNT PUB in Fleetwood on Fri, 13 January, 13:00 – 15:30

  • 08/01/16 - Sometimes I get a question that turns into a discussion, and one discussion that cropped up and carried on for week after week was started by John Muskett. It started off innocently by John wondering how many musicians were in the same league as the superstars but never achieved the same recognition. Thus came the birth of one Horst Kitzinfangel who was to tax the minds and warped thinking of many NW musicians. If you haven't come across it before, be prepared to be amused by this week's Page of The Week.

  • 07/01/17 - "Terry Birkenhead kindly phoned me with some details re Bernard Bibby's funeral. It's at St Helens Crematorium, Rainford Road, WA10 6DF, 3pm next Friday 13th Jan. It's not going to be a 'jazz funeral' i.e. No bands, but I understand his brother has chosen some music for the service". - Richard Knock

  • 06/01/17 - Hi Fred,  Thought I would just like to drop you an email to say that my Dad passed away over the Christmas period at the age of 80. He was quite a well known Banjo player around the Manchester scene in his time and some of the visitors to your pages may well remember him.  Regards - Danny Riley, Trumpet, Lancaster

  • 06/01/17 - Dee has emailed to say, "Thank you to all members of the band at my husband's (Seymour John Curtis) funeral, - Dave Mott, Colin Smith, Charlie Bentley, Eric Brierley and lead by John Pashley who had travelled from the other side of Holmfirth. They were superb and I love them all. In the audience the lovely George Galway, Louis Lince, Paul Medina another charming man, John Brett guitarist who plays with Louisiana. and then the one and only Terry Brunt joined us at the Arden Arms. I will remember them forever as they made the day bearable and helped me no end. After all the worry it turned out to be a lovely afternoon and other friends some who were clearly converted by the music and so I said well come support them all. Once again thank you very much. Also, regards to your Barbara.

  • 06/01/17 - Ken Ames has emailed to say that Roy Maskell (tbn) passed away yesterday. Roy was born in Acton, London in 1938 and started to listen to jazz in the mid 50's. He began playing trombone in 1960 after hearing Jim Robinson with the George Lewis Band. Another major influence was Kid Ory. Roy's first tour was to Hamburg in 1961 with the Pete Deuchars Band. He then played with various bands until joining the Gothic Jazz Band in 1963 and staying with them for 15 years. He played with the Inter-Cities Band from 1978 t0 1986 and has played with Freddy Kohlman, AlCasey, Chester Jone and Alton Purnell. Roy recorded and toured with Chris Barber's Brass Band, which included Alvin Alcorn, Capt.John Handy, Cie Frazier and Kid Shiek in the line up. He also played occasionally with Jambalaya and The Excelsior Brass Band. (information courtesy Colchester Jazz Club)

  • 05/01/17 - The list of jazz events at the Buxton Arts Centre has been updated.

  • 05/01/17 - Happy New Year Fred and Barbara. I Came across this interview at with Gregg Stafford, star trumpet man in New Orleans. Just thinking you, and visitors to the site, might enjoy listening to Gregg's story of how he had to work hard to get round his mother to get into the music. - Norman Gibson

    05/1/17 - 
    Hi Fred, Happy New Year to you and your wife. I have just listened to your conversation with the BBC (page of the week). Whoever voted for the winner obviously is not a trad jazz fan, to their shame. I would like to see trad. jazz taken into schools. I have noted whenever a jazz band plays in shopping malls etc. the young people present are usually tapping their feet or swaying to the music.  I was introduced to Traditional jazz when I was 16, by my then boyfriend, in the 1950's. The first group I saw was the Saints Jazz Band at the Deansgate Hotel in Manchester. I remember my mother saying it was the music of the devil. It did not put me off. - Mildred Finney

  • 05/01/17 - Jazz Rendezvous session at St Helens Bowling Club will be on the 15th this month, not the 8th as previously shown in What's On

  • 04/01/17 - Correction, it's Jon Moore's birthday on the 7th Jan, and not jack Moore as previously stated.

  • 04/01/17 - Re-fretted & refurbished in the last few months, a Vega tenor banjo short scale ( 17 fret )  plus accessories, has just gone on the Sales Page

  • 04/01/17 - The Grim Reaper has struck again, early on in this New Year. One of the finest drummers that this country has produced in the Old New Orleans style has been taken from us. Dave Evans (also widely known as Mouse) has passed, just short of what would have been his 75th birthday on February 8th. May he Rest in Peace. - Louis Lince

  • 04/01/17 - There is an obituary in The Guardian for the jazz clarinettist Dave Shepherd, who died aged 87 on 15th December 2016.

  • 04/01/17 - This item from my Jazz Weekly Newsletter - "Following news of the death of Carrie Fisher, the actress who starred as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus announced it will hold a second-line parade in tribute to her. The event is planned for 4 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday starting at the krewe den at Castillo Blanco Art Studios. The krewe currently is seeking permits for the parade".

  • 03/01/17 - The news is set to come to you even faster, though doubt you'll notice it. BT made me an offer I couldn't refuse - renew current contract with a price increase of £4 or go high speed fibre, for £3 extra. So my speed has now gone up from around 7.5Mb to 46Mb. Mind you I can't type or read any faster!

  • 03/01/17 - New Year's Day Jazz Club on Radio Ulster featured guests Paul Adams from Lake Records, Mike Pointon from Upbeat Records, and festival and events promoter John Petters and discussed the rapidly changing recording scene, as listeners find new ways of accessing jazz recordings.

  • 02/01/17 - The Devonshire Arms closes on 9th January for around 12 weeks for a complete refurbishment and there will be a final Jazz session on Sunday 8th January from 4.00pm until 6.00pm when I will be joined by John Hallam, Rae Owens and Mike Pembroke. - Ian mcCann

  • 02/01/17 - Hi Fred, you recently ran some discussion about entrance prices for gigs in the UK & elsewhere.  I was looking to see if Woody Allen was likely to be touring in Europe this year and was astounded to find this..... "WOODY ALLEN & THE EDDY DAVIS NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND : Every Monday Evening at : THE CARLYLE : 35 East 76th Street : New York. -  Cover: $165 per person, $30 drink min ($120 bar + $25 drink min).   Premium Seating $215 per person.   Pricing does not include tax/gratuity".  - Graham Martindale

  • 01/07/17 - Sue Parish kindly nominated me for the BBC iPM New Year's Honours award 6 years ago. It finished up with me being interviewed at home, and Sue coming along to give me moral support. Now if I tell you that the winner was a lady who gave cosmetic advice to transsexuals, you will realise I was in tough competition. If you can bear to listen to it, it's this week's Page of the Week.

  • 01/01/17 - Someone who was always a regular favourite at Keswick Jazz Festival, pianist Neville Dickie, is celebrating his birthday today, New Year's Day. Other musicians celebrating their birthdays this week are Brian (Sam) Ellis (tbn) on Wed 4th., and Jon Moore on Sat 7th.


