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News & Views - September 2015

  • 10/10/15 -  Hello Fred. Just for this month – The 'Hope Swings Eternal' band has been asked to play at the Hope and Anchor, Daltongate ,Ulverston on Thursday 15th October instead of Thursday 29th October. As usual we start at 9 pm. Thanks. Roger Middleton.

  • 09/10/15 - Little did Howard Murray know what he was starting when he sent me an innocent video to jog the memory of a bygone era. It evoked several responses and the wit of some NW musicians knows no boundaries, from Dick Barton to clog dancers, it's kept me smiling all week. It's now moved to the discussion pages where all the entries have been collated. Keep it up, this could be the longest discussion page yet!

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  • 08/10/15 - Dear Fred,  Just to let you know we are no longer at the Hilbre Court Club each Monday. Unfortunately Monday night football got in the way and as the pub is open plan the management reluctantly had to end the weekly residency.   All is not lost however as they are hoping to arrange a regular daytime session so watch this space.   - Peter Swensson. Savoy Jazzmen,

  • 08/10/15 - A Yamaha Stagepas 300 PA System has just been put up for sale on the Sales Page

  • 08/10 15 - Dear Fred, talk of bells around knees reminds me that Sweet Emma used to wear them. Was she a secret Morris Dancer I wonder? - Malcolm Holland

  • 08/10/15 - I'm grateful for a heartfelt obituary that Allan Wilcox has written for Roy Potts. It's been added to Roy's tribute page Allan tells me, "The funeral will be held in Chester Crematorium, Blacon Ave, Chester CH1 5BB on Monday 19th October at 12.00 noon, after which we will repair to The Cheshire Yeoman, Welsh Rd, Ellesmere Port CH66 4QR for what will no doubt be a musical send-off".

  • 08/10/15 - Derek Harrison (not the one on piano) rang me today to say he was surprised with all this talk about the 40's and 50's that nobody mentioned 12th Street Rag, which was the record that got him into jazz.

  • 08/10/15 - Re: "I've got a secret",, I'd be very interested to hear any details about Tony Sbarbaro's (Spargo) visit/tour to the UK other than when he was here with the ODJB in 1919. He was a superb New Orleans-style drummer who didn't get the recognition deserved. A great clip of film. - Pete Lay (Just Jazz Editor)

  • 07/10/15 - I like the piece about clogs and jazz, I play jazz and was a clog dancer for many years, I still have my clogs. - Barrie Marshall (Sun Street Stompers). Photo is of Jon Moore (gtr) and Barrie Marshall (clt), who made their recent debut playing as a duet at The Robert Gillow in Lancaster on Tuesdays, the first of what is hoped to be a series of performances.  Click on the image for a larger version.

  • 06/10/15 - I would like to inform Mr. Broadgate that my last book " Louis Armstrong. Was He Born in Grimsby " had three print runs exceeding 33 copies.  Research for my latest book has unearthed an interesting print in " Fosdyke's Clog Dancing Miscellany " ( Arkwright House. 1894 ) entitled " Primitive Dancers in Congo Square " which appears to show two of the dancers wearing clogs and what look like bells around their knees. This would appear to fit in with a short piece by an unknown writer that I recently came across which mentioned that Buddy Bolden doubled on accordion and frequently accompanied " jingling dancers " How this could have developed into Ellington's " Ring Dem Bells " I might discuss at some later date. - Moe Green.

  • 06/10/15 - I would like to inform Mr. Broadgate that my last book " Louis Armstrong. Was He Born in Grimsby " had three print runs exceeding 33 copies.  Research for my latest book has unearthed an interesting print in " Fosdyke's Clog Dancing Miscellany " ( Arkwright House. 1894 ) entitled " Primitive Dancers in Congo Square " which appears to show two of the dancers wearing clogs and what look like bells around their knees. This would appear to fit in with a short piece by an unknown writer that I recently came across which mentioned that Buddy Bolden doubled on accordion and frequently accompanied " jingling dancers " How this could have developed into Ellington's " Ring Dem Bells " I might discuss at some later date. - Moe Green.

  • 06/10/15 - Keith Allcock writes - "Sorry to hear the news about Roy Potts. I played with him a few times lately and had to admire the terrific courage he showed to go on playing the music he loved in such difficult circumstances. He was an important figure on the NW jazz scene over many years. My sympathy goes to his family".  You can read more tributes on the Roy Potts tribute page.

  • 06/10/15 - The discussion on Jazz in France and the French attitude to hospitality made Jon Critchley put pen to paper and challenge Roger Marshall to compare Trevor Stent's FestJazz at Chatenauf du in Brittany with the Panama Jazz Band's experience at Dove Jazz Festival. Today Barry Pryme responds on behalf of Dove Jazz Club.

  • 05/10/15 - Although we wake up to the abrupt end to our mini "Indian summer", its still quite pleasing to wake up anyway, and I would seek to reassure our revered style guru M. Green, that any inclemency need not delay the publication of his opus, as a replacement for papyrus has recently been announced. I'm pretty sure that references to "Snowy and Jock" have non "PC" connotations ,and tend to be avoided. Does make you wonder how "Dick" gets through though; but then he always did didn't he! Meanwhile here's a pic of the ultimate "Widows peak". cheers -  Jon White.

  • 05/10/15 - Moe's latest book sounds of such universal appeal that I am wondering if there will be a reserve list, or perhaps a ballot. My research implies that his last book was so internationally acclaimed, that the original print run sold out eventually and that the publishers had to print a second run of ten. - Noel Broadgate

  • 05/10/15 - Hi Fred,  Many thanks for the clip of Tony Spargo with the ODJB at - fascinating! I am sure he came over to England and played, with a pick-up group of fellow Americans, at The Municipal Hall in Colne. The entertainment manager, Arthur Fenton, was very keen on Jazz and shrewdly made contact with the various managers as the Bands were on their tours up and down the country. He persuaded them to call in at Colne or Barrowford or Nelson with an extra concert at lunch-times.    I re-call Tony Spargo/Sbarbo playing wit a pick-up group at Colne and demonstrating how he played in those early days when bass drums and other parts of the drum kit were not compatible with the primitive recording equipment. Sometimes he had to use a drum case as a bass drum: he even demonstrated a technique by which he put in the bass drum part on sticks - incorporating it with the snare.  Is there anybody out there that remembers this tour? - Colin Mason (Pendle Jazzmen)

  • 05/10/15 -  Mart and I are very sorry that we are unable to attend Johnny Tippett’s funeral tomorrow as the band is playing in Skipton at lunchtime for the Jazz Weekend organized by Barbara and John Hallam. Even though I have met Johnny and his wife occasionally in Hazel Grove I have no idea of their address so I can write and apologize for not being there, so if anyone has the address, please could they send us an e-mail at: Mart, of course, knew him from the very early jazzband days, but I was still at school when I knew him from the happy swimming days at the old Bramhall Park Swimming Baths, now a housing estate. - Janet Rodger

  • 05/10/15 - As Jon White correctly affirms it is indeed called a Widow's Peak a style I tried to popularize in the late 20's. Apropos the current interest in a certain Special Agent why haven't Snowy and Jock received a mention ? They did help Mr. Barton in a minor way.  As for my " resting " situation I have been researching for my latest book " The Influence of Morris Dancing on the Charleston & Lindy Hop with Special Reference to Congo Square " which I hope to have published in the next year or two, weather permitting.  -  Moe Green.

  • 05/10/15 - Hi Fred, Thanks to Noel Broadgate, for the hirsute composer picture. I believe the style was referred to as a "widows peak" in its day. Who better to ask than our revered and ancient style guru, Monswer Moe Green, of these parts, who appears to be in a 'resting' situation. -  Jon White

  • 05/10/15 - Noel Broadgate tells me, "I am back home following a Pacemaker operation, and would like to thank those who sent their good wishes. The bad news for all you jazz followers is that I may start playing again, though my Physio says a kazoo would be easier to carry around rather than a stage piano and all accoutrements".

  • 05/10/15 - John Blackman called to tell me that Formby Sports & Social Club, previously known as the British Legion, closed permanently from midnight last night, Sunday 4th October. As a result, the WirrOrleans Jazz Band will no longer have a residency there. John asked me to thank the many friends and supporters the band has built up over the four years they have played there and asks people to spread the word, especially to those who are not on the internet. He says, "Watch this space, and to those in the Formby area, watch the village notice board. Any enquiries, call John on 01695 574153.

  • 03/10/15 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out, and you can check the contents from the front page here

  • 03/10/15 - No midweek daytime jazz events coming up this week I'm sorry to say.  You can however raise a glass to Doug Whaley & Jack Cotterill who share birthdays on Birthdays on Friday.

  • 03/10/15 - As usual, Fred, I am at least a month behind the threads of news that make your pages so enjoyable. I too remember Dick Barton, Special Agent. He was played by an actor called Noel Johnson. My Mum's maiden name was Johnson, and she used to say that she had had a distant cousin called Noel, who, she believed, had gone to Drama School. It could have been him! So, once again, I could be "nearly famous". As regards the Devil's Gallop, I cannot claim to be a relation of its composer Charles Williams , though I do envy his hairstyle.  - Noel Broadgate

  • 03/10/15 - Now please read this carefully from Sue Parish's latest publicity blog. There is a full stop after the word 'Free', which I didn't notice on first reading and I got quite excited - Sunday 4th October: Jazz Breakfast at the Robert Gillow, Lancaster. Music from myself and guitarist Jon Moore between 10 am and noon.  Free. Breakfasts (and champagne, if you're feeling devil-may-care....) available from 9:30 onwards. Sue also tells us that Tuesday 6th Oct but I won't be there - if you're in Lancaster do go along to the ROBERT GILLOW, where guitarist JON MOORE and clarinettist BARRIE MARSHALL will be duetting for the evening from 9pm)

  • 03/10/15 - I'm reluctant to plug regular events which already appear in What's On, but I'm always happy to plug one-off charity events like this one from Bruce Carnaffin.  The High Society Jazz Band are playing at the Parish Hall, Kendal Parish Church on Friday 9 October, 7 - 10pm. All are welcome to come to listen and/or dance, admission £5 on the door includes bread and cheese. Wine and soft drinks available, and all proceeds go to the Parish Church.

