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News & Views - February 2016

  • 11/02/16 - Brian Mcquillin (Custer's Last Band) asks, "Does anyone have the dots for Miss Jenny's Ball that they are willing to share?

  • 11/02/16 - We went out for a ride yesterday over the Lancashire/Yorkshire moors, and having heard my MP3 tracks several times, I turned on the Radio. It was Radio Lancashire and I suddenly realised they were live from the Robert Gillow in Lancaster, and who should be about to play, but none other than regular pianist, jazz singer and ukulele teacher, Sue Parish. If you can't see the player controls below, try clicking here to listen to this extract courtesy of Radio Lancashire

  • 11/02/16 - I spotted this item in Ewbanks Salerooms - "Salisbury Stompers, Three Jazz Band master tapes, all dated 14th October 1978". They had a delivery charge of £30. Must have laid down some pretty heavy tracks!  The only mention I could find about the band using Google, referred to the sale of the tapes. Think I'll pass on this one.

  • 11/02/16 - According to The Guardian", Jazz musicians will feature prominently in the movies in 2016, with the theatrical release of two highly anticipated films: Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle’s homage to trumpet legend Miles Davis (1 April), and Canadian director Robert Budreau’s Born to Be Blue, featuring Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker, the noted trumpeter, singer and style icon (25 March).

  • 11/02/16 - Arcade Fire have just shared official footage from David Bowie tribute parade on YouTube at . I was never a Bowie fan, but the views of the streets of New Orleans are quite interesting.

  • 10/02/16 - Re: Noel Broadgate's comment (10/08), The rehearsal blowing-band, most certainly is still running. It seriously tapered off after Bill Oldham died but is beginning to grow again. The organisation has fallen by default to my partner, sax playing Carole Wilson. They meet on Thursday evenings at the venue quoted by Noel and details can be obtained via me @ Fred although simply turning-up unannounced with a grand-piano under your arm would have the same chance of success.  Prior to my recent holiday at the NHS Cardiac Dept. Wythenshawe, I used to do the occasional work-shop with them. Probably will do more but please don't let that put you off.  - Howard Murray

  • 09/02/16 - Mart Rodger must have been sorry to have missed his gig at Rochdale last Sunday which was due to a bit of  sawing that aggravated an old hand injury. John Hallam stepped in to help out, telling Mart it was wonderful to play with such a good band when Mart telephoned him to say thank you.  This photograph sent in to me by Brian Taylor will no doubt show Mart what he missed. Click on the picture for a larger version

  • 09/02/16 - Many Happy Returns today to Judy Eames.

  • 08/02/16 - Bill Williamson is the latest person to snap up one of the 4 remaining George Lewis DVDs, and he tells me he's a regular at Delph Band Club. I asked if the hot beef sandwiches were still going strong, and he told me, "Yes the Hot Beef sarnies are as good as ever, a bargain at £2, Only equalled by the quality of the music, ! !.  It,s amazing that the venue is not better supported, the only thing asked is that £2 of raffle tickets are bought, for which there are 3 prizes.  The musicians really play for their love of jazz, not just died in the wool trad but lots of tunes and songs played in the New Orleans style. Of course this is a legacy of the Dave Donohoe band which is the basis of the 7 piece current line up.  We're really trying to get more support, and when people are paying £6 - £8 at other venues, it makes one wonder if they're aware of what they're missing for the price of a raffle ticket. The liquid refreshment is good also, goes well in helping to complement the beef".