  • 31/12/16 - I now have contact details for John Fenner, thanks to Stuart McLean

  • 31/12/16 - I was sorry to hear of the death of Bernard Bibby as he struck me as a gentle person, yet strong minded and principled. He was always pleased to have a chat with Barbara and myself and I think we first met when he played with the WirrOrleans Jazz Band. He was a regular contributor to this site and his name crops up on several pages, although his last one appears to have been a tribute to Billy Edwards sent on July 1st 2014.  His humorous side appeared in this story he sent me - "A person recently at a private gig asked the band, "could you play O'Mahoney". The lads looked at each other because nobody had ever heard of it. It transpired that the person was requesting Alexander's Ragtime Band and what she thought was O'Mahoney was in fact Oh my Honey, Oh My Honey etc.". His principles emerged when he complained about musicians who had made disparaging remarks about Ken Colyer and Jack Teagarden. He summed it up by saying - "Its not bad enough that venues are closing, attendances falling etc, now we have musicians denigrating our wonderful exciting music" - FB

  • 31/12/16 - Hi Fred, I heard on Thursday that clarinetist Bernard Bibby had died of a heart attack, I'm afraid I have no further details of funeral arrangements etc. Bernard was a lovely clarinet player with a beautiful tone and approach to the music. Some years ago he spent a year or so with our Yarrow River band, eventually he had to concentrate on caring for his wife, and then after her death his own ill health prevented him from continuing to play, which was a sad loss to music. I believe he had a brother in Canada who was also a musician, but I never met him. Playing with Bernard in the band was always an immense pleasure. He was one of the best. My condolences to family and friends - Richard Knock

  • 30/12/16 - Re- message from Dee regarding the funeral of Seymour John Curtis at Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium on Thursday 05th Jan. 2017 at 11.30 am, it is the intention to give John a "jazz" send-off by playing before, during, and after the service. All musicians who will be attending the service are invited to bring their instruments (grand pianos exempt) to play at the crematorium. We will be meeting/assembling at the crematorium in time to play John into the crematorium. What happens at the Arden Arms remains to be seen (heard). - Charlie Bentley

  • 30/12/16 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out

  • 27/12/16 - Very sad to learn about Tom Alker. Lovely man. I had some enjoyable social times with Tom and Lindsay and some great gigs with him when I was lucky enough to play with Copper and the French Quarter Band. I've attached a couple of tracks from my personal recordings files (Tom recorded the Bollington church session). French Quarter Band - In the Garden [1988-05-01 Bollington Church and French Quarter Band - You were meant for me (1993-03-30 - Denton CC).

  • 27/12/16 - I've been trying to contact John Fenner for a while now.  We played in a school trad band and many pubs in south east London.  So far, the only info I have is very old, and that tells me he lives in Scotland, but so far my leads have come to nothing. Can you help?   The photos of the Kenny Ball Band on various sites certainly show John, so I imagine he is (i hope ) still around.  Any contact address or tel. number would be much appreciated. Many thanks. -  Barry Guy (bassist)

  • 26/12/16 - Congratulations to Tom Culbert who celebrates his birthday today. This video was shot at the party which took place at the Forest Jazz Band's residency in Colne. Seven and a half minutes seemed a very long time to hold a mobile phone in the air, but the dark room and the reflected light on the camera lens gave it a real jazz cellar atmosphere, so I didn't even try to improve it. Go to for the full screen version.


  • 24/12/16 - Dove Jazz Club is definitely going ahead with our Party Night on Tuesday 27th Dec featuring the Harlem Hot Stompers, free sausage rolls & mince pies and an extra sprinkling of the famed Dove Bonhomie. - Barry Pryme

  • 24/12/16 - One musician who I suspect will be busy over the Christmas period, is pianist Malcolm Hogarth. Malcolm is featured on the site's  Page of The Week over Christmas.  Along with John Higham, he has also been  busy raising money for charity with busking sessions and through sales of their CD -  Milk of Amnesia. He's also featured with his partner Isabel Toner, supporting Sue Reid on her new CD released earlier this year. Malcolm will be  playing with the Original Panama Jazz Band on Sunday January 8th:  12.30 – 14.30: at Stafford Jazz Society, and with the  Merseysippi Jazz Band at the Victoria Hotel in Aigburgh on Monday the 9th, but no doubt there are other bands he'll be playing with in the coming weeks.

  • 24/12/16 - I've been a bit slow checking on band's holiday arrangements, and I appreciate that there are gigs showing in What's On over the Christmas period that are extremely unlikely, so I have emailed musicians for confirmation.  These will be removed when I hear from them.

  • 24/12/16 - Just one birthday to celebrate this week, and it's pianist Tom Culbert's 80th on Boxing Day. Tom had a small party earlier this week at the Union Exchange in Colne with the Forest Jazz Band, and when I get a moment I'll post a video I took of the band.

  • 23/12/16 - The Southport Jazz Club gig list has been updated for the first three months of next year.

  • 23/12/16 - The funeral of Dave Shepherd, who died on December 15th. will be at St. Mark's church, Highcliffe, at 12 midday on Wednesday January 4th. If anybody wants further details, contact me

  • 23/12/16 - Hi Fred,  Sorry to be the bearer of sad news again, but Mike Dine, founder and owner of 504 records died some time in the last week at his home in Welling, Kent. His place in the history of recording and publishing New Orleans musicians over the past 50 years is a matter of public record. - In sorrow, Louis Lince

  • 22/12/16 - Jon is not alone in his outburst of tears. I shared the same emotions as the clip progressed, constantly wiping my eyes.  How wonderful to share The Spirit of Christmas in such a wonderful way; the power of music! The beaming smile on the face of the MD is the icing on the cake for me. What a lovely job! Apart from the emotional side, I am amazed that every musician in each section has learnt their part off by heart. I wish I could do that. - Paul Medina

  • 22/12/16 - Sam Wood is hoping to track down an article which he would love to read again. It was entitled "Mexborough Revisited" by Dave Howitt, a Sheffield-based piano player who was a regular contributor of light-hearted articles to Jazz Times. The article described a time Dave's band were booked to play at a club in Mexborough, between Rotherham and Barnsley. The club actually wanted a band to play for sequence dancing or something like that. I remember a very amusing account of how the band rose to this unexpected challenge, with limited success. Anybody help?

  • 22/12/16 - I was sorry to hear from Dee that her beloved husband and avid jazz fan, Seymour John Curtis, known by many NW musicians and fans, had passed away.  John & Dee are known by many Manchester musicians and John had known Syd Levin, Vinnie Parker and John Rubin since the Cavern and Jacaranda days. John & Dee were often seen together at The Talbot, Southport, and Glossop Jazz Club, and many other jazz venues in between.  Barbara & I send our condolences to Dee, who tells me that John's funeral will take place at the Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium on Thursday 5th January 2017 at 11.30am, then afterwards at the Arden Arms in Stockport. Donations, if people want to, are to St. Ann's Hospice, Heald Green. Dee has let me have her phone number should anyone wish to get in contact.

  • 22/12/16 - I see from Jazz Guide News that Sammy Rimington is to appear at Chrichton Golf Club, Dumfries, on May 28th, and Carlisle Jazz Club on 1st June 2017. With Saltburn and Edinburgh also included on the tour, looks like the M6 is off piste.

  • 21/12/16 - We are sorry to have to let you know that Tom Alker (clarinet player with the Jazz Aces and the French Quarter band) died on Sunday, 18th December. His funeral will be held on Wednesday, 4th January at 12.15 pm at the Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium. - Dave & Carol Copperwaite

  • 21/12/16 - Re: the U.S.A.F Band Clip at the top of the News Page.  What a wonderful thing to do and to be actually there as the band all assembles. Really does bring tears watching it, so great. I’ve watched it over and over. Great choice. - Jon Critchley

  • 21/12/16 - I've just added a link to a site called Harvey does Jazz. The site builders Jenny & Ray Knight, say ,"Our idea was to promote jazz to a younger audience - hence the name - but also to give a bit of a write up on jazz festivals we have been to and, with permission of the bands, organisers etc., put onto you tube an example of what was being played and by what band".