  • 03/10/15 - Hello Fred,  I'm an infrequent visitor to your Jazz North West site because of having misspent some of my youth in the sixties playing banjo with the Louisville Jazzband at the Black Lion, Salford, then banjo and guitar with John Hallam and the late Mickey Cook in the Blue Lotus Jazz Band. Since having moved to Leicester in 1975 I have misspent the rest of my life with various Midlands bands, currently with Nottingham's Bob Wilson Jazz and Swing band, and with J for Jazz. J for Jazz is Leicestershire's oldest established band. Led by the "Rev." John Timms on vocals and cornet, the band also features Avo Avison on trombone, a stalwart of the old Bob Wallis Band, who is still playing as strongly as ever. Formed over 40 years ago and playing most Wednesday nights since then, J for Jazz has recently taken up a Wednesday night residency at the Foxton Locks Inn, near Market Harborough. The pub is on the site of the world famous flight of 10 locks on the Grand Union Canal, which also features an inclined plane. So if any North-West jazzers are enjoying a boating holiday in the area, there is a warm (free) welcome, great food, and six real ales, from 7.30 every Wednesday. - John Irwin.

  • 03/10/15 - Martin Potts rang me a few moments ago to say his dad, Roy, passed away last night. He has been ill for some time although still playing up until a few weeks ago. He did of course lead his own band The Roy Potts Five & A Penny for many years and was always busy in an around Chester and the North West.  For the last ten years he has also been playing with the Savoy Jazzmen.  He was a real character, always giving a strong lead and very whimsical on the microphone. He will be sorely missed.  Condolences to Anne, family and friends. - Peter Swensson (The Savoy Jazzmen.)

  • 03/10/15 - Johnny Tippett's funeral will take place next Tuesday, October 6th, 1.45 pm at Stockport Borough Cemetery. - Des Hopkins

  • 03/10/15 - Re: Don Ellis, This humble banjo player listens to Craig Charles and collects Don Ellis records. I also like really rough New Orleans music like the non union bands. Keep an open mind. - Lawrence Marshall.

  • 02/10/15 - The Gig List for The Shrimper in Southport has been updated

  • 01/10/15 -  What a wonderful memento of the ODJB. (I've got a secret). This band is as good as the original. Great to see Phil Napoleon in action too. - Neville Dickie

  • 01/10/15 - Hi Fred, Re: 'I've got a secret' 28/09/15, What an absolute gem - I feel quite young! Well done to that Ealing surfer! Interestingly, Satch puts the ODJB origins further back to 1909 when he listened to Nick LaRocca in the waifs home way back when, When you think that some of those guys were drafted to WW1, and survived the big depression, just "two in" sparked off a faultless encore. What Pros !, What a sign off! (excuse me, I'm just stubbing out my fag). Ooer the sponsors watching.-  Jon White

  • 30/09/15 - I agree with Paul Munnery’s every word. Nice to see he also has a good catholic taste in music rather than stuck in the past. Moving on at last, I read yesterday on my touch-screen, laser display up-to-the-minute laptop that “The BBC is to launch a “pop-up” jazz digital radio station in partnership with Jazz FM, marking the broadcaster’s first major collaboration with a commercial rival” Presenters will be Jamie Cullum, Clare Teal, Craig Charles and Jez Nelson…. Watch this space, or better still maybe, not. Probably going to be full of latin jazz / crossover / trendy funk / northern soul / pretentious crappy stuff with a bit of Don Ellis thrown in. Cheers, over and out,  - Jon Critchley

  • 30/08/15 - Hi Fred,  could you please let your vast array of supporters know that the the band at Bollington this Saturday is: Kevin Grenfell/Richard Leach Slide by Slide, not Chris Pearce as advertised in Jazz Guide, also that we have a few tickets left. Anybody wishing to come please phone 01625-574410. Thank you. - Bernard Selby

  • 28/09/15 -  YouTube never ceases to bring some rare treasures to light from tv and films, and none more so than one I received today. I'm sure many of you remember 'What's My Line'  with Gilbert Harding, or Eamonn Andrews, but how many of you saw the American version - 'I've got a secret'.  Well this is one secret that you've just got to watch, it will raise the hairs on the back of your back. Check out and my guess this is one 'chat room of a Home for the Bewildered' that Jon Critchley would have been honoured to enter.! My thanks to Mark of Ealing who found it, and to John Westwood for passing this one along.

  • 28/09/15 - Interesting that the "nostalgia"? stuff is still haunting your pages - my apologies for my part in all this.  But Jon Critchley - an officer, gentleman, and fine judge of the arts though he is - seems to have forgotten that the "future" is nothing more than an extension of the past; and the all important present is merely a blip between the two. Which means that I and others can wallow in nostalgia and still enjoy (or in some cases try to enjoy) some of the contemporary cultural developments in our music. Which is why I can still enjoy playing New Orleans jazz one night, listening to Coltrane the next morning, and playing "How High the Moon" the following night.  Memories of "Mrs Dale's Diary", I insist, are far better than those of some of the crap that Jezz Nelson plays on Radio Three from time to time - "Emperor's new clothes" spring to mind. Which means that we can enjoy a rose-tinted view of the past and enjoy the new sounds that are now being aired, as long as they don't stray too far from the blues and roots stuff of which our music was born. I still think that "Dick Barton" was better than Evan Parker,  So there!    Whatever, I look forward to our next gig, Jon - it was good to blow with you on Mart's gig somewhere "oop north" a few months ago. - Paul Munnery

  • 27/09/15 - It's that time of year again when Allan Townsend organises his ever popular Jazz on A Winter's Day, an event for the whole family, with children under 16 free. This year, as always, it takes place at the Fylde Rugby Football Club in Lytham St Annes, on Sunday 13th December, and tickets at £18 also include an excellent buffet lunch.  There is more than just jazz on offer, so don't leave it too late, Find out more by clicking here as they sell out fast.

  • 26/09/15 - Hi Fred, Thanks to Jon Critch for that shiversome trigger-"A train", ebbing and flowing from Washington ! You never got video then, so I was startled by hero Willis Conovers resemblance to our Eric. - Jon White

  • 26/09/15 - Thank you, Trevor, for a very interesting and enlightening article. As you say, it’s a very good system, with only some drawbacks, and it makes me wish that I were still young enough to emigrate to France; it seems wonderful! You won’t remember me, but I came over to one of your early Festivals 7 years ago (2008); I was hoping for a sit in, but was unlucky.   Best wishes with your projects, and congratulations for the progress already made. - Frank Slater

  • 25/09/15 - I recently caused some hilarity for a very good musician resident in Spain when I described a local vocalist as 'A disciple of the Don Ellis school of vocal delivery'.  Now I know most of our New Orleans aficionados will never have heard of Don Ellis but I'll bet that most of them have suffered from similar disciples!   Just 'Google' Don Ellis on Wikipedia and the first paragraph says it all.   Reminiscences welcomed. - Ian Royle

  • 25/09/15 - Hello Fred,  I was startled to see my name on your News Page but here is a response….rather long I know but it is a complex subject. I am sure the part on feeding musicians will bring some comment (or has it already been covered some years ago?)  Keep up the good work! - Trevor Stent.    Click here to read this most interesting information about bands, fees and food in France. I feel a good discussion coming up on the Discussion Pages.

  • 25/09/15 - Jon Critchley comes clean and admits "I remember Rag Tag & Bobtail, Prudence Kitten, Hank, Bengo, Voice Of America Jazz Hour with Willis Conover, etc.  Actually have a listen to this, as I did with my Transistor radio under the bed covers at about midnight, in the 60’s   ( I was just out of short pants then!)".

  • 25/09/15 - Hi Fred,  Now I know Trevor Stent is very busy just now negotiating for his 2016 FestJazz line-up, I was in contact with him just the other day ! But I suspect he will be on the sidelines having a look at the current discussion. Frank Slater's reference to band payment/union rates should prompt Trevor to surprise everyone as to musician payments in France. I am not able to recall details in full but it is helluva different to UK. It could be why there are so many really good musicians there, as they know when they complete their music studies they should earn sensible money. It may be a hard system for promoters but Trevor is coping with it very well with his amazing jazz festival. - Norman Gibson

  • 25/09/15 - Trust Critch to stir things up. But then he is only ten years old and probably doesn't have the fond radio based memories of the rest of us old buggers. - Mike McCombe

  • 25/09/15 - Time to cheer things up a bit.  Harold Troughton referred me to this interesting item. Yogi Berra on Jazz - An interview with the Master of Malapropisms at giving a whole new meaning to the genre.

  • 25/09/15 - “Hippocampus Jass Gang will be touring the UK in June next year, they were brilliant at FestJazz Brittany July past.” They will not yet have a pension to supplement their jazz, so, let’s hope that they are not “hamstrung by Union rates” - Frank Slater

  • 25/09/15 - Des Hopkins tells me that, "Sadly my old bandleader and lifelong friend from Stockport, Johnny Tippett passed away yesterday, RIP". Joe Silmon also told me and said, "Johnny ran a great band, that I first met when I sat in on the "evil tenor sax" in those days, at the Sportsman Restaurant, Market Street, Manchester. That was 1959, before the MSG -- which ran those sessions -- moved to Long Millgate. The line-up at that time, was Johnny (bjo); Keith Pendlebury (pno); Des Hopkins (dms); Pete Hartigan (clt); Alan Pendlebury [alternating with Pete Ward -- (tbn); Pete Rossi (dbs)].