  • 08/02/16 - Regarding Andy Hyam's enquiry, as erudite guru Monsieur Green pointed out, new on the scene 40 years ago was easier. Also, being a drummer, makes it more difficult to get a "sit in", as I found out being a pianist. The guy who plays a trumpet, clarinet, or banjo can just turn up with his instrument under his arm. Not so if the instrument be drums or piano. Easier for me 40 years ago to get a "sit in" as every venue had a piano, usually so clapped out, out of tune and heavy of action that the regular pianist was only too pleased to step down, repair to the bar, or seek some female company. Being more positive, there is more than one rehearsal band locally; the one that I used to go to when I was getting back into the groove after an illness used to meet at a Church Hall in Withington, Manchester. I will see if I can find out if it is still going and who runs it these days. Good luck. Keep calm and carry on drumming. - Noel Broadgate

  • 08/02/16 - Re Louisville jazz Band (03/02/16), I have had a couple of flashbacks to the Black Lion days and seem to recall that possibly Dave and Stuart Wren may have been part of the regular line up for a time as well. I don't know if Joe recalls this , as my memory isn't brilliant t

  • 07/02/16 - Regarding Andy Hyams' query about playing jazz. He should have had a go 48yrs.ago. The jazz scene today is a bit poorly and all I can suggest is that he seeks out some jazz clubs and asks to sit in although if he is unknown it would depend on the band leader. I would advise him to try with lesser known bands and it would depend what style of jazz he prefers. I will probably upset lots of people ( nothing new there ) ! but it is not the best of times for getting into jazz although the music is crying out for new blood. - Moe Green

  • 06/02/16 - Regarding Trevor Stent's "advice" to young ladies (01/02/16), it's always the poor bloody drummer that gets it. - Mike McCombe.

  • 06/02/16 - I've been asked to let readers know about a Jazzfest  at Sea, which covers Traditional Jazz, Classic Jazz, Chicago Jazz, Swing etc. The cruise departs from Miami to the Southern Caribbean on the MSC Divina for 10-nights of jazz and fun from December 6 - 16, 2016.  If you are interested, you can get full details at

  • 06/02/16 - Radio 3 tonight at midnight - Geoffrey Smith's Jazz pays tribute to a New Orleans immortal, pianist-composer Jelly Roll Morton. No doubt you can catch up on sleep later or catch up on "listen again". Whilst searching for it, following a call from Barrie Marshall, I discovered a whole section on Jazz Profiles. Check out 

  • 06/02/16 - Andy Hyams writes, "I have been playing drums for over 48 years, done a bit of everything, rock, pop, blues, the working men's club circuit to some big theatres, but I have always wanted to play jazz. Trouble is I am not sure were to start. I have left ad's in music stores across the region, searched various web sites etc, but nothing seems to come to fruition.  If you have any advice or people/places I could contact it would be most appreciated".  Any suggestions?

  • 06/02/16 - An interview with Mart Rodger by co-hosts Mike Sweeney & Gerald Jackson on BBC Radio Manchester on 1st February 2016 as part of the BBC series "People's History of Pop".


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  • 06/02/16 - Hi Fred,  I used to attend the Manchester College of Building on Hardman Street and was always successful in getting Friday for my day release there. During the period  1964-1965, I used to finish college at 6.45 and go straight to the Black Lion, where after a few months of soaking up the sounds of The Louisville band, I was asked if I would be the money man on the door.  Sitting outside the door on the stair landing I could still hear the band and Dave Wright always let me have a sit in on Sousaphone after the interval. I got ten bob for doing the door which on most nights was more than the band got. Invariably I never took any money but Ken Buchanan used to go mad and insist that I took my ten bob.   At that time, from memory the band was fairly fluid but I recall Jim Percival Trumpet, Ken Buchanan Clarinet, Dave Wright Sousaphone, Charlie Bentley Banjo.  Trombone cant recall, and Drummer, possibly Ian Doxey on drums as that would be about the time I first met Ian or Ian Rose  , but I honestly can't recall but there was always a plethora of sitters in and deps during the second half , such as Bob Ascoe, Terry Brunt, Gabe Hession, Dwight Gidney, Joe Silmon and many, many more.  I don't remember Julie at that time as we didn't meet till I joined the Harlem Hot Stompers some years later.  It was a great grounding for an impressionable 16 year old. - Tony Kennedy

  • 06/02/16 - Bunters Imperials at the Altrincham Garrick on Sunday 14th February will have two special guests. Both Derek and John Tucker are away with the Temperance Seven so for one week only our guests are  Eric Brierley trombone and John Spall clarinet and alto-sax.   Eric will also be our special guest on Tuesday 8th. March at the Crown in Stockport.