  • 19/12/16 - Dear Fred, Picture of The Stockport Boys Football Team 1948. Three jazz musicians. John Tippett, Pete Staples and Keith Pendlebury are all on the bottom row. - Mart Rodger. (click picture for larger version)

  • 18/12/16 - if you haven't heard this, it's worth a look before they take it down at -  "Chris Barber's Jazz Band Recorded BBC Light Programme 10:35 PM Monday May 9 1955" - John Westwood

  • 18/12/16 - I cannot forget Derek Brown's birthday, since being on the 19th, it is just a day before mine, the 20th, same year, everything. So I can safely call him "old chap" . - Noel Broadgate

  • 18/12/16 - My thanks to all the musicians, jazz fans and web site readers who have sent cards and Christmas greeting. It's very difficult to reply to you all individually, but your wishes and greetings are much appreciated.

  • 18/12/16 - There are several musicians celebrating birthdays this week. Mon 19 Dec - Derek Brown, Tue 20 Dec - Noel Broadgate, Wed 21 Dec - Tony Pringle,  Fri 23 Dec - George Galway and Sat 24 Dec - Pete Darwin. Many Happy Returns to all of you.

  • 18/12/16 - One of the rewarding aspects of this site is being able to put people back in touch, or locating musicians who have disappeared off the scene. About three or four years ago Pat O'Beirne asked, "Anybody know what happened to Bryan Haughton, who played piano with The Blue Note Jazzmen at The Sportsman in Manchester during the 60's?. The ultimate answer never really came, so I'm resurrecting the question for this week's page of the week

  • 16/12/16 - Tom Culbert (ex Pasadena Roof Orchestra, New Era Jazz Band et al) will celebrate his 80th next Tuesday (20th) at The Union Exchange in Colne with the Forest Jazz Band - all welcome !

  • 16/12/16 - This message from Chris Walker - Dave Shepherd passed away at 6pm last evening in the MacMillan Unit of Christchurch Hospital. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Mary at this terrible time just a few days before Christmas". Some of you will have seen Dave when he played with Chris Walker's Swing Fever at Rochdale Jazz Club in March last year when I took this photograph. He is one of the few jazzmen who has a blue plaque celebrating his birth, and Ken Ames, who also played bass at Rochdale, sent me this newspaper article. See also

  • 13/12/16 - Well done Howard Murray for spotting my deliberate mistake.  Arthur English signed off with ""Play the Music! Open the cage!", so my next thought was Arthur Askey, but no, it turned out to be Jimmy Wheeler. All great names in their time.

  • 13/12/16 - The BBC 6 Jazz programme you mention (13/12/16), is not available on BBC iPlayer. Incidentally only 5 tracks out of 11 were Traditional jazz. In fact only the tracks from the bands you mention. Still not good enough. We would have turned off after two numbers, having to endure 6 'ooblies', before the other three played were played. At least Cerys Mathews whose show it was, did her best to represent New Orleans/Chicago styles of jazz. I'd love to have an hour a week on radio playing stuff from my vinyl collection. Maybe I'd get a chance to listen to stuff that hasn't been on my turntable for years. Note to myself: "Must make the effort"  Or even a 'new CD releases' hour, featuring CDs that get reviewed in Just Jazz. How about that BBC? Maybe I can get a DJ gig on the new Radio Caroline starting up soon? Get my 'sea legs' ready! - Pete  Lay

  • 13/12/16 - I've just completed the gig list for Rochdale Jazz Club for 2017. Twenty nine bands and not one repeat all year. That takes some doing so congratulations to Tony Sheldon and the committee for coming up with a cracking programme. Next year starts on Jan 8th with Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar who will be collecting the trophy for Band of The Year. Not forgetting of course that there's still one gig to go this year - the Spirit of New Orleans on December 18th.

  • 13/12/16 - Hi Fred, the Original Panama Jazz Band , with me on Sousaphone, played at The Roycroft Dance Hall, Burns Ave. Wallasey in the 1950s, wonder if any recordings have survived ??   Be interested to hear from any surviving band and club members. - John Lindop

  • 13/12/16 - The  2016 Dove Jazz Club Christmas Bugle is now available on line. This document contains details of the Christmas Entertainment with The Harlem Hot Stompers on Tuesday the 27th December, as well as bringing to your attention the publication of the 2017 Fixture List which contains, "An almost unbelievable array of first class bands and musicians to whet your Jazz taste buds for the coming year".

  • 13/12/16 - Hi Fred, A merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your readers.  I'd like to put the following on your for-sale site if it's OK with you.  Immaculate French Horn (Mirage beginner's instrument) in case (with faulty zip) for sale. Cost new £159. Offers invited. Malcolm Hogarth 01244 336350 or  It has been given to our Hospice of The Good Shepherd charity shop so we are trying to get a fair price for it.  Apart from that, with our Milk of Amnesia CD we've sent £1110 to The Altzheimer's Society and are £280 on our way to the next £500 donation. There are a lot of kind folk our there! Well done Malcolm & John

  • 13/12/16 - I met a fellow on Friday who used to come to jazz sessions at the Ram's Head, Disley in the 1950's and 1960's. I was with the Zenith Six then, however we have a four piece out of Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz playing across the road at Frankies Wine Bar on Tuesday 20th December 8.30pm. This will be Eric/Trombone, Louis/Banjo, Paul/Bass and myself/Clarinet - Mart Rodger

  • 13/12/16 - "The supreme jazz icon, Louis Armstrong transformed jazz in the 1920s with the astonishing recordings by his Hot Fives and Sevens. Geoffrey Smith picks some of his favourites tracks, including "Cornet Chop Suey" and "Potato Head Blues." -  Pointed out to me by Norman Gibson, we were both away and missed it, but no problem, just go to

  • 13/12/16 - Programmer and technical writer David Briddock emailed to say - I came across this Radio 6 Jazz programme today and wondered whether it had already popped up on your Jazz radar? Well BBC Jazz had some adverse comments back in November, but when I followed the above link, I saw on the playlist, names like Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces, George Lewis, Bunk Johnson, King Oliver and His Dixie Syncopators, Sweet Emma Barrett and Her Bell Boys, well that will do me for starters, and it was broadcast in November. Maybe though, in the words of Arthur English it's a case of - Aye Aye That's yer lot!

  • 13/12/16 - For those out there with mobile smartphones and the ability to scan barcodes, there is now a barcode to enable you to download What's On to your phone in PDF format. It's updated regularly so don't forget to rescan regularly for any changes.