  • 24/09/15 - On the nostalgic theme:-  Did you see the report about that recent episode in the South Pacific? A plane from a U.S. Aircraft Carrier spotted signs of life, from what had been thought, an uninhabited island.  They sent a boat to investigate and found two Japanese soldiers. who were all that was left of the garrison from the Second World War.  They had no idea the war had ended and were taken aboard the Carrier where the Admiral was waiting to greet them .  They looked in amazement at the vast array of planes, helicopters, aerials and all the new technology and the first words they said to the Admiral were " Is Terry Brunt still wearing that scarf and beret?" - Tony Dunleavy

  • 24/09/15 - Maybe Jon Critchley has some memory loss problem and is not too good reminiscing about the old days, which a number of us did so enjoyably this last week or so. It means many of us oldies are lucky to be still here to do so ! Only a matter of weeks ago, there were so may death notices on the 'News and Views' page, it was looking like you were going to have to consider changing your title to the the 'Death Desk'. I am very much on the same wavelength as good friend Trevor Stent, in his statements to jolly Jim McIntosh, in as much as I am strongly favouring new young bands, with repertoires updating the 'old tunes,' in styles which are very listenable and are attracting the younger element through Jazz Club/Festival doors. Hippocampus Jass Gang will be touring the UK in June next year, they were brilliant at FestJazz Brittany July past. Maybe some of the jazz musicians, who are still stuck in the 50's rigid style, might go along and give them a look and encouragement ! - Norman Gibson

  • 24/09/15 - There's a new band on the block which has been added to the Main Menu & Band Spotlight Page. Mike Lovell has put together a new band called The Cafe jazz Quintet. Mike says, "The reason I have started the new band (alongside our existing 6 In A Bar) is because I have secured 6 gigs in a mid to high end restaurant which requires a more laid back approach. So along with some of the very best musicians and a great singer we will be doing more songs from the Great American Song Book with a 1930s feel. Hopefully we attract some interest and get some more gigs out of it. "

  • 24/09/15 - Jon White says “tongue in cheek”: so that’s where I’ve been going wrong! He’s really shot me down, hitting me with his vast “Misty” collection. Just imagine where we’d all be now if the Coloured Waif’s Home had given Louis a banjo instead of a bugle…..- Jon Critchley

  • 24/09/15 - Hi Fred, I 'd like to remind Jon Critchley that this is your website, and can therefore present it (with all the attendant graft) any which-way that pleases you. I'm writing this as I think I might have provoked a few backward glances by mentioning "A.F.N". in the first place.  Actually, I found it a pleasing diversion from the egregious 24hr "News" so omnipresent elsewhere.  I know trumpeters often have their tongue in their cheek, but Jon whilst you toast tomorrow, I like to  enjoy today; its only a glance back at the past mate, we don't live there! At least it was about music  anyway, and just to finish I'd like to let you know that a quick review of my mp3 collection reveals 24  stylistically varied takes of "Misty", I just love the banjo version! -who was he?  jon White

  • 23/09/15 - I went on the website to this page and thought I’d mistakenly entered the chat room of a Home for the Bewildered! Such a lot of talk of things long past! To avoid the never-to-return descent into a bottomless pit of nostalgia that may, if not already, severely retard their music, those contributors could do with taking heed of Trevor Stent’s excellent comments during an interview he had with Jim McIntosh for ”Just Jazz”: March 2015.  Here’s to tomorrow, - Jon Critchley. The following is reproduced courtesy of Just Jazz Magazine.  -   "I am reluctant to comment on the UK jazz scene now as I have been away from it (in France) for 20 years. However, it is clear that many UK musicians and, even more so, fans have become entirely trapped in their own world as they remember it from 1959. They have withdrawn into a bubble of their own and reject any new development in the repertoire or the band style that doesn't fit their precious memories of Chimes Blues, duffel coats and discussing Goon Show LPs in the interval. This retreat into an increasingly closed world is really a symptom of 'senility', (not in the medical sense I hasten to add). I was determined to break free from this trap when we started Fest Jazz 10 years ago..."

  • 22/09/15 - Dear Fred, Thanks for reviving memories of my childhood, with my ear pressed up against the radio listening to Dick Barton Special Agent. We did not own an electric radio, ours was run on Accumulators, which had to be charged regularly. Many a time the battery ran down at the crucial point in the story, much to my annoyance. We had two Accumulators one in the radio and one in the shop being charged. It was my job to get them recharged. I don’t know what Health & Safety would have made of it, a child carrying a heavy glass container full of acid. Fortunately I never dropped it.   Like your other contributor I also remember In Town Tonight, Henry Hall , Mrs Dale’s Dairy and ITMA, such good memories. - Mildred Finney

  • 21/09/15 - Just enjoyed the video clip bringing back happy ‘wireless’ memories as a kid of my favourite early evening entertainment ‘Dick Barton–Special Agent’ , so more thanks to Howard for finding it. Good to see the Orchestra conducted by the amazing Geordie, John Wilson, I noticed he is also on another clip of the ‘Coronation Scot’ ( for railway buffs). The Post Horn Gallop by the HM Royal Marines Band is highly entertaining and will be appreciated by Brass players, I’m sure! - Dave Woonton

  • 21/09/15 - The Devil was actually there during this performance of Devil's Gallop. You can see him galloping off from the middle of the front row immediately the piece finishes - or is that Paul Munnery, suddenly taken short as an act of divine retribution for his devilish dismissal of The Archers? - Allan Wilcox

  • 21/09/15 - We've been away a long weekend to that wonderful city of Bruges, and come back to enjoy the further memories emanating from Howard's 'Devil's Gallop' e-mail. There is no doubt us 'old jazzers' lived through the best era starting with the best in music. We should add to the list of radio programmes, Paul Temple, and, of course Valentine Dyall, 'The Man in Black' with his nightmare inducing blood curdling stories - The Hands of Locarno, etc. It would be great to see BBC bring a few of the episodes back again on Radio 4 - just to see if our grand kids would appreciate what excited us back then! -  Norman Gibson

  • 20/09/15 - No birthdays to celebrate this week, and there's just one midweek daytime gig event - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 24 September, 14:00 – 16:00 and £6 admission. There may be another but I don't know the start time yet.

  • 18/09/15 - The gig list for Carlisle jazz Club has been updated

  • 17/09/15 - The Doc Houlind Revival All Stars from Denmark is set to tour the North at the end of this month. These are the venues where you can see them. 29th Sep - Leeds Jazz Club, 30th Sep - Jubilee WM Club, Torrisholme, Morecambe, 3rd Oct Dove Jazz Club, 4th Oct - Rochdale Jazz Club, and 5th Oct - Widnes RUFC. All details in What's On.

  • 17/09/15 - "The Devil's Gallop"! "Nothing to do with jazz", as you rightly mention - but everything to do with our generation, as far as Howard and I, and many another, are concerned!   I'm sure I'm not the only one to have scrambled through his/her homework in the 1950s so as to be able to listen to "Dick Barton - Special Agent" ​(on the "Home Service", as I recall) at 6.45pm every weekday - a cliff hanger every night!! "The Devil's Gallop was, of course, the signature tune, "as evry phule nose" (check Nigel Molesworth I) of this pre-TV golden age of broadcasting. Brought back memories also of "Mrs Dale's Diary" ("I'm rather worried about Jim...... he's been wearing my clothes....") and "In Town Tonight" ("Carry on, London!!")   Dick Barton was unfortunately replaced by the bloody "Archers", and the home service was never the same again. The cliff hangers of which are usually provided by Linda Snell and the eternal, infernal Ambridge pantomime.  Anyway, thank you, Howard , for this piece of nostalgia, and I hope you're blowing as well as you were in Invercockaleekie, when last we met.  -  Paul Munnery

  • 17/09/15 - Hi Fred,  Thanks for digging out the sad news about Ron Knight. I knew him when I lived out there for a while.  He was truly 'one of us' - Jim Lowe

  • 17/09/15 - Harking back to 'Gangs of New Orleans', there is a large section of reproduced photos from the famous 'Blue Book' listing the 'attractions' available on Basin Street, Canal Street etc. Here I am in Spain, and the latest edition of 'Costa Blanca News' has a full page of similar 'attractions'. Storyville, New Orleans lives in Spain 98 years after its closure in 1917. No US Navy stations on the Blanca to threaten the business of course. I do not avail myself of the facilities of course (harrumph, harrumph) and since there's so little jazz out here, our music cannot be described as 'The Music of the whorehouse Devils'.  With tongue firmly in cheek. - Ian Royle

  • 17/09/15 -  Re Dick Barton. What a cracking sound! My old mate Howard has certainly brought back memories of reading the "Dandy" or the "Beano", "Hotspur", etc., as little child of 7 or 8, in 1944-45, while listening to that great show on the "wireless". The whole family gathered around our 9-valve Cossor wireless set. Happy nights!   However, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB) do quite well too, certainly with the same amount of energy and properly in tune throughout at - Joe Silmon


  • 16/09/15 - From time to time the occasional news email will bounce, sometimes because the recipient has changed their email address and forgotten to tell me, and sometimes because the recipient has passed away. One email that bounced tonight was to Ron Knight in Australia, and he was such a keen and respected jazzer having been the president of the Jazz Club of Western Australia at one time, and occasionally presented a 2 hour traditional jazz programme on Radio Fremantle as well as an occasional contributor to this site, so I suspected that all was not well. With a bit of digging I came across an obituary in the West Australian and discovered that Ron passed away on the 26th August as the age of 83.  I know that Dave Dixson had a long standing invite to visit him when he went to see his brother just outside Adelaide, and Malcolm Hogarth and Isabel Toner met up with him at the Australian Jazz Convention in Goulburn NSW.

  • 16/09/15 - Re: previous item, Dick Barton - Special Agent was the only reason our Mum could be sure of the time, quarter to seven every weeknight, when I, and my two brothers, would be back in for evening dinner ! Sometimes we had to run some fair distances - we were probably nearly as fit as Mo Farah back then ! No bikes, no money for a bus and no x-box distractions ! Thanks for bringing back the memories Howard. - Norman Gibson

  • 15/09/15 - Nothing to do with jazz, but Howard Murray sent me a link to this orchestral video, and my bet is that this piece will bring back some very fond memories.