  • 06/02/16 - Thanks to Sheila Collier posting a link on Facebook I've embedded a YouTube video on the site featuring Sheila & The Red River Jazzmen and you can see it on the Red River Jazz Band page which can be accessed via Jazz Extras and the "Whatever Happened To" and "Reminiscing" Links.

  • 05/02/16 - Steve Crocker posted the following message on his Northern Jazz-live Blog and wondered if anybody on the right side of the Pennines (only joking), might be able to help   - My father was Bob Barclay and was one of the founding members of the Yorkshire jazz band and I am trying to collect as much information about his club studio 20 and the band as its a slice of social history. I'd like to document, before its all forgotten. I have a C90 tape that was given to me some 40 years ago and I would like to get it moved over to digital asap as its so old as, it has all the tracks that the band made in chronological order from the late 40s to early 50s. I have no idea of the track names or who the artists are and was wondering if anyone could help me with this project. - Simon Barclay

  • 04/02/16 - I recall the Louisville J/B operating between 1961 and '62, and sometimes appearing at the 2 Js (or the Oasis), Brazennose St., off Albert Square.  However, I can say, with a lot more conviction, that when Charlie was in the Ian Rose Jazz Band, he was a whipper-snapper of 16 years! So that will set the memory cogs in motion, and, hopefully, provide a reasonable time-scale. The line-up, I'm looking at, undated, shows: Ian Rose (dms/ldr); Charlie Bentley (bjo); Dave Wright (sousaphone); Ken Buchanan (clt); Alf Holiday*(tpt); Bob Aspinall (tbn); my lovely lifelong friend Julie Flynn (vocals). Tony Smith joined at about the same time as Julie. So this is possibly about 1962-63???   [Alf Holiday: he and Geoff Wilde, drummer Mike Gilman and me formed our first Jazz outfit at Sparrow Hardwick's in the Stationery Office, lunchtimes, about 1954].   I hope the above helps Charlie Bentley. - Joe Silmon

  • 03/02/16 - Paul Medina joins the De La Salle Swing band on bass for the first event of the New Year on Tuesday night February 9th. Full details are obtained by clicking the event in What's On

  • 03/02/16 - Before my memory goes completely, I have been reminded that I played with the Louisville Jazz Band for a short while before going on to "bigger" things. I can remember the band name but cannot recall a time frame or indeed the band in detail.  I played with the Ian Rose JB (Thursdays) and the New Iberia JB (Sundays) at the Black Lion Hotel until joining the Savannah JB (January 1964?). I always thought I went straight from these bands to the Savannah JB and can only think the Louisville JB was a short period in-between. I seem to think the Louisville was a follow on from the Ian Rose JB when Iain joined Ged Hone? Mike Pembroke seems to think band members of the Louisville were Jim Percival (trumpet), Joe Silmon, Mervin Calvert, Iain Doxey (drums), Larry Hurst?   Any ideas Joe Silmon? - Charlie Bentley.  Or anybody else for that matter - FB

  • 03/02/16 - The Blue Mags now have Phil Lucas joining them on a regular basis, and will be restructuring its repertoire accordingly. The band is hoping to return to playing the sort of music that originally made the Mags so popular".

  • 02/02/16 - I've just spent a couple of days checking out all the links on my Links Page, and removing the ones that end up nowhere. Feel free to surf around and enjoy some of the sites you've never visited before. Just one request, if you find any links that are no longer valid, please contact me and let me know. I've just been listening to some great jazz tracks on -  'A Year Of Jazz' with Neil Sheldon, which appears to be on between noon and 1pm every day.