  • 12/12/16 - Hello Fred, yet another bit of sad news. There may still be some people up there who remember Clive 'Skid' Neale.  Clive 'Skid' Neale was born in Harwich on 16 November 1932. At just fourteen he joined the Army and after training at the Royal Military School of Music, Clive became a Bandsman. Stationed in Hong Kong and Egypt, Clive played for the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra, formed a Jazz band and had his own television show. On returning to the UK Clive settled in Manchester this is where he picked up the nickname "Skid" through his speedway exploits at the Belle Vue stadium.  Skid went to work at Barratts in Manchester "the place to go" for top quality instruments. At the same time as working in the shop Clive taught music and was a member of the Pete Bocking Six, who regularly played at the renowned Oasis Club in Lloyd Street.  Joining Emile Ford and The Checkmates, he spent some time touring across Sweden with the group, before becoming a member of The Northern Dance Orchestra.  Clive was invited to join a band based in Clacton, formed by Allan Stanley and originally called The Four Kinnells. Allan, like Clive had Military Band experience, having served in the RAF and they got on from the moment they met.  Clive joined the band and moved back to his home town of Harwich. The band had very successful winter seasons playing at clubs and restaurants all over the South East, including The Avenue Club and Deva restaurant in Clacton, together with playing on the ferries sailing between Harwich and Bremerhaven. Having performed at many venues at home and abroad, Clive then spent a number of years playing more locally with his Phoenix Jazz Band at The Phoenix Hotel in Dovercourt, until it closed.  Skid then teamed up Pete Jezard in the early nineties and they formed the Phoenix Revival Band which played its last gig last week after 20 years at the Wagon. A talented gentle man, who always had a twinkle in his eye, Clive 'Skid' Neale passed away on November 16th, his eighty fourth birthday. We gave him a N'Orleans style send of at Weeley Crem on Friday. - Peter Jezard

  • 12/12/16 - A Gallien Krueger MB150S Double Bass amplifier including gig rock bag and leads, has just gone on the Sales Page which can be accessed via Jazz Extras on the Main Menu

  • 12/12/16 - I got word from regular visitor to Cornwall, Sam Wood, that "Trumpet player Phil Morris had returned to his native North-West, so I emailed him to find out. This is what Phil told me - Thanks for emailing. Yes it's true, I'm back in the North West. Robyn and I and daughter, Naomi are now living in Millom. Back to our roots in the mountains. After a busy few years with the Great Western Jazz Co. in Cornwall, I have been mostly "resting" and house renovating, tho Bruce Carnaffin (my old mate from our Mainline days) has given me some welcome gigs. So I am available for gigs on tpt or even piano, if anyone is desperate for a few chords to lean on!  Good to hear from you. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with the NW scene through your website. Keep up the good work. - Phil

  • 12/12/16  - The Original Panama Jazzband’s Christmas night is Wednesday 21st at The Irby Club: Same band as usual but very smartly dressed, lots of raffle prizes, mince pies, shortbread and maybe mystery guests: Starts 8.30 prompt. Free admission as usual.

  • 12/12/16 - If you are looking to get out and about during daylight hours, you could take the train to Carnforth station on Friday and listen tot he high Society Jazz Band who will be playing there from 12-30pm

  • 12/12/16 - Just back from a weekend in London, so a bit late to wish Many Happy Returns to Moe Green for yesterday, but other birthdays this week, are Alex Clarke who will turn 17 on Wednesday, and Barrie Quilliam who won't be quite so young on the same day. Richard Knock is the next to celebrate his birthday on Thursday, followed by Sam Wood on Friday, and my old friend and promoter, Harry Swinburne on Saturday. Happy Birthday to you all.

  • 08/12/16 -  I am informed that the newly listed 'Deco Delight' will be playing 1.30pm to 4.00pm this Sunday 11th. Dec. in The Midland Hotel, Morecambe's 'Art Deco' hotel, on the resort promenade.

  • 07/12/16 - If you missed Jim Swinnerton tonight on The One Show, you can see it on iPlayer at

  • 07/12/16 - In reply to a request from Charlie Bentley regarding Bass player Dick Mason.  Dick played with Johnny Tippett's Jazzmen in 1961 before going to London to join Len Baldwin's Dauphin St Six.  Attached picture taken in Disley Cheshire. Left to right- Pete Ward, Dick Mason, Des Hopkins, Johnny Tippett, Jack Goodier and Roy Rogers - Des Hopkins (click picture for larger version). I've added this photograph to the Johnny Tippett tribute page.

  • 07/12/16 - Martin Bennett posted on Facebook ".......Jim Swinnerton will be on tour and is appearing on The One Show on Wednesday, 7th of December at 7 pm BBC1.! ".  That's tonight folks! My thanks to Barrie Marshall for spotting this one.

  • 06/12/16 - We had 85 people attending our concert in the Palm House yesterday. Slightly down on last month but considering the weather it was an excellent turnout. It was of course nice and cosy inside.  The good news is the Savoy Jazzmen have been booked back for next year so we must be doing something right. We are booked to play on 10 occasions.  Terry Birkinhead & Peter Crowder very kindly bought a selection of parasols for people to use during the Mardi Gras parade numbers and at least 20 people joined. We even had a three very young children joining in. The Savoy Jazzmen will not be playing the usual Tuesday night session at Widnes Rugby Union Football Club on Tuesday 27th December. Back on Tuesday 3rd January.

  • 06/12/16 - Winter Wonderland with Clare Teal, Friday 16th December @ 7:30pm. The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester M1 5HA

  • 06/12/16 - When I moved to London for about a year (1968/1969), I played with Len Baldwin's Dauphin Street Six. The bass player was Dick Mason who I understand originally came from Manchester and played with bands here in "the early days" i.e. before my time. Does anyone remember him and who he played for?-  - Charlie Bentley. Click on photo for larger version

  • 06/12/16 - Thanks to a gentleman from the audience at our November monthly gig on Wednesday 30th at the Railway Hotel, Chapel Road, Sale, The Canal Street Stompers are pleased to announce we will be playing on Wednesday 21st December. Please pass the word. -  Charlie Bentley.

  • 05/12/16 - The Tame Valley Stompers are continuing to celebrate seventeen years of residency - this Wednesday Norman and the boys are being joined by Tom Kincaid so an excellent night is in prospect.

  • 05/12/16 - Two items in good condition just gone on the Sales Page.  The Complete Jazz at the Philharmonic on Verve 1944-49, in unusual  black presentation box, and  The Complete  Clef/Verve Count Basie Fifties Studio Recordings.

  • 04/12/16 -  Another mid week daytime gig just come in - Cafe Jazz Quintet  this Friday, 9th December from 1pm till 3.30 (free admission), at The Mount, Fleetwood.

  • 04/12/16 - "The very popular Savannah Jazz Band will be performing on 24th Feb at Sale Conservative Club", writes John Slater.  An interesting rider states, "If support continues for the Jazz like this we will be booking more Bands throughout 2017".  Let's hope it does.

  • 04/12/16 - Hi Fred, funny you should mention Alan Duckles birthday gig as unusual - I've got mine approaching on 15th Dec, and as it's a Thursday will be playing as usual with the Tuxedo Jazzband at the Old Wallaseyans on the Wirral. All welcome of course, the more the merrier! - Richard Knock

  • 03/12/16 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 6 December, 14:00 – 16:00. This is the only mid week daytime concert this week

  • 03/12/16 - It's not often that a birthday falls on exactly the same day as a gig, it's even less frequent that a band member has a birthday on the same day as a gig, so tomorrow will be a special day for the Sun Street Stompers at the John O'Gaunt in Lancaster as musician and band leader Alan Duckles celebrates his. Only one problem, Alan will be missing and Peter Boswell will be depping for him. Never mind, he'll get another opportunity in 2022

  • 03/12/16 - I failed to provide any links to last week's Page of the Week which was the tribute page to George Webb. So it's here again and it's where you'll find interesting photographs of the UK's father of jazz, as well as a tribute video.

  • 02/12/16 - A Collection of New Orleans / Traditional jazz 78s and LPs have gone on the Sales Page

  • 02/12/16 - The Merseysippi Jazz Band will regrettably have to cancel the following Monday night sessions at the Victoria in Aigburth, South Liverpool over Christmas and early January. These are 19th and 26th December and 2nd January. On 19th December and 2nd January, Liverpool Football Club have home matches and 26th December is of course Boxing Day. As a one-off it has been possible to arrange for us to play on Tuesday, 3rd January to partly compensate for the 3 consecutive Mondays off. The 12th December will last session before Christmas and this will be our Christmas party night when food will be served.