  • 14/09/15 - There's another jazz evening coming up in Neston Library, Parkgate Road, CH64 6QE on Thursday 1st October at 7.30pm where you can relax to inspiration from John Hallam, clarinet, tenor and baritone sax. and Tom Kincaid on piano. Clive Edwards says, "I do hope it will be a sell out of 75 places. It has been difficult to get the library authorities in Chester to agree, because they want to cut down on staff overtime, so I need it to do well". Full details by clicking here

  • 14/09/15 - Hi Fred, I was talking to Bernie Hives who gave me your email address and your info website address as I run my own Jazz band down in Leicestershire called the Blue Garden Dixie ramblers and we have just recently had Enrico Tomasso guesting with us at the local Bar Nineteen Jazz Club, formerly the Priory Jazz Club, Loughborough---cracking session that was, Matt Palmer is now a member of the band who I have known for many years. -  Ian Yeomans. Thanks Ian, but it would be stretching it  bit to put Loughborough in the North West - FB

  • 14/09/15 - My latest edition of "Jazznorthwest Weekly", which covers all things jazz, is now on line at

  • 12/09/15 - Just in case you are receiving this new via email after asking to be taken off the list in the last week, I apologise and please send your request again. My computer is back up and running after a thorough overhaul. Turned out it had a bit of a temperature which made it unwell. With a spray can of pressurised clean air and the Dyson in the other hand, several years of dust were collected. Barbara had to lie down, she thought I was going to vacuum the carpet! By coincidence Windows 7 was playing up so I restored a complete system backup from 5 days previous, and I can't tell you how pleased I am that I do these weekly system backups as well as daily user file backups. 

  • 12/09/15 - Midweek daytime jazz events coming up are Annie's Saints And Sinners at The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Monday the 14th from 14:00 - 16:00. and The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Friday 18th from 12:30 - 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station Tea Rooms

  • 12/09/15 - Musician's birthdays coming up this week include, Harold Troughton (Blue Mags), Richard Lord (New Orleans Wiggle) and Mike Reddin (Pendle Jazzmen). Many happy returns to one and all.

  • 12/09/15 - At the Blue Bell Halkyn 15.30 to 18.00 on Sunday, we have a huge line-up comprising : on assorted hooters Dave Dixson and Howard Murray, on piano and kazoo Martin Higginson, on trombone Peter Fryer, and Roger Higham on trumpet and some bloke on bass too. So standing room only for the band at least. We are approaching our 9th year of weekly fun, and of course a high value bottle of vintage Vimto will go to the lucky winner of our fabulously rigged raffle...... - Mad Ed Lloyd Hughes.

  • 12/09/15 - Remember A.F.N.? (Jon White) I was brought up on it. It was the programmes on AFN that got me and my brother into jazz in the first place, all avidly listened to by us two young lads on a radio built by my flute playing uncle. We followed up with 'Le demi-heure de Jazz' presented on the BBC french service in the late 40's by Alain Chassagne, whose signature tune was Muggsy's At the Jazzband Ball. We were such avid fans of that programme that he once dedicated a whole 30 minutes exclusively to our requests. Imagine how a 13 and 10 year old felt about that! - Richard Knock

  • 11/09/15 -  Ian Royle's recommendation of Herbert Astbury's The Gangs of New Orleans has inspired me to order it - thanks, Ian.  Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning Astbury's Gangs of New York, which is good background info for anyone who, like me, is turned on by the jazz and general culture of NY's Harlem. Owen Madden and Dutch Schulz, the bootleggers and crooks who financed the Cotton Club, thereby keeping the Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and Jimmy Lunceford ​bands in employment, are mentioned. I can't help but be fascinated by what was going on in the world whilst the classic jazz that you and I love was being played and recorded. Thanks again, Ian and Fred, and I look forward to reading the New Orleans gangland saga. - Paul Munnery

  • 11/09/15 - Sam Wood tells me that "The Dutch Swing College Band are playing at the Pavilion Arts Centre Buxton, 7.30pm tomorrow, Saturday.

  • 11/09/15 - Jon White's and Moe Green's comments re "Caldonia" prompted some archive-diving, which produced the personnel of the Herman band at that time. Apart from Mr Candoli, Bill Harris on the trombone is unmistakable and Dave Tough's characteristic four beats sign-off confirms his presence.  Woody Herman (clt.), Sam Marowitz, John La Porta (altos), Pete Mondello, Joe "Flip" Phillips (tenors),  Skippy De Sair (bar),  Sonny Berman, Pete Candoli, Charlie Frankhauser, Carl Warwick, Ray Wetzel (tpts),  Bill Harris, Ed Kiefer, Ralph Pfiffner (tmbs),  Marjorie Hyams (vib),  Ralph Burns (pno),  Billy Bauer (gtr),  Chubby Jackson (bass),  Dave Tough (dms),  Seventy years ago, and what a terrific band that was. "Apple Honey" and "Northwest Passage" are well-remembered also.   Memories of Saturday night record sessions at somebody's house, with us pooling our comparatively few 78rpm records and playing them twice (or three times) over to fill the time available.  Not strictly "Traditional Jazz in The North West", but we played plenty of that as well!   - Alwyn  Smith

  • 11/09/15 - You can rely on Mo!,  Yeah that's it Moe-   Pete Candoli-pre Kenton. Arranged for the Herman book by Neal Hefti, who was in that 1945 trumpet section.  Worth noting two more arrangements from him-"Skyliner" for Charlie  Barnet, (anybody remember A.F.N.?), and "Little darling" for Basie.  - Jon White

  • 10/09/15 - The Herman 1st Herd trumpet section would be led by Pete Candoli, with his brother Conte playing in the section when he was 14. When Louis Armstrong was played a record by the band in a blindfold test he didn't like it. 'They sound as though they're trying to kill themselves,' he said. - Steve Voce.  Dear Fred, in answer to Jon White's question about Woody Hermans " Caldonia " The trumpet player in question would be Pete Candoli aka Superman because of his blowing abilities. This band The First Herd was one of the most exciting bands ever propelled by my favourite drummer Davey Tough. - Moe Green.  No, I don't remember who was the lead trumpeter in "Caldonia" but it brings to mind a baseball match in Formby (Liverpool Greys v "An American crew from Burtonwood") at the conclusion of which a very exciting 7 piece coloured group played "Caldonia" resulting in many demands for an encore. (Not sure I'm allowed to say "coloured"). Or Black?
    We were "beaten hollow!".
    Can't say beaten, it's  too cruel - Fred

  • 10/09/15 - A visitor for the day, and a major failure on my PC which will involve stripping it down, means that updates to the site may be sparse for a while. The standby laptop has now been brought into service.

  • 09/09/15 -  Jon White writes, "A few minutes with the earbuds on puts me right". He's referring to his lifetime of best tracks that he's transferred to MP3. "I play them on random of course, but aside from Louises Jordan & Prima, the one that punches my ticket is "Caldonia" .;wow, that 5(?) trumpet unison riff at the end just drills you dunnit. I used to know who led that, but I've never heard any big band match it".  Anybody know?

  • 09/09/15 - The next jazz session at St Helens Bowling Club won’t be until October 11th, not September 13th as previously intended.  The guests then, will be David Fishel (pno), Terry Brunt (tbn) and a clarinet/sax player TBA.  - Keith Allcock

  • 08/09/15 - John & Marie Howell who ran JazzClub90 at the Harp at Albrighton until May this year when the brewery put them in an almost impossible position by wanting to switch from 8 or nine gigs a month to just two a month on Sundays, have emailed to say - "It is nice to be the bearer of good news!.... we are having gigs in October, November and December at a new venue and are planning to do two Sunday lunchtime gigs every month in 2016. As we have had many bands and members of the audience from the North West come to the Harp over the years I thought you might like to convey the news to your readers". Full details are on our website .  As always many thanks for your help. Regards John and Marie.

  • 08/09/15 - May I recommend Herbert Astbury's book 'The Gangs of New Orleans' first published in 1936 (!) and is available on Amazon. For anyone interested in the history of the New Orleans in around 1716 built on swampland and which became the most corrupt and dangerous City in the USA, it's a 'must read'. Other than mentions of 'Spasm Bands' there's very little about jazz in it but the 'class system' that the Yanks say doesn't exist in North America is very evident in the pages of this book. - Ian  Royle

  • 06/09/15 - No daytime midweek gigs this week, so we'll have to settle for lunchtime singing of  Happy Birthday to Spats Langham on Thursday, and to Tony Ormesher on Saturday.

  • 04/09/15 - Re Denys Owen's request for information about Jazz Journal International, It's here at  writes Dave Davis. - Very many thanks for the information from Dave Davis -  Denys Owen

  • 03/09/15 - Due to financial constraints Cadwaladers have decided to cancel Thursday evenings in Criccieth with immediate effect. We've had a great run of over 7 years so thank you for your continued support over all of that period. - Greg Robley

  • 03/09/15 - Denys Owen writes, "For many years I took a magazine called "Jazz Journal International" but it seems to have disappeared. Am I correct in thinking it ceased production?"

  • 02/09/15 - Enrico Tomasso is to be the featured guest with the Merseysippi Jazz Band next Monday night, September 7th, at their weekly residency at the Victoria Hotel, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 0DL. 8.30 – 11.00pm. Admission Free.

  • 01/09/15 - There were 6,567 visits to the web site by 1951 people last month, with a total of 15,643 page views.

August 2015

  • 31/08/15 - Do you follow my weekly newspaper - Jazznorthwest Weekly? There's a couple of interesting links to Katrina articles from it - "Remembering Katrina A Decade Later" by Ben Jaffe on the Preservation Hall Jazz Band web site, and "Post-Katrina" - New Orleans residents show the face of beloved city through vibrant photo collages in the Washington Post.