  • 01/02/16 - Fraser McCombe tells me that the New Orleans Z’hulus will appear again in Macclesfield on Sunday 17th April 2017, 8 pm at a new venue, The Tytherington Club, Dorchester Way, Tytherington, Macclesfield. SK10 2JP.  It's not too far from the previous one, better bar with more staff, wider choice of drink etc, Better parking.  

    Frase writes, "Brian Turnock tells me that John Defferary is still waiting for an operation and won’t be able to make the tour, last year's substitute, Jesper Capion Larsen,will again take his place. A fine clarinet player who many will be familiar with from his UK tours with “Doc” Houlind. Paul Sealey on guitar/banjo will again replace Emile van der Pelt.  This will be the Z’hulus last visit to the North!! Brian Turnock tells me that future tours of the UK will be shorter and confined to the South, the rigours of travelling have taken their toll. So, with this sad news, Melanie & I have decided to abandon our annual concert here in Macclesfield.  We are getting past the stage of wanting to carry on with a new and unfamiliar band, it’s a bit of deja vu really, we reached this stage some years ago when Barry Martyn told us he was giving up his annual UK visit and we had then decided to finish as well before we were persuaded by Brian to take on the Z’hulus. A decision we never regretted, we have enjoyed all their concerts and they have been an absolute joy to work with. 

    We would love to go out on high and therefore hope that all of our friends and loyal guests turn up to say goodbye to us and the Z’hulus.   As usual tickets in advance from :-  Fraser McCombe, Home Tel: 01625 429356 Mob. 077 988 51850".

  • 01/02/16 - I realise you have your own mandate to endeavour to restrict 'plugging' of jazz events to within the North West, but I feel as a jazz follower/promoter who visits/supports NW jazz venues, I should make known to other like minded NW people, news of anything really good on the horizon outside our area. Early information assures me that the end of July FestJazz Festival in Chatenauf du Foau, Brittany, shows it hotting up to be perhaps the best so far. It is helped, in no small way, by big company sponsorship from Brittany Ferries. (Brittany Ferries have now put their travel deals out for 2016 FestJazz Brittany. The travel ticket even gets a reduction on the cost of the weekend stroller from 59 to 50 euros. Go to ).  

    The amazing Sant Andreu Jazz Band, seldom seen outside their Barcelona base, are returning. As also are last years surprise young band, with the incongruous name 'The Old Chaps'. Dreo, their singer, a star in the making, has the touch and talent of the late Amy Winehouse. 'Dizzy Birds (Berlin), 'The French Rag' (Lille) and 'Louis Prima Forever (Paris), all treats for the swing dancers, are booked and can be viewed on Youtube videos. Ben Holder Quartet will be there, and, when the full programme is complete, I would expect that, of getting on a hundred musicians, the majority will be under thirty and very talented. That, in itself, is great news for the future of 'our' jazz. 

    I'm hooked - and booked! - Norman  Gibson.
    Thanks Norman, and organiser Trevor Stent, ex Blue Mags band leader, is another NW connection of course.

  • 01/02/16 - Thanks to our son's gift of a generous voucher, we finally made a visit to Matt and Phred's Jazz bar on Tib Street Manchester on Thursday. Good, and busy with a surprisingly youngish enthusiastic crowd, it was too. It had the feel of a jazz bar in New Orleans, maybe even the like of a Fritzels. Mind you, we picked our evening featuring Jamie Brownfield's new quartet, made up with three of the best, Tom Kincaid (grand Piano, no less!) Ken Marley (D/bass) and the young Jack Cotterill on a decent size drum kit. This four piece will be a hit, it swung and the solos were amazing and plentiful. Couldn't knock anything on the whole evening, the staff were great, and, to cap it all, my wife who had mislaid her gloves there, got a 'phone call from the booking girl and they are returning them in the post ! Howszat ? For anyone interested, they are on again towards the end of February. -  Norman and Meryl Gibson

  • 01/02/16 - Barrie Marshall has rung to tell me that the New Riverside Jazz Band's regular monthly gig at The Wagon & Horses in Lancaster has been cancelled in February, as the flood cleanup has not yet been completed.