  • 01/12/16 - I've just added another band to the band spotlight page. The band has been playing in the Lancaster area and is called Deco Delight.

  • 01/12/16 - I tuned in to Classic FM just before 6.00pm on Monday 28.11.16 and was amazed to hear trad. Jazz. It was a film soundtrack featuring jazz musician, singer and bandleader Phil Harris. Pity we don’t get more of this from the BBC. - Barrie Quilliam

  • 01/12/16 - I see that tickets are now available for Keswick Jazz Festival - The price for a 4 day stroller is £120 which will give access to all of the venues for the duration of the ticket. Ticket sales are being handled by  the Settle Victoria Hall using their secure on-line services.

  • 01/12/16 - The PENDLE JAZZMEN have continued to play their brand of happy foot-tapping Dixieland Jazz for more than four and a half years at The Inn at the Wharf, Manchester Rd., Burnley. There will be two more Thursday sessions - December 8th and 15th - before the Christmas break. They re-start after the holidays will have a different look as trumpeter (and founder member) Stuart Whiteley will be unavailable for several months.  Signed up to take his place are John Pashley from Yorkshire as well as John Percival.  Our twice-monthly regular trombonist, Colin Ball, will show another dimension to his supreme skill by swapping his trombone for a trumpet when Jack Moore joins us on his fortnightly appearances.  The sessions re-commence on Thursday January 12th at the usual time of 8.30p.m. (until 11.00p.m.) with John Percival leading from the front.  The Inn presents an ideal setting for this type of music with a happy brand of foot-tapping music. Everyone is warmly welcomed! - Colin Mason


  • 30/111/6 - The latest edition of Just Jazz is now out with a picture on the front of North West pianist Tom Culbert "80 years young in December". There's also an interesting letter from Tony Sheldon (Rochdale Jazz Club)  responding to Pete Lay's recent editorial complaining of requests to cut fees when after travelling and fuel costs are taken into account his band effectively earned less than the minimum wage. The failure of fans and clubs to pay a decent remuneration to bands seems to have been a constant theme this last year. I will reproduce Tony's letter in 3 months time, maybe you should buy a copy and read it there first?

  • 29/11/16 - Nigel Laird has asked me if I could let jazz fans know that his father, pianist John Laird, who was a regular at Leeds Jazz Club, and a regular visitor to this site, has passed away at the age of 77. The funeral will take place at Wakefield Crematorium on 5th December at 11am.

  • 28/11/16 - As many of you are aware, this is a North West UK site, and the boundary is there to keep it manageable. From time to time I'm put to the test when asked to feature festivals and events outside this area. If there is a NW connection in some way, I have been known to capitulate. Such is the case with the Festjazz in France which is organised by ex Blue Mags band leader Trevor Stent, and which some NW residents like to know about and attend. One NW man who has often waxed lyrical about it and probably already has his room booked and slippers outside the bedroom of a French Gite, is Norman Gibson. Norman has sent me this Press Release. He says, "This will go out in the next day or so on the official FestJazz website. It is good to see Dorine de Wit is returning as she was a big hit this year. Visitors to your site may have seen Dorine's 'Musicians Perspective' in Just Jazz mag. It is looking like Trevor Stent will well go beyond the success this years exceedingly good festival". Well that's another reason to include this festival, NW musicians, Jamie Brownfield, Jack Cottrell and Tom Kinkaid are accompanying Dorine de Wit.

  • 28/11/16 - Re: My Mic stand - Thank you so much for posting that for me but I now think there is a solution to my problem. So I thank everyone for their dedication to this problem of mine. It is indeed a very famous microphone stand! and the situation has now been resolved but I am so grateful to everyone who has tried to help me and, in particular, the very generous offer by Terry Porter who let me have his own mic stand as he no longer uses it.  I went up to Ormskirk today to collect it and to meet the very kind person behind this generous offer.   In addition, my original one will be made available to me later this month when the High Society Jazz Band visit Fleetwood Hesketh Sports and Social Club on 14th December.  So then I shall have two, which is a very good idea in light of the fact that I am apt to leave things behind. - - Sue Reid-Povall

  • 28/11/16 - Walter Love's splendid Radio Ulster's 'Jazz Club' programme of Sunday 27.11.16 featured 'Jazz at a Tangent' Volume 8 including the Bob Wallis Storyville Jazz Band with Ginger Baker, later of 'Cream' fame on drums. Extracts from a 1956 recorded concert featuring 'Sensational American Jazz Musicians in Manchester' i.e. Jack Teagarden, Earl Hines & Peanuts Hucko among others playing with the Alex Welsh Jazz Band formed a major part of this broadcast. Well worth a listen on BBC IPlayer! - David Evans,  Rhuddlan. I just checked and Ken Colyer and Ian Wheeler are featured in next week's Jazz Club with Walter Love, -  Colyer's Pleasure from the early 60s, and the All Stars from 1986, which have recently been discovered. And Ken Colyer links to Ian Wheeler with a selection from Lake's Remembering series.- Fred

  • 27/11/16 - Two mid week daytime jazz events this week -  "Mike Lovell 6 in a bar" at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 30 November, 12:00 – 14:30 at The North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood, and "Hope Swings Eternal" at the splendid Christmas Market at Yewtree Barn at  WRS Architectural Antiques, Gallery, Harry's Cafe Bar, Yew Tree Barn Low Newton Nr Cartmel, Grange-over-Sands LA11 6JP

  • 27/11/16 - Last Week's Page of the Week was about what makes a good jazz club and prompted Alec Crow to add his contribution having been successful in running Bedale Jazz Club since 2013 and still going strong. This week's page of the week is the tribute page to George Webb where you'll find interesting photographs of the UK's father of jazz, as well as a tribute video

  • 27/11/16 - Many Happy Returns this week to ex-pat Tony West on Tuesday, Paul Marks on Thursday and Derek Harrison & Howard Murray on Friday. Have a great day all of you.

  • 27/11/16 - Barbara & I went to Freda Barker's funeral on Friday and I was pleased to see Tom Culbert there representing the many jazz musicians who played at Blakey's. Recording of  The Saints and the Old Rugged Cross were played by a New Orleans band that neither Tom nor I could name, which added a suitable jazz flavour to the occasion, and it finished with Spirit in the Sky, which her daughter Wendy said, "... always lifted mum whenever she was down".

  • 27/11/16 - "We have added two new articles to", writes James Evans. "Diz Disley…banjoist, guitarist, skiffle player, folk singer, radio presenter, cartoonist, comedy singer, millionaire, pauper, jailbird (only for tax evasion which some practise with pride), and so on. We remember one of the great characters of British jazz. We review two new albums (plus samples) from two old timers…if you consider 60+ old? Piano virtuosi Fred Hersch and Frank Kimbrough get better with age like the finest wine". I also found interesting photographs of Yorkshire Jazz Band on there - Fred

  • 27/11/16 -  16 year old Alex Clarke, who made such a great impression when she came over to Lancashire & Cumbria recently, will be playing at The Bleeding Wolf Pub in Scholar Green, Cheshire (postcode ST7 3BQ) at 9pm on Wednesday 7th December. Free entry.  Alex says, "I'll be playing with a brilliant young jazz guitarist Kieran Matthews along with the other regular rhythm section members, Roger Keay (drums) and Nigel Cartwright (bass)".