  • 31/08/15 - Are you one of the few people still collecting traditional jazz recordings on vinyl?  Then is the place to look.

  • 30/08/15 - Correction - Marsden Jazz Festival takes place on 9th - 1th October, and not September as previously stated, but now amended.

  • 30/08/15 - John Westwood said in an email to me -  At least Jazz clubs do survive in Germany, if this clip from last Friday is any indicator. Imaginative, or what?

  • 30/08/15 - The latest issue of Just Jazz Magazine is now out. I was interested to read a letter from Tony Leppard, well known for his connection with the Ken Colyer Trust until it ended, which says, "It's hard to believe, but the building in Great Newport Street that was the home of Studio 51, the Ken Colyer Club, is being developed as fourteen luxury apartments  and will be called "The Colyer".

  • 30/08/15 - On Tuesday 8 September, Keith Nichols and Trevor Whiting will be appearing  at the River Bar, Hawkshead Brewery, Mill Yard, Staveley, Kendal, home of Kendal Jazz Club. The session runs from 8 to 10.30pm, admission £10.

  • 30/08/15 - Two birthdays this week, both on the same day. Many Happy Returns to bass player Howard Worthington and trumpeter Tony Davis on Thursday 3rd Sept.

  • 30/08/15 - Just one daytime mid week jazz event this week - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday, 1 September, 14:00 - 16:00hrs

  • 29/008/15 - We spent a very pleasant couple of hours this lunchtime.  Mike Lovell, with John Tucker, Chris Howse and Colin Turner were playing outside the Cafe On The Pier at St Annes on Sea, and as well as a good crowd, there was one avid young listener called Isabel. If like me you had preconceived ideas of what a cafe on the pier might be like, then forget it. This place was packed out and the food was great, and I am still enjoying the beef curry some time later. Click on the picture for a larger version.

  • 29/08/15 - it was good to hear that John Rothwell (drummer with Silver Bell & Savoy Jazzmen) has now had his cochlear implant, but it will be another 2 weeks before test can be carried out to verify how successful it has been.

  • 28/08/15 - Marsden Jazz Festival programme details for 9th - 11th October are now on line, and you can find out more on the Jazz Festivals & Breaks page.

  • 28/08/15 - An interesting piece about New Orleans 10 years on from Katrina. But the reference to 'musicians having to play for tips in the street' should not get anyone too upset about their welfare. This came up in conversation down at FestJazz last year, and it seems $150 per player is easily achievable for a day's playing on Royal Street ! Then the better outfits can move quite a lot of their CDs as well. - Norman Gibson

  • 28/08/15 - Doc Houlind's New Orleans Revival Jazz All Star Band from Denmark is coming to Lancaster soon. You can now access the full details and find out how to get your tickets, available on a first come first served basis.

  • 28/08/15 - Another dawn, another day but still boiling water here and now in the 4th week! Thank to Dave Davis for this very apt response -

  • 27/08/15 - An interesting article which appeared yesterday on Yahoo UK News at entitled "New Orleans awash in music 10 years after Katrina".

  • 27/08/15 - Dear Fred, Thank you for telling us about 'Dancing through the Blitz' and although the BBC can't be viewed outside the UK , I found it on YouTube through your info and we spent a very enjoyable morning watching all about the happenings of our era and times, surprising how much you forget. We really loved it!. As you know I am an old Blackpool girl and I still have your photo of the Tower on my screensaver. Many thanks , Alan & Toni Jones in Woy Woy, OZ.

  • 27/08/15 - It is sad that every post I get from you is full of obituaries but I guess we are all getting older, I remember meeting Mickey Ashman at a gig at the Redcar Jazz-Club in the mid sixties, I was there with the Phoenix Jazzmen from Newcastle, the other bands playing were Kenny Ball & Chris Barber, it was an excellent venue and I got to meet many great players, Champion Jack Dupree, Maynard Ferguson, Alex Welsh and of course the Ball & Barber Bands to name a few. I am coming over for a holiday in May next year and will be based in the Manchester and Blackpool areas I hope to get to see some of these great bands I hear about on your site - Derek Dalton

  • 27/08/15 - So sorry to hear of the passing of Steve Lane and Micky Ashman. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to play many gigs with both of them, and the British Jazz scene will be the poorer for their demise.  Steve Lane was ever an exponent extraordinaire of the classic jazz world, and worked tirelessly to promote his highly creative interpretations of King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Bix and the like. I don't know who was your correspondent, but I was gobsmacked by the suggestion that he played in the Ken Colyer style - he did nothing of the sort, and though he liked and respected Ken, he took his own inspiration totally from the giants of the classic jazz era, rather than from the revivalist or "contemporary New Orleans" players. So there!   I and many another shall miss them - and we can only hope that other musicians to follow will work as hard as those two to promote both classic and New Orleans jazz in the UK - and the wider world. - Paul Munnery. (It was posted on my Facebook site, but I see the same item appears on London Jazz News at and attributed to Roger Trobridge - Fred)

  • 27/08/15 - After reading your latest news update,  it strikes me that playing jazz is a very risky occupation. - Richard Lord

  • 25/08/15 - Having seen the notice of my fathers death on your page (Micky Ashman), I wanted to advise you about the funeral if you felt you wanted to publish it on your page. It will take place on Monday 14th September at 12.30 at Colchester Crematorium, Essex.  For further information people can contact me,  if they want to. - Donna Ashman

  • 24/08/15 - Obituaries - It's a sadly necessary function of your page, and the only way to bear it is the way it brings to mind a creative 'person' having a ball with like minded buddies. Fortunately I think mainly "in pictures", so this is how I remember them, and the pleasure they gave us. Prompted by the "leaving town" of Mickey Ashman, who showed me how to "slap" the bass at a 100 Oxford St session whilst on National service leave in the "smoke". (BTW, I found out he had tougher hands than me!) -  Jon White

  • 24/08/15 - Every Wednesday evening at 8.30 the Double B big Band play at the Masonic Hall Stockport. Apparently they have been their 3 years, but I have only just heard about them. It is not very well attended, 16-20 at the most, which is a shame as they are good. Perhaps you could could let the contributors to your web page know. It is only £3 entrance fee. There is a car park at the back but there is a nominal charge.  -  Mildred Finney

  • 23/08/15 - Another daytime jazz event this week I missed was Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz who will be appearing at Timperley Sports Club, Stockport Road, Timperley. WA15 7LU Next to the Hare & Hounds. It's an easy entrance with no steps, good car park, bar plus tea/coffee. 2.00pm start and £6 admission.

  • 23/08/15 - I've just been told by Robin Mosley that Steve Lane passed away early this morning.  Also Micky Ashman passed away on Friday 21st August - SAD NEWS FOLKS!!!  - Pete Lay.  Ian Maund has posted the following on the JazzNorthWest Facebook page - "Roger Trobridge tells me that cornet player, guitarist, composer and arranger Steve Lane passed away in hospital this morning at the age of 93. Steve led his own Southern Stompers jazz from 1950, and also led and recorded with his Red Hot Peppers and the VJM Washboard Band. He was an important part of VJM records in the late 50/60s. A very traditional jazz player in the Ken Colyer style, he established the Ealing Jazz Club in the Fox and Goose, Hanger Lane, Ealing in 1952. Funeral details not yet known".

  • 22/08/15 - Many Happy Returns on Monday to ex Spinner, musician and broadcaster, Tony  Davis, who by my reckoning will be celebrating his 85th birthday this time. On Wednesday it's birthday wishes to Mike McLachlan & Andrew Mackenzie, and on Friday to Keith Shone.

  • 22/08/15 - Midweek daytime gigs this week include Mike Lovell 6 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 26 August, 12:00 – 14:30, and on Thursday, the Silver Bell Band  will be playing around Garstang town centre market as part of the Arts Festival, 10:30 – 14:30

  • 22/0/15 -  BBC4 Friday two programmes - 7.30 The story of Swing and 9.45pm Queens of Jazz.

  • 22/08/15 - Do you know where Calder Vale is?  Most of you will probably not as the two roads that lead to the village from either side are cul-de-sacs, but the nearest town of significant size is Garstang. So I was quite surprised to get a call from Lynne Nichols to ask if I could publicise an event in Calder Vale Village Hall. Not traditional jazz as we know it maybe, but still worth a mention, it's the Sue Richardson tour 2015 - "Too Cool, The Life & Times of Chet Baker", and takes place on the 25th September, 7-30pm, Tickets £6. Please mention the website when booking for no other reason than Lynne they will let me know if they've had any enquiries through here.

  • 21/08/15 - A Vintage AMG -1 Resonator Guitar has just gone on the Sales Page

  • 20/08/15 - I was going through some old cassette recordings someone handed me once, and it's a box of surprises. So far I have come across a recording of the Garstang band Lune Valley Stompers on which Harold Troughton of  Blue Mags fame is featured, and today I picked up a recording of Dance Hall Days featuring the Melody Inn Quartet. I see in the small print that it featured David Copperwaite & Louis Lince, so I assumed it was recorded in the North West, but I didn't recognise the names of George Berry or Charles King. However further reading tells me the recording was made at The Red House, Bessingham in Norfolk on September 7th 1999, and the recording engineer was none other than drummer John Petters. Maybe this brings back memories to some of you out there.

  • 19/08/15 - Norman Gibson has reminded me of something I also watched the other night, which I'm sure many of you will enjoy at Dancing Through The Blitz: Blackpool's Big Band Story is a Documentary film celebrating the big band sound and uncovering the social history behind the music that kept the nation's spirits up through the Second World War.

  • 16/08/15 - Due to unforeseen circumstances, the jazz at Delph next Friday 21st with the Spirit of New Orleans Band, has been cancelled. Also on Friday 4th September 2015, Derek Galloway’s Bunter’s Imperials will be making a guest appearance at the Delph Band Club as several members of The Spirit Of New Orleans Jazz Band are away on holiday.