  • 01/02/16 - "You may have already seen, and published, this article before but I had not seen it", writes Trevor Stent. "We will be distributing this advice to all the young women attending Fest Jazz in July this year! (taken from “Follies”, a British magazine 1933).  Would your readers agree with this warning?”  -  "I am a young girl 18 years old and have a boy friend just two years older. We love each other very much, but my parents will not permit us to marry because he plays the saxophone in a jazz, orchestra. What can I do? ..........  Ans. A jazz orchestra is no place to find a husband, but if you must take a chance, a man who plays the saxophone is better than one who plays the flute. Personally, we wouldn't trust even the drummer". - Trevor Stent

  • 01/02/16 - I switched on the radio on Friday 29th January, and caught latter half of the afternoon drama entitled "Blood Count". It was a play about Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn. I quote from the Radio Times:   "A speculative drama by Ian Smith, imagining an exchange between jazz composer Billy Strayhorn and musician Duke Ellington as they recorded Blood Count, the1967 piece that would become Strayhorn's last composition. Making use of an interview with Time magazine, which revealed previously unsuspected truths about the pair's collaborative methods, the drama explores their working relationship". I found it to be a very interesting work, quite controversial and well worth a listen on the BBC i-player.  - Laurie Cooper.

  • 01/02/16 Frank Slater (trombone) is no stranger to these pages and is a musician with with a great pedigree - "a well known musician in Jazz, Swing, TV and recording studios. Twelve years as Music Centre's Co-ordinator. He joined the great Syd Lawrence Orchestra in 1991 until 1999. Since then he has been backing American artists and the BBC Big Band and Glenn Miller (UK) Orchestra".   Well Franks has been off the scene for a couple of years, and tells me "I stopped playing for a while, but, around last September, I got “the Urge” again, and I’ve been practising (a bit!). My details are on your deps list, but “S” is a long way down, alphabetically, so I wonder whether you would remind people that I am available for deps. within reasonable distance from my home in Warrington. I know that there is very little playing to be had, so I am especially grateful to those few who have used me during the past five months".

January 2016

  • 31/01/16 - There are now less than 6 DVDs left of the George Lewis DVD recorded for TV in Japan in 1963. This is an amazing quality production considering it was recorded in black and white over 50 years ago. The DVD is posted out from Australia and will normally take between 10-15 days to arrive in the UK.  So far 326 DVDs have been posted out, and the only single adverse comment was about the band line-up. Not a lot can be done about that. If you want a copy, contact me asap, as there will be no further copies available once these are gone. I will update the number of copies still available, on the Main Menu

  • 31/01/16 - Daytime jazz events midweek include - The Savoy Jazzmen who are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday, 2 February, from 14:00 – 16:00 and Mike Lovell's Sticky Rock Jazz Band at Cleveleys Working Man's Club on Wednesday, 3 February, 14:00 – 16:00

  • 31/01/16 - Musicians with birthdays this week are - Ken Doran today, Brian Carrick & Tony Pollitt tomorrow and Alan Matthews on Wednesday. Many Happy Returns to you all.

  • 29/01/16 - "On Wednesday 9th March I will be 80 years old" writes Mart Rodger. "Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz are playing an afternoon session at Poynton Methodist Church in Civic Car Park, Park Road where Janet and I worship. We will start at 2.00pm and the admission will be free, however donations plus money made from a raffle will go to MHA and Adopt A Child. Janet and I support education for twins in Guatemala through Adopt A Child and we enjoy receiving photographs and messages from them".

  • 29/01/16 - At our Monday Residency at The Arden Arms Monday Feb 8th we, Louisiana Highway, will be playing Mardi Gras music and songs during the evening.  - John Pashley.