  • 27/11/16 -  A Baedeker tour of international musical curiosities from the 78rpm era with Oliver Carter-Wakefield at says Philip Cakebread. "On this week’s show - the music of the "territory" bands who crisscrossed the dusty highways and byways of rural America during the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Separated by vast distances from the main centers of jazz in New York and Chicago the scant recorded legacy of these bands nevertheless shows that they were able to play with verve, precision and swing. With music by Zack Whyte, Bennie Moten, Julia Lee and Hunter’s Serenaders, Ben Brown and Jimmy Lovatt".

  • 26/11/16 - The Chicago Teddybears Jazz night on 16th December 2016 at Sale Conservative Club is now SOLD OUT.  Many thanks for the positive response and sorry if you have not got tickets.  We have booked the Savannah Jazz Band for the next Jazz night at the club on Friday 24th February 2017 and advance tickets will be available from 16th December please buy tickets early to avoid disappointment. - Steve Russell

  • 25/11/16 - Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon was our last session at Timperley Sports Club due to the low attendance. It is a great pity because those who come regularly are great friends of Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz. I have promised them that I will be searching for another venue and will let them know when we start there. Our Monday session at Poynton Legion Club on 21st November just gone was on that terrible day weather wise. We were thrilled that we had one of the best audience numbers. - Mart Rodger

  • 24/11/16 - The Payday Loons  will be leading the Christmas Lights Switch On Parade in Workington on Sat 3 December at 5pm.

  • 22/11/16 - The late Dave Potts' son, Andy, has emailed to say, "My mum has found a pile of ‘Jazz Times’ in perfect condition that my dad had left in a cupboard. They are dated between 1989 and 1995. I wonder if anyone would like these?". please let me know if interested and I'll pass your email on.

  • 22/11/16 - The funeral of Freda Barker, the grand old lady of Blackburn Jazz, will take place this Friday at 3pm at Pleasington Crematorium.

  • 22/11/16 - I've just been looking at AberJazz Jazz and Blues Festival website, as I'm fancying a look down there in Fishguard next year. I see they have been going about half the length of time as Keswick and yet they have got a string of sponsors on board, among them The Lottery, Stena Ferries and The Arts Council of Wales. Surely if they were able to do it Keswick promoters must be able to !! - Norman  Gibson

  • 20/11/16  - Sue Reid-Povall posted on Facebook - "Does anyone have a mic stand I could borrow for a while, or even sell me one at a very reduced price? I left mine in Morecambe today and won't be going back until next year!". Presumably anyone in the Morecambe area heading towards Merseyside or North Wales could be a big help too. You can contact Sue by going to this page where you will find her email address. Sue subsequently emailed to say, "Thanks so much for putting that on the website. It's been very fruitful".

  • 20/11/16 - Just one midweek daytime jazz this week - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 24 November, at Timperley Sports Club, Stockport Road, Timperley. WA15 7LU Next to the Hare & Hounds. It's an easy entrance with no steps, good car park, bar plus tea/coffee. 1-30pm start and £6 admission.

  • 20/11/16 - During the summer we came home from a holiday via Stow-on-the-Wold, and we had a chance to pop into the old Antique Shop in the corner of the square, where Keith Hockin hangs out. I first met Keith when he came North with his band, the Antiques Six (no prizes for guessing where that name came from). Keith is now in retirement, and when he retired around 2005, the late Dick Chapman sent me an article about Keith, which is is this week's page of the week. If you remember Keith from his trips to Preston and Fleetwood, then do pop into his shop, I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you and reminisce.

  • 20/11/16 - Many Happy Returns this week to Savannah Jazz Band leader, John Meehan on Tuesday, and to Bob Hambleton on Wednesday and Dave Berry on Saturday.

  • 18/11/16 - There's a new band on the block with some familiar faces. It's The Dixie Beats and they are now listed on the main menu

  • 18/11/16 - I am writing to you about Anima jazz bar in Warrington where I am a regular customer. Great spacious venue with two floors and a grand piano. It opened a few months ago and it would be good to increase people's awareness that it exists. It is almost opposite the central library. The website is  - Stephen Pilditch.

  • 18/11/16 - The weekly THURSDAY evening gig at The Inn, Manchester Road in Burnley is still going well after four and a half years. Sadly, one of our founder members and bass player, Frank Lowe, has had to "retire" because of increasing poor health. We wish him well for the future. Dave Joyce has agreed to join us and has been warmly welcomed by band members and audience. Dave has been - for many years - a regular player with the successful big band - 'Sounds 18'. - Colin Mason

  • 17/11/16 - I had a call from Bahrain today from Freda Barker's  daughter, Wendy, to say her mother had died yesterday as a result of pneumonia. Freda, aged 90, was a well known figure in the Blackburn area having served on the Council for ,many years as an Independent, but she was equally well known in the jazz circles as the organiser of jazz at Blakeys Jazz Bar in Blackburn with her husband Harold. She was also well known at many jazz festivals that she attended over the years. Her funeral will take place on Friday 25th November at 3pm at Pleasington Crematorium, Blackburn. There is a tribute page for Freda which you can access here. Although small in stature, Freda was a force to be reckoned with.

  • 17/11/16 - "Please could you let Malcolm and Isabel know that I'll be happy to come to one or more of their guest sessions if needed. Haven't booked a ticket but may just get a one or two day stroller. I last did a Keswick guest session when Dennis Armstrong used to run them, so it's been quite a while! Thanks"  - Phil Yates. So that's it then, the guest page has started. Any more musicians out there willing to help out and play for the spirit of the music and not the gain? All to help keep Keswick buzzing during the festival.

  • 16/11/16 - Hi Fred, Seen at a past jazz event on the menu - "Soup of The Day - Leak & Potato with bread roll -  £3.00". Hope the plumber got there.  Best Wishes - Dennis Whitehead

  • 16/11/16 - Tony Jacobs responds to the South Downs closure - We had over 100 booked in for October!! It's the end of an era for many of us as I've been presenting music events there for more than 15 years. I'll be looking at other possibilities regarding alternative venues and will let you know as soon as I have any news. As this was such a bolt from the blue which none of us was expecting, I wasn't able to say goodbye to visitors and to the staff at South Downs. Therefore, I have asked Antony Hawkes, the manager whether there is the possibility of a last-minute Farewell Bash before the end of the year! I need to know from you ASAP if you would like to attend a 2 day event there on Tuesday and Wednesday December 20th and 21st. I can't make any promises, but if the numbers are sufficient to make it viable, I would hope to present the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra, the Swing Time Jivers, the Jim Barry Quintet, Louise and Catherine, and Jim & myself in our cabaret spot for one last time. So do email me with your thoughts.

  • 16/11/16 - Willy Entwistle our regular reeds player is playing with the Temperance Seven this weekend, so we have a guest on reeds, - Dave Lee.  Chris Howse will be playing tenor guitar, banjo and vocals, Colin Turner will be playing bass saxophone and I'll be playing trombone. That's the line-up for FOUR IN A BAR Classic Jazz Band playing at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood, this coming Sunday afternoon from 2pm onwards. Free admission, and a great carvery is available.  - Mike Lovell

  • 16/11/16 - What must be a blow to Tony Jacobs is the news on Jazz Guide web site that South Downs Holiday Village has been sold and will be closing its doors on 2nd January 2017 for the last time. Tony has presented many Dixieland and big band swing events there, so hopefully he'll find another venue soon.