  • 16/08/15 - Correction - The Mike Lovell Four had been asked to play at the cafe on the pier at St Annes again next Saturday, 1pm to 3-30pm, so they must be pulling the crowds in. This has now changed to the  29th August,  (bank holiday weekend). Mike says, "In a way it has befitted us in so much as we are playing in Warwickshire at the Pershore Jazz Festival this coming Sunday".

  • 15/08/15 - Mention of Granville Edwards seems to have stirred up many memories for a lot of people. I've just updated his tribute page to include a link to an obituary in The Guardian, and a video of the Hi Life band playing in Cork Prison, thanks to Graham Martindale.

  • 15/08/15 - Tonight at midnight on BBC Radio 3 - Pee Wee Russell (1906-69) played the clarinet like no one else, combining a uniquely growling, wailing attack with solos that constantly carved out new directions. Geoffrey Smith surveys a jazz original whose career encompassed Chicago Dixieland and Thelonious Monk. I shall be in bed, but no doubt it will be on Listen again. My thanks to Barrie Marshall for ringing up with this one.

  • 15/08/15 - Just one mid week daytime concert coming up - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station, on Fri, 21 August, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station. where there's Tea Rooms. Good food available and a collection taken.

  • 15/08/15  - Many Happy Returns tomorrow to Manchester reed player, Joe Silmon, and on Monday it's the birthday of drummer Graham Smith.

  • 15/08/15 -  "Fred,  Please know that your facilitating the exchange of information on the late Granville Edwards is far more valuable than any amounts of money. As previously indicated, the information gathered will be used for a biography on him that I want to present to the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston, Jamaica.   Please allow me, through you, to express thanks and real gratitude to the several persons who have contributed so far.  Granville was not a particularly outgoing person and even his immediate family (siblings now all deceased) respected his private nature. There is a relative paucity of "hard" information and only relatively vague verbal narratives.   Any information will be happily received and with the knowledge that the contribution reflects some measure of the man and the contributor alike.  Granville's Selmar saxophone is with his niece Beverley and her husband Colin in Manchester and remains in good repair thanks to their loving attention to it. The instrument is of some vintage and is therefore even more treasured.   I'm copying Granville's niece Beverley on this, as I will be asking her to make personal contact with you and all the other persons who have responded and to acquire such material as is available.   AGAIN, THANKS THREE MILLION and in the words of a song of relatively recent vintage, "Keep On Trucking Baby"!!! ".  -  Nathan Robb

  • 14/08/15 - Because we couldn’t arrange an alternative session at Poynton Legion Club I have had to search for another venue. So Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz will be playing a monthly Third Monday night session at POYNTON SPORTS CLUB, LONDON ROAD NORTH, POYNTON, STOCKPORT. SK12 1AG. This venue is on the A523 travelling from Hazel Grove to Poynton on the left side. We will be starting at 7.30pm and already a lot of the Poynton jazz friends are very happy.  Dates are as follows:-  September 21st,  October 19th,  November 16th and December 21st - Mart Rodger

  • 14/08/15 - Back at the end of July you posted a few words from us about our visit to FestJazz Chateauneuf du Faou Jazz Festival, and now you can enjoy eleven minutes of fine young band from Toulouse 'Le Bardi Manchot,' in this first unofficial video release. I believe more videos of this year's bands will be appearing shortly on Peter Butler's website www.Jazz& - Norman & Meryl Gibson

Published on Aug 10, 2015 - Vidéo : Georges Richard

  • 13/08/15 - My thanks to Pete Lay, Louis Lince & Graham Martindale for coming up with information about recordings featuring Granville Edwards

  • 12/08/15 - Nathan Robb poses the question, "Can you say if there are any known recordings (professional or amateur), on which Granville Edwards can be heard?".  Anybody help with that one?

  •  12/08/15 - The Forest N.O. Jazz Band will not be playing at The Union Exchange on Tuesday 18th August, due to a wedding booking at the pub. - Jeff Roberts

  • 11/08/15 - Due to the beginning of the new football season there are two consecutive Mondays when Liverpool are at home and the Victoria where The Merseys play will be full of football fanatics. The dates concerned are 17th August and 24th August. We have arranged to play at Heath Hall, the Conservative Club, in Heath Road, Allerton, Liverpool on 17th, BUT we will have to take 24th off because of personnel problems. We used to play at Heath Hall years ago and we have done one a few months ago . - Peter Fryer

  • 10/08/15 - I knew jazz was good for the soul, but according to the Youth Independent newspaper in Toronto, new research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention suggests that listening to relaxing music like Jazz, may aid in treatment of seizures. The study showed that epileptics’ brains react differently to such tunes compared to those without the disorder.

  • 10/08/15 - "It went so well at St Anne's Pier last Saturday, they've asked us to do it again this coming Saturday".  says Mike Lovell.  "So Colin Turner, Anthony Mason, Dave Lee and myself (4 in a bar) will be there from 1pm till 3.30pm".

  • 09/08/15 - Annie's Saints And Sinners are playing at  The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Monday 10th August, from 2pm to 4pm. It's the only mid week daytime jazz event this week.

  • 09/08/15 - Many Happy Returns on Monday to bass player Frank Lowe, and on Saturday to drummer Alan Davis who now lives at the Southern end of the Country.

  • 07/08/15 - This update from Pete Lay on the possibility of a Northern venue to replace Bodelwyddan. - After much research, number crunching and a bit of common sense, Heather and I have decided that the possibility of having a weekend Jazz Break at Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford, next year, is not going to take place.   All of you have been so supportive, as have the hotel. Although it boasts an excellent venue for the event, the hotel does not have the capacity to house enough people to make the break a viable option. To keep our standards high i. e. - the same quota of top quality bands and, of course, the bar service, on top of the accommodation cost - we could not have kept the minimum price below £360 per person.  We are disappointed to see this annual Jazz Break come to an end and will continue to investigate other possible Northern venues, but unfortunately time has run out for anything to happen in 2016. If anyone has any ideas as to a venue, please feel free to contact us and we will look into it. Thanks again for your interest and ongoing support. - Pete & Heather  Lay

  • 07/08/15 - My thanks to Derek Cotton for sending me the latest copy of Didsbury Cricket Club gig list which is now on the Didsbury Cricket Club Page. Promoter Roger Wigley seems to have problems getting a copy to me, so if anyone picks up October's when it's due,  perhaps you could let me have it.

  • 06/08/15 - "A jazz secret revealed" - According to the Stratford-upon Avon Herald, "A man who was described by the late Humphrey Lyttelton as The Midlands' best kept secret and world class musician will christen the new stage at Tysoe Village Hall on Sunday, 9th August". Who is this man? None other than George Huxley. Saxophonist George, and his Jazz Men, will be performing at the Tysoe Trad Jazz Concert to raise money for the much-needed refurbishment of the village hall.

  • 05/08/15 - Sun Street Stompers band leader and clarinetist, Barrie Marshall, has been invited to submit some photographs at the Gregson Arts Centre in Lancaster.  It opens officially on Thursday, so Barrie went down there yesterday to hang them. Six hours late he called in again to find that five had already been sold!  Barrie reckons they are not of his best, he's just having a clearout, but somebody obviously loved them.

  • 04/08/15 - Pianist Tom Culbert will be joining the rhythm section of the Silver Bell Band on Thursday at The Ale Emporium in Preston. I think this may be Tom's first visit.

  • 03/08/15 - I've just been reading Tony Jacobs' latest email about his umpteenth weekend of Hot Jazz, Cabaret and Swing (October 23rd, 24th, and 25th) at South Downs Holiday Village near Chichester.  Some great names that I remember from Keswick Jazz Festival - Neville Dickie, Alan Gresty and Geoff Cole. Now West Sussex may be too far a track from the North West, but Tony brings his Tuxedo Jazz Orchestraa bit nearer when he comes up to Nidd Hall in Harrogate, which is only 90 minutes from Preston. I know that because it's a journey I make every other month. If you haven't heard them check out this video at  If anybody wants a copy of the newsletter, just let me know.

  • 03/08/15 - The Jazz Festival and Weekends page has been updated

  • 03/08/15 - Hi Fred, I’ve been asked to contact you by the Isle of Bute Jazz Festival Committee.  For the first time, we’re looking at promoting a jazz tour bus to the 2016 Festival which will take place on the weekend 29 April to 2 May. This would include, coach travel, accommodation and a weekend ticket, as well as a couple of exclusive add-ons.  We wondered if this was something which could appeal to the North West supporters?  If you’d like to know more or would like a chat with our Chairman, Tim Saul then please let me know.  Barbara, Isle of Bute (Isle of Jazz)  Bute Jazz 2016  -

  • 01/08/15 - No daytime mid week jazz events to report this week, so stay at home and raise a glass or two to Mike Lovell on Monday and Mark Challinor on Friday when they will be celebrating their birthdays. Many Happy Returns to you both.

  • 01/08/15 - Joe Silmon tells me that Don Bridgewood's funeral  ceremony was well attended and very tastefully conducted by a really nice female Vicar (Anglican) at the Methodist Chapel. Joe says, "She read all eulogies, recalling many memories of Don's past, bringing up many things I was totally unaware of. The Southside Stompers' early manager (1954-1957) Frank Chollerton, from Stockport, who was on my train, introduced himself, when we got to the Black Bull after the ceremony and interment. He, Eric Brierley, Viv Fisher (Jack Fisher's widow) who often produces great photographs for Just Jazz Mag, were the only representatives from Manchester. At the Black Bull were Peter Boswell (trumpet), Barrie Marshall (clarinet), Lawrence Marshall (banjo), and Peter Vickers, (bass drummer at the ceremony), later played double bass at the Black Bull.  Barrie allowed me to play his clarinet for a few numbers while he took a break, at the pub. Eric Brierley played very well too. He had to leave early for a gig, far, far away".