  • 27/01/16 - Good to hear that Paul & Sally Loftus have dusted off  their jazz promoting hats, after what seems an age, to present Spats Langham on Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Martin Litton on Piano and Richard Vernon on double bass for an evening of entertainment at The Prince of Wales, Foxfield, Cumbria, on Monday February 15th at 8.00 pm. More details by clicking here

  • 27/01/16 - The Parade Jazzband are are having our annual Mardi Gras evening at the Boathouse, Parkgate, Nr. Neston Wirral CH64 6RN on Tuesday 9/2/16. It's a fun night with free beads, bright clothes (brollies optional) and a feast of New Orleans Jazz from the Parade Jazzband.- Roy Gregory

  • 27/01/16 - Dear Fred, I led your readers to believe I had not heard from The Alzheimer's Society regarding our £500 donation from the sale of our Milk of Amnesia CD. Sorting through correspondence today, an unopened letter from said Society turned up, so I've made a humble apology to Saul Scarry of the Society. We're now over £200 on our way to the next £500 donation thanks to so many generous folk. Meanwhile, a happy Chinese New Year to all your readers - Malcolm Hogarth

    Malcolm.27/01/16 -
    Every now and again an historical gem turns up, and Joe Silmon has tracked down his old vinyl recording he last saw in Spain, with the help of his great niece over there. She has unearthed the Tony Smith Jazzmen Broadcast, recorded at Studio 1, at the BBC in Piccadilly Manchester on 5th February 1962. It features Tony Smith (tpt/ldr), George Radcliffe (tbn), Joe Silmon (clt), John Featherstone (pno), Moe Green (dms), Bob Ascough (bjo) and Bob Leaver (d/bs). I've uploaded the 1st track, "Who's Sorry Now", which I hope you can listen to here.

  • 24/01/16 - Now here's an interesting idea from Noel Broadgate - There is a new initiative at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyne. Folk bring in their unwanted CD's and put them in a box. Any one who wants one can help themselves, leaving a donation in the mug provided. What is collected goes to Club Funds. I managed to acquire an Art Tatum and a Scott Joplin. Yet another good reason for joining the happy throng on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Great Jazz, drinks at Club prices, sandwiches to order, and CD's, sometimes rare editions. And all for a mere £2 admission. See you there!

  • 24/01/16 - Daytime jazz events this week include Mike Lovell's Six in A Bar on Wed, 27 January, 12:00 – 14:30 at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood, and  Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 28 January, 14:00 – 16:00.

  • 24/01/16 - Pete Vickers & Terry Binns share birthdays on Monday, followed by Paul Adams (Lake Records) on Tuesday, and Terry Porter will be celebrating his birthday on Friday.

  • 22/01/16 - Hugh Potter’s funeral will be at St Bartholomew’s Church in Thurstaston, Wirral, CH61 0HW, at 12:00 midday on Friday, 5th February 2016. The Original Panama Jazzband will be play before and after the service.   The Committal and Cremation will be at Landican Crematorium, Arrow Park Road, Wirral, CH49 5LW, at 1:00 pm.    Afterwards, there will be refreshments at The Riverhill Hotel, Talbot Road, Birkenhead CH43 2H, where musicians are invited to play - Jon Critchley

  • 22/01/16 - The Jazz Festivals Page for North West venues, has been updated

  • 21/01/16 - I've just received the Hungarian Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band 2016 UK tour itinerary. If you'd like a copy, let me know. The nearest venue for us Northerners will be 8 May, Sun, 8 pm: Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, England/UK

  • 20/01/16 - I love the talent of this young lady 450 views already and it only went on yesterday!

  • 18/01/16 - Terry Cheney tells me that Alan Davies (Amersham) and Terry Hooper (New Townhouse) have advertised a Charity Flood Appeal event in February edition of Jazz Guide for Cumbria Community Foundation/Daily Mail Flood Appeal. Feb 19th @ New Townhouse Jazz Club with Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits. What a great bunch of jazzers. More details here

  • 18/01/16 - My turn to make lunch today, and when I sat down Barbara had the TV on ready for the News at 1pm. Bargain Hunt had just started, and I wasn't watching until I heard Tim