  • 14/11/16 - I've had a look at the Keswick Jazz Festival 2017 Website and I'm delighted that a photo of the Lake Records All-Star Jazz Band (in performance at the Theatre by the Lake) 'pops up' in the slide show on the 'home' page.   Hopefully this will lead to many inquiries, but I have to be honest and say that I no longer have the white trousers, although the jacket has survived! From what must be an extensive archive of photos it seems odd to choose one of a Band that's not actually booked to appear, so I trust this doesn't cause too much disappointment!    I have many happy memories from playing every year for the first 21 years , particularly as I was actually resident in the Town for the first 3 years! Probably because the economy of Keswick mostly depends upon followers of outdoor pursuits 'splashing the cash' after an exhausting day on the Lake or Fells or in outdoor clothing outlets , the fact that some people prefer sitting indoors all day listening to Jazz has never quite been looked on sympathetically by many of the Town's catering establishments.  My favourite memory (in pursuit of food ! ) was the mis-spelt notice stating: "SANDWINCHES ARE AVAILABLE AT THE BAR". A gritty prospect!   It's difficult to imagine the festival without the involvement and patronage of the excellent Theatre by the Lake but remember that in the early years the Theatre was still only the 'Blue Box' - a 'mobile' box on wheels!    Nevertheless I wish the 2017 Festival every success- because bands and musicians out there deserve an audience ! And you can always take your own sandwiches and a vacuum flask and enjoy the views !   This year we have witnessed unexpected results from two major political events , so perhaps it's time to ignore opinion-polls, avoid negative presumption, and just try to support a future event in the shrinking world of Jazz music !   Finally, I have to say I am grateful for the publicity . I still have the Double Bass too! - Roy Cansdale.

  • 14/11/16 - Hi Fred, Graham Hughes and others are doing their best to ensure there is a 2017 Keswick Jazz Festival, other than the Theatre By The Lake offerings, but it needs a lot of effort and co-operation. Isabel and I have booked our accommodation for the week 8th to 15th May in anticipation, and we are hoping to run Guest Sessions, as usual. We have the 'house band', but we want to know that there's going to be other musicians to come and join us. These may be players in bands to be booked, but we don't know of any bookings yet, so we're looking for the other players, the enthusiasts, stalwarts, nutters, entertainers, people that will come to Keswick despite everything else. Would it be possible to have a famous Fred Burnett page where people in the North West (and readers beyond) can offer their intentions, to build up a surge of interest? Malcolm Hogarth - Well how about it, if they are willing, so am I, one more name will guarantee the page gets started. - FB

  • 14/11/16 - Re: Norman Gibson's item on the news about Keswick Jazz festival, he mentions the Lancaster Music Festival, its thick programme for a pound, over 200 events just about all free. Ben Ruth, the organiser has a small dedicated team, including at least two pub landlords who all work for free, he gets no funding from The Arts Council and no funding from Lancaster Council, I don't know how he does it. It’s one of the most popular music festivals in the country and all the pubs are overflowing, he uses Lancaster Castle as a main venue and that belongs to The Duchy so he has permission from them. He has got the local brewery to do a festival ale and the brewery is also a venue. He invites some bands to play and others can apply, and he has to turn down some who want to play here. He has bands from all over the world but the bulk of them are local bands, we have a lot of musicians in Lancaster. Take a look at - Barrie Marshall

  • 14/11/16 - It's a landmark evening at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyne this Wednesday 16th November, as it is seventeen years to the day since the band - The Tame Valley Stompers - first started playing there. To mark the occasion, Norman (Pennington) has promised a full band, refreshments, drinks at club prices, the lot; all we need now is a full house. Any one who brings their horn, will get a "sit-in" in the second half. Come and make it a memorable occasion. - Noel Broadgate

  • 14/11/16 - I am pleased to tell you that Hope Swings Eternal will be playing (Weather Permitting – we were literally flooded away last year !!) at the splendid Christmas Market at Yewtree Barn at Low Newton just off the A590. We are there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Afternoons on December 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Plenty to see and lots of nice food as well...Free admission. Roger Middleton.

  • 14/11/16 - BBC Jazz - From what so many of us regard as Jazz, what a load of inappropriate -who's that bloke on strictly? Still, they play Fats Waller quite often on Homes Under the Hammer... I feel Miles better for writing Regards again Philip Cakebread

  • 14/11/16 - Looks a good line-up for the Keswick Jazz Festival – but where are the large enough venues,  without the marquee and the theatre, apart from the cinema and the Methodist church. We stopped going for a few years because of the small venues. - Barbara & Jeff Swire

  • 13/11/16 - BBC Jazz - how disappointing!!!!   Very limited as far as New Orleans, Dixieland, Classic, Swing jazz is concerned. Beginner's Guide To Jazz??? That was a joke, two tracks and it was pushed aside. So 48 other Jazz Albums by varying disguises called jazz are better than Louis, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Bunk or George or Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Gene Krupa, Count Basie, 'Red' Allen and so on. Nope, another missed opportunity of tuning in people to the glories of recorded jazz history. - Pete Lay (Gambit Jazzmen)

  • 13/11/16 - What makes a good jazz club?  Well that's a subject that has been debated many times on this site, and with falling numbers in some places, it's quite relevant that the discussion should be resurrected for this week's Page of The Week. Feel free to send me your comments.

  • 13/11/16 - There's a couple of daytime mid week jazz gigs this week, although you need to check with Annie first on 01625 610059 if you are hoping to see Annie's Saints And Sinners at their practice sessions at The Dog & Partridge, in Bollington, Macclesfield, from 2pm to 4pm tomorrow. No such problem with The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 18 November, 12:30 – 14:30 though.

  • 13/11/16 - Congratulations tomorrow to trombonist Ken Parkinson on arriving at his 87h birthday. He's the only NW musician celebrating his birthday this week, unless you know different.

  • 13/11/16 - This last minute Emergency bulletin from Digby Fairweather -  "If you have a DAB radio do check out the 'pop-up' station called BBC Music Jazz. I've also put the link below. It's only broadcasting for four days (10-14th November) - so be quick and do it NOW - but it's been ballyhooed all this week on BBC Radio 2 - who are actually putting jazz in their daytime playlists just now - for the first time in over 30 years! The station is a collaboration between the BBC and Jazz FM - good for them! My Outreach Officer at The Jazz Centre UK, Matthew Fisher thinks that this may - just possibly - be a market-test for a permanent jazz station on the BBC which would be a HUGE milestone in our history if it's true. So why are you reading this?? Go and tune in - the BBC will be watching listener-figures like a hawk and if there is poor response they'll have the perfect alibi for sidelining our great music once again!" - Digby. There's a section called - "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Jazz" by Alyn Shipton, so that's where I'm heading, then it's maybe BBC Music 50 Greatest Jazz Artists with Geoffrey Smith and Jazz FM's Helen Mayhew - FB

  • 11/11/16 - Just seen on the Jazz Guide Web Site that Chris Walker's Pedigree Jazz Band has got tour dates fixed up for 2017 starting with the jazz weekend at The Talbot in Southport on 4th March. then Rochdale Jazz Club on 5th March. Then it's July before they return to the North West at Carlisle jazz Club on the 27th, Ayr Jazz Club on the 28th and coming down East of the Pennines for Boston Spa on the 29th followed by two more Yorkshire venues.