  • 01/08/15 -  Keith Wadeson has emailed to say, "Jazz on in Blackpool this weekend at the winter gardens. The Wyre levee were on yesterday at 11 in morning< and beyond that I've not been able to find anything about it, except Keith tells me it's all free from 11am to 8pm. I've managed to find on Facebook that says it's a Jazz and Blues Festival in Blackpool, and it's on the North Pier, so just follow the sounds of music

  • 01/08/15 - For those interested in Big Band music, The Mute'n'Ears Big Band will be playing on Wed.12th August at The Heron Pub, Heron Hill, Kendal 9pm to 11pm, where entry is free.

  • 01/08/15 - Hi Fred - Following on from recent comments about David Steven's 90th birthday I can confirm that last night (Friday, 31st July) a birthday party was held at the Ashfield Club in Sydney. David was in fine form on piano and vocals and the event, organised by Dennis Quinlan was attended by many top Sydney jazz musicians as well as a good crowd of jazz fans. We had a very large birthday cake and signed a huge card with lots of photos (I sent your best wishes) so it was a great evening. Should any of your readers wish to send their own birthday wishes to David his email address is: Cheers...Peter Cowden - Jazzology Radio

  • 01/08/15 - In the August edition of Just Jazz magazine which has just dropped through the letterbox, Pete Lay  informs the readers that the move from Alvaston Hall to Bodelwydden Castle in N Wales, didn't last long and the North West no longer has a Warner's venue featuring traditional jazz. Pete says, "The provisional inquiry I had with Tillington Hall Hotel, Staffordshire (just of M6) has fallen through – the group who had previously reserved the weekend of June 3rd-6th have taken up their option.  However, the hotel is prepared to offer me the option on May 27th – 30th 2016 (Bank Holiday weekend). I have reservations about doing things over a Bank Holiday – people take on other commitments (family, holidays, or other events), but before I go any further I would like to get some feed back from ‘our customers’. Your opinion on these dates would be very useful in making any decisions". You can email Pete at

  • 01/08/15 - A Laney Linebacker 120B Bass Amplifier and a white fibreglass sousaphone have just gone on the Sales Page which can be accessed by Jazz Extras on the Main Menu.

  • 01/08/15 - The High Society Jazz Band web page has been updated to reflect a change in personnel thanks to Dave Bateman. Members of other bands may wish to consider doing the same for their pages.

  • 01/08/15 - NorVol Jazz  (Northern Voluntary Jazz Promoter's Network) is a site covering the Northern region of England. Its aim is to grow the jazz audience and help members to prosper by sharing best practice and improving marketing and access to jazz for all. Membership is open to any volunteer supported organisations involved in jazz promotion and covers Promoters, Jazz Education, Festivals, Musicians, Venues, Club News, and more. I've just added it to the Links Page

July 2015

  • 30/07/15 -  Just back from our return visit to FestJazz at Chateaunauf-du-Faou Brittany, and once again Trevor Stent, and his amazing team of volunteers, have managed to pull off another very good weekend of varied jazz to suit all tastes. The weather unfortunately was unkind, but, as new venues were added this year, there was cover provided for the jazzers. Last year the stars of the festival were the 35 young people, 7 to 19, who alternated within the Sant Andreu Jazz Band from Barcelona, but this time the totally unexpected hit us, as performances from the smaller French bands were simply amazing. We were already aware of Hippocampus Jass Gang (coming on tour June 2016), but Ginger Stompers, Le Bardi Manchot, Hot Sugar and Good Time Jazz surprised us. Then the surprise of all, even for Trevor, was a group from Lille called Old Chaps. These were not 'Old Chaps' at all, but an exuberant young 6-piece full of energy playing many New Orleans standards in their own style. We didn't pick up the name of the young singer fronting the band, but, in the opinion of many of us, France has found their own new Amy Winehouse !!! ( the unspoiled one) Another thing very noticeable was the increased numbers of swing dancers. Any worries the team may have had about lower attendance due to the weather, were dispelled when the local 25/30 year olds came in their droves for the Sunday sessions. Although not jazz, the Electric Swing Circus, which closed the festival kept the dancers on their feet to the bitter end. Congratulations, and big 'Thankyous' to Trevor and his main assistants Lisa and Claire, it was really worth the 800 mile round trip. - Norman and Meryl Gibson

  • 26/07/15 - Due to expected bad weather, the Jazz on the Lawn event with the Red Rose Band from 12pm – 4pm has been cancelled. It is hoped that the event may take place in August or September instead.

  • 26/07/15 - July must be a good month for musical babies, 6 musician's birthdays to celebrate this week. Charlie Bentley today (Sunday), Barry Grumett (N.O.Heat) on Monday, Barry Aldous, Rae Owens and Tom Rippieth on Wednesday, and Ken Binns on Thursday.  Many Happy Returns to you all.

  • 25/07/15 - Just a couple of daytime jazz gigs coming up mid week. First there's Mike Lovell 6 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 29 July, 12:00pm – 2:30pm, then on Friday the Red Rose Band will be on Moor Park, Preston, for a Children's Festival 12:00pm – 2:30pm

  • 25/07/15 - In April 2012 Barbara & I took a holiday in Norfolk, and nipped over the river into  Bungay in Suffolk, to listen to Red Beans & Rice and had a great evening and were made very welcome.  Banjo player Ian Grant suggests others might like to do the same and sent me details of their gigs in Broome Community Hall, back over the river again in Norfolk.  He says "The New Orleans Jazz Club will start again on Sunday 16th August 2015 at 7:30 pm and then continue on the 3rd Sunday in every month at 7-30pm. Band line-up - John Riches on Reeds; Ian Grant on Banjo; Barry Crickmore on Drums; Robin Burgess on Sousa; Mick Nason on Trombone; Richard Church on Cornet and Coral Burgess on vocals.

  • 23/07/15 - Just wanted to put on record, Fred, that Ian Royle, guesting on July 22 with River City Jazzmen at Conwy British Legion, put on a great performance with his trumpet playing, humour and very individual singing. I have read about this gentleman a lot on these pages, but had not heard him play before, so, in my role as "fairly" regular guest singer with the band, it was a delight to share the stage with him. - Tony Wetherill.

  • 23/07/15 - Barrie Marshall emailed to say, "I just spoke to Ruth Bridgewood, Don's funeral is next Thursday at Bentham Methodist Church at 12.00 noon".

  • 22/07/15 - Don't know whether it's really pertinent to your Newspage, but next Sunday, 26th, piano-man Dave Stevens celebrates his 90th birthday. As y'know, he still plays gigs fairly regularly and does a 2-hr weekly radio show on 2RRR, Sydney.  He started playing with John Haim's Jellyroll Kings in 1947, and went on to play with Mick Mulligan, Sandy Brown and Dickie Hawdon's bands - ending up with Alexis Korner's 'Blues Incorporated' before emigrating to Oz in 1965.  It's Dickie Hawdon that provides the 'Northern' connection - Dave and his wife Anita still visit Barbara Hawdon when they're in the UK; Bobby Korner, too!  I don't think he and Anita plan a UK trip this year but I bet there'll be some high jinks in Manly (Sydney) on Sunday! -  John Westwood

  • 22/07/15 - There's now a tribute page set up for  for Don Bridgewood.

  • 22/07/15 - The audience has gone down at the afternoon session at Poynton Legion Club and unfortunately we have cancelled that event. Our replacement session is being sorted out. We would like to thank those who attended regularly. - Mart Rodger.

  • 21/07/15 - Keith Wadeson kindly sent me this great photograph of the Wyre Levee Stompers in action on Tram Sunday, July 18th, in Fleetwood. Click on it for larger version

  • 21/07/15 -I'm a friend of Ruth & Don Bridgewood; and I know that he used to converse on your pages occasionally.  I am very sorry to have to relay the information that Don died this morning (20th July) at the ripe old age of 83 - he would have been 84 in just a few weeks time. He had a heart pacemaker fitted some years ago, but his condition had be worsening rapidly over the last month or so. When we last saw him in April, he was a skeletal image of his former self.   I am greatly saddened by his passing, and I thought you may want to pass the news on to your fellow readers.  I'm expecting a spectacular thunder solo tonight... Don on clouds.

  • 21/07/15 - They say news travels fat, but these days it can also travel a long way. this bit of news came from Australia - "Hi Fred - I just thought in case you hadn't heard that on 17th July Paul Adams of Lake Records was granted an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Cumbria for his Services to Music.  Well deserved!  -  Peter Cowden - Jazzology Radio".

  • 20/07/15 - Many Happy Return to drummer Mike Carnie who celebrates his 70th birthday today.

  • 19/07/15 - My thanks to Joe Silmon for passing on a photograph of Eunice Malloch to put on the tribute page. Unfortunately I don't have one for Jack Kinsey who shares the page, unless someone out there does.

  • 18/07/15 - It was Wednesday night at the Beaky, at the corner of Stamford Square. they were serving drinks as usual, and the usual crowd was there. It was quiet early on, but, as usual, the audience doubled by the time the raffle and the butties arrived. Special guest was the ever-popular Tom Kincaid on piano, with Paul Broomhead, on reeds and more reeds, fronting the regular House Ensemble. Then up stepped Jolly John Percival, his trumpet in his hand, joined by Alan with his banjo, making up the merry band. Next session is on Wednesday August 5th, when special guest will be Billy Bedlam, a welcome return following his recent bout of ill-health.

  • 18/07/15 - Five birthdays coming up this week - Bob Pickersgill on Monday, Graham Leavy on Tuesday, Louis Lince on Wednesday Brian Singleton on Friday and Les Harris on Saturday. Many Happy Returns to you all.

  • 18/07/15 - Just one mid week daytime gig this week - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 23 July, 14:00 – 16:00.  It's an easy entrance with no steps, good car park, bar plus tea/coffee. 2.00pm start and £6 admission.

  • 18/07/15 - Jack Kinsey's funeral will be held at Southern Cemetery, Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 7GL, on 27th July 2015, at 11:30 a.m. No further information so far- Joe Silmon

  • 18/07/15 - Two of the leading lights of the Manchester jazz scene for some 60 years died on the same day within hours of each other. Eunice Malloch, in her late 70s, and John “Jack” Kinsey, in his late 80s, were great friends, often attending gigs together. Chris Lee has sent me an obituary which I have added to the tribute pages

  • 16/07/15 - New Venue - The Savoy Jazzmen have a new weekly residency starting on Monday 27th July at the Hilbre Court Pub, Banks Road, West Kirby, Wirral. CH48 3HU. We will be playing from 8.45 - 10.45 p.m. Lovely supportive management and friendly staff. - Peter Swensson

  • 16/07/15 - This photo was taken last Tuesday at the Palm House in Sefton Park where 85 people attended the brolly parade and listed to the Savoy Jazzmen.

  • 15/07/15 - Willing to travel  around Cumbria & Southern Scotland,  Stewart Jessett  is the latest musician to join the deps list with a Double Bass and vocals,

  • 14/07/15 - Walter Love's Radio Ulster Jazz Club programme on Sunday 12.07.15 featured British classic jazz bands of the fifties and sixties for the whole one hour.. Well worth a listen on BBC IPlayer! - David Evans

  • 13/07/15 - Don't forget you can read about all forms of jazz from around the world with my weekly newspaper at

  • 11/07/15 - Eunice Malloch's funeral will take place on Thursday 16th July 2015 at 3.15 pm to 3.45pm, Stockport Crematorium ROWAN Chapel and afterwards at the Alma Lodge Hotel.149, Buxton Road, Stockport. SK2 6EL, where you are invited to the Buffet and first free drink courtesy of Eunice at the bar and a Finger Buffet menu.. As Eunice would say “ Help yourself and ENJOY”. This message and further information from Eunice’s sister and niece - Jean Higham and Rachael Higham, can be read by clicking here.

  • 11/07/15 - Daytime jazz events midweek coming up include Annie's Saints And Sinners at The Dog & Partridge, Bollington, Macclesfield on Monday, 13 July, 14:00 – 16:00, Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz at Poynton British Legion. on Thu, 16 July, 14:00 – 16:30, Adm £6, and The High Society Jazz Band  on Fri, 17 July, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth, where there are Tea Rooms and good food available. It's free admission, but a collection will be taken.

  • 11/07/15 - Birthday Wishes tomorrow (Sunday) to Cyril Wroe, ex leader of the Festival Jazzmen in Blackpool, and on Monday to bass player Isabel Toner.

  • 11/07/15 - The Savoy Jazzmen are leading the worship at All Saints' Parish Church, Childwall Abbey Road, Childwall, Liverpool. L16 0JW on Sunday 19th July. The service starts with a Mardi Gras parade number into church from the vicarage entrance at 6.20 p.m. Please bring your parasol/umbrella and join in.  The band will be leading the service with well known hymns. There will be a special parade number around the church for the young ones during the service.  Admission is free as the timing of this service follows the normal pattern of worship in the church.  Everyone welcome, young and old.  Further details from Peter Swensson, 0151 722 1478

  • 08/07/15 - So sorry to read Joe Silmon’s note about the passing of Eunice Malloch and Jack Kinsey. I met Jack on a trip to New Orleans in 1973 and always saw him at all the important jazz gigs in the Manchester area until last year.  Eunice and her late husband John were renowned promoter’s in Stockport and at Birch Hall Hotel in Oldham. Eunice lost her zest for life after losing her husband but kept up her support for Manchester Jazz Society and going to some concerts with Jack when health allowed.  I have a lot of happy memories of some great gigs thanks to Eunice and John’s reputation and ability to book the big name American stars over many years.  Eunice and Jack will be a sad loss to the jazz community.   RIP - David Woonton

  • 08/07/15 - The New Riverside Jazz Band are now playing at the Black Bull, Bentham , every month instead of bi monthly. It will be on the second Mondays.

  • 08/07/15 - The gig list for The Shrimper in Southport has been updated.

  • 07/07/15 - Anybody intending to go to  Charles Wilson's memorial service at  St. Collen's Parish Church, Llangollen, should be aware that the Eisteddfod is on. Brian Woods suggests you use the A5 on which the church is located.

  • 06/07/15 - Annie's Saints & Sinners are playing a new venue - The Packhorse pub on Chelford Road, Broken Cross, Macclesfield on this coming Friday at 7.30pm. Due to change of managers, the advertising is rather sparse says Annie. She says, "It would be nice if we could get some people in and then we might get another booking!".

  • 06/07/15 - Just to remind jazz fans that  the Altrincham Garrick theatre closes for August , so Bunters Imperials will be playing at the theatre this Sunday 12th July, then the following session will be Sunday 13th September. Thereafter it will be every 2nd Sunday in the month i.e. 11th October, 8th November and 13th December. Thank you for all your support and a special big thank you to Betty for making the butties!! - Trish Galloway

  • 06/07/15 - Today, Monday 6th July 2015, I was told officially by author Bill Birch, that our dear friends, Eunice Malloch and Jack Kinsey, both passed away on Friday 3rd of July; Eunice at St. Ann's Hospice, Heald Green, and Jack at Wythenshawe Hospital.   The message was relayed to Bill Birch by Eunice's sister, Jean. This is devastating news, especially as they both left us on exactly the same day and at approximately the same time. Bill Birch and Chris Lee were allowed to be with Eunice and Jack, respectively, in their worst hours. I shall leave it to them to pass on further information, under the circumstances, and to tell us all about their highly productive lives in the furtherance of Jazz in the Manchester area.  May I join those of you in the Manchester Jazz Society and the local Jazz Community in general, and anyone who knew Eunice or Jack more personally, in your thoughts and prayers via the auspices of Fred and his priceless website, in our joint condolences offered to Jean and to all of Eunice's family and Jack's family, respectively. - Joe Silmon

  • 06/07/15 -   The funeral for Charles Wilson takes place at:-  Chester Crematorium, Blacon Ave., Chester. CH1 5BB, this Friday 10 July at 09-20hrs.   The Tuxedo Jazz band will accompany the Cortege from the gates to the Sanctuary.  After the funeral there is a Memorial Service starting at 11am in:  St. Collen's Parish Church, Regent St., Llangollen. LL20 8HL.   At both venues all are welcome.  - Brian Woods.

  • 06/07/15 - Just got back from 'The Centre of the Universe' ( ie Dove Holes ) and see on your 'News Page', my old promoting pal David has been to his version of God's own country, Ireland, of course being the real and original one ( ! ) Once again Barry and Roger have delivered the goods, a really good mix of splendid jazz at their very friendly Village Hall venue. Nice to see Ged Hone (out of retirement once again ?) with the drumless Wabash Jazz - shame they were there for just the one session. Thomas Langham, now having two church services to his credit, has made it clear he likes doing them - so do we obviously, as the church was crammed full ! The impromptu 'fireworks display' over our tent at 2.45 Saturday morning was very disconcerting ! Barry's comment on it was, ' as it was free we didn't see the need to mention it in the programme ! '   My wife and I now see our visit to Dove Holes as our warm-up for our run down to Trevor Stent's amazing FestJazz festival at Chatenauf du Faou in Brittany, end of this month. You have mentioned the Bohem Ragtime Band's UK tour, and, of course, Trevor will be having them for three days to really spoil us, along with Hippocampus Jazz Gang, Electric Swing Circus, and a superb backing line-up of French and UK musicians.   To add some 'icing to the cake', the Greek's 'NO' vote looks good for the Euro Rate, which should help with our replenishment of a nearly bare wine cellar ! - Norman Gibson

  • 06/07/15 - Hi Fred, a neighbour knocked on our front door at 3.a.m yesterday morning. I couldn't believe it, 3.a.m !    Luckily I was still up playing my drums - Moe Green

  • 06/07/15 - The High Society Jazz band will be playing at Halton Church on Friday 10th July at 7.30pm,  and not in September, as originally planned. All are welcome - this is not a church service; it is one of a series of concerts which uses the church as a venue. At the moment, access to Halton from the west, via Foundry Lane (i.e. from the crossroads at Slyne on the A6) is not possible because of the link road closures. There is a diversion in place which means allowing a few more minutes on the journey. Access from the east (Caton), or from Lancaster via Green Lane and Halton Road is not affected. - Dave Bateman

  • 05/07/15 - Three musicians with birthdays this week. Lindsay Taylor and Tony Dunleavy will be celebrating their birthdays on Monday, and Ian Royle moves up a gear on Saturday. Many Happy Returns to you all.

  • 05/07/15 -  Just one mid week daytime jazz event this week- The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 7 July, 14:00 – 16:00. Tickets cost £5.00 which includes refreshments. Tickets can be reserved by ringing 0151 726 9304 or alternatively you can pay at the door. Further information can be obtained from Peter Swensson 0151 722 1478.

  • 02/07/15 - The Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band are set to tour the UK again from the 16th July, but the nearest they'll make it to the North West will be Coventry I'm afraid. You can see the full itinerary at

  • 02/07/15 - It must have caused some considerable amusement amongst band members when the Red Rose Band turned up again this year for the Ribchester Annual Music Festival only to find that Grand Marshall David Woonton, had a scarecrow double! This year the festival featured a scarecrow theme for the first time and I'll leave you to you decide which is which in this photograph by band member Barrie Marshall. As always on this page, you can click on the picture for a larger version.

  • 02/07/15 - David Wellock writes, "Just back from God's country and managed a visit to the York Street Sports and Social Club in Bingley last Thursday, to see my old mate Harry Long, who puts together the Frisco Bay Hot Stompers for special occasions - and what a lovely evening we had - some very good jazz was enjoyed by all and, of course, being in Yorkshire, it was FREE !".

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