  • 10/11/16 - "Re: Norman Gibson's item about The Keswick Festival.  In no way do I find it difficult to believe that the tight fisted local traders of Keswick can't be persuaded to 'put a bit of cash into the Festival.' They clearly hold the opinion that it's of no good whatsoever for the the town. It just generates crowds and extra work", says Howard Murray. Howard had a bad experience trying to get something to eat when he last played at the festival. Read more of what he has to say

  • 08/11/16 - I have just read online in Champion Free newspaper, that THE Concourse Shopping Centre in Skelmersdale is kicking off the Christmas season with a Festive Friday launch event. The Christmas Grotto and lights switch-on will take place on Friday, November 18 when Father Christmas arrives on his sleigh at 4pm, pulled by real reindeer, ready for the big event. it goes on to say "The Red Hot Santa Band will be playing its unique take on seasonal tunes, including a reggae version of Winter Wonderland and a traditional jazz rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".  Never heard of that band before, must be from Lapland.

  • 07/11/16 - Having just looked at the Keswick Jazz Festival website, I am sorry to see whoever has taken on organising next year's event are not showing any sponsors' logos. That would indicate to me that they are hoping to cover their costs from the ticket sales. A group organised a repeat music festival in Lancaster over five days the last weekend of October. Every event was free and held in a pub or cafe - the programme, priced at a pound, was full of adverts and sponsors' details. It is hard to believe businesses, in Keswick, can't be persuaded to put a bit of cash into the festival which is good for the town. What happened to Jennings ? I feel sure they could have put in a lesser amount than previously, and help prompt others to do likewise ! - Norman Gibson

  • 07/11/16 - Elaine Arnold writes, "John (Johnny) TIppett was my favourite Uncle and my Godfather.  I have many many happy memories of days out, holidays and other happy times.   I was wondering if anybody had any photographs or information about his time in the band.

    06/11/16 -
    Went along to Beaky on Wednesday night where Noel Broadgate was the guest. I understand that Noel played with the band when they first started their residency at the club and he brought his usual skill, enthusiasm and humour to his performance. I had the singular honour to sit in for the second half and it was hugely enjoyable to play with such brilliant musicians as Noel and the Tame Valley Stompers. It is always a great night at Beaky, with a brilliant resident band and brilliant guests. The next one, on Weds. 16th, promises to be quite special as they celebrate the 17th anniversary of their first Beaky jazz night - Go along and support this outstanding band and bunch of really good blokes. It's fun, entertaining and of the highest musical standards. - John Percival.

  • 06/11/16 - I see that Keswick Jazz Festival website has just been updated. Tickets should have been on sale from 11:00 am tomorrow, but there has been an unforeseen technical problem that may take a day or two to resolve. Initial ticket prices will be £90 for a 3 day stroller and £120 for a 4 day stroller which will give access to all of the venues for the duration of the ticket. The Programme is still being finalised, but you can see a list of the musicians who have been booked.

  • 06/11/16 - It's coming up to 6 years next month when Sue Parish nominated me for Radio 4's IPM Alternative New Year's Honours Award. A somewhat sideways swipe at the real thing. If you missed the broadcast when yours truly got  interviewed by Becky Milligan for Radio 4,  now's your chance to hear it.  It's normally hidden away quietly on the site, so I've dug it out for this week's Page of The Week.  Needless to say I didn't get the award, that went to a lady called Penny Brace who gave cosmetic advice to transsexuals. It's worth waiting to the end just to hear a recording of Louis Armstrong giving an interview about his childhood days.

  • 06/11/16 - Judy Eames writes from the Cotswolds, "I know you have a lot of southern fans (like me :-)) We have Harry Allen appearing in Aston near Witney on Saturday November 26th, would be great if you could give it a mention in your next bulletin".

  • 06/11/16 - Hi Fred, Thanks so much for the Birthday greeting. As George Burns used to say " If I'd known I was going to live so long I would have taken care of myself"! Say hello to those I know.  - Harold [Harry] Roberts

  • 06/11/16 - Many Happy Returns  this week to Harry Roberts (today), and to Graham Martindale and Terry Brunt on Thursday.

  • 06/11/16 - I received some positive comments about the one month booklet form of What's On, but it wasn't very suitable for small screen devices, so I decided to abandon that idea, and instead it is now available in Adobe Reader PDF format. This will mean less work for me, so that has to be a bonus. Click Here to see the new format. One disadvantage, is that there is no link to a map. I always try to ensure that the map points to the correct location for those people who haven't been before. It's still available on the web page version though.

  • 06/11/16 - The dark nights are back, maybe time to find some daylight gigs during mid week. Well sorry to disappoint you , but I don't know of any, do you?

  • 03/11/16 - The new issue of JazzNorthWest Weekly is now out at and contains items about all things jazz related "Art & Entertainment" page..

  • 02/11/16 - I know that many of you appreciate the time and effort that goes into maintaining this web site, but nothing says it more than the surprise I received today. My thanks to Tony Sheldon and Rochdale jazz Club who sent a cheque for £25 to help towards the site running costs, particularly as I know that Tony has eyesight problems and can't even see what it's all about.

  • 02/11/16 - The reopening session at Leeds Jazz Club after the enforced closure by the departure of Sarah Sharpe was a great success. Malcolm Ford had every right to be pleased with the large crowd that showed up and the way the show went.   Tame Valley Stompers played a good programme and a good time was had by all, lets hope its keeps up. - John Wall.

  • 02/11/16 - Hello Fred, I was interested to read about Alex Clarke in your Jazz Pages.  I first met Alex about 18 months ago, when playing a Sunday afternoon gig with Bryan Pendleton at The Crag Inn in Wildboar Clough. I was very impressed then with her potential, her ability to solo accurately over the chords and moreover her reading skills. Since that time, I have been able to introduce her to two big bands I play in, The Double B Jazz Orchestra in Stockport and The Harry Goulden Big Band in Warrington. In both bands, she is respected for her versatility. She is equally at home playing 2nd alto and jazz or 1st tenor/flute and jazz and also lead alto/clarinet with jazz solos. For instance, a case in point was last night when The Harry Goulden Big Band received a call at 5 o'clock from the lead alto cancelling because she was not well enough to play. Dave Mather our 1st tenor player and fixer phoned Alex and at 8pm, in walked the whole Clarke family, grandparents and all. What a great evening we had. Alex saved the day yet again! I don't think this is the last we will hear of her!   Your readers will probably. know three of the regular trombonists in The Harry Goulden Big Band, viz Gordon Robinson, Laurie Cooper and me on bass trombone with Bryan Pendleton depping on keyboard. - Paul Medina.   PS Just to blow my own trumpet, so to speak, those of your readers who enjoy trio music, might be interested to know that The Paul Medina Piano Trio is giving a concert on Wednesday 25th January 2017 at Walton Hall Warrington. The personnel comprises Bryan Pendleton, on his first love, a grand piano, Guy Walsh on drums and myself on double bass. - Paul Medina

  • 01/11/16 - The latest New Black Eagle Hand Dodger has the following quiz question - Mystery Musician #30: Clues - Born 1900, Mandeville, LA; childhood in Chicago; as a young man he worked with Charlie Creath on the riverboats, later with Roy Palmer, Lovie Austin, Milton Vasaar, Ma Rainey, and Ida Cox; also with Sam Wooding, Louis Douglas, Billy Fowler, Flethcher Henderson, Noble Sissle, Sidney Bechet and Mezz Mezzrow; considered by some as one of the greatest trumpet players in the Armstrong-Oliver tradition; died in New York City, age 39. If you know the answer, send it to

  • 01/11/16 - The Telegraph Obituary page today features "Mike Daniels revivalist jazz bandleader and trumpeter" at An interesting paragraph states, "Declining health forced him to retire for good in 2013. The band's last gig was at the golden wedding party of Timothy West and Prunella Scales." 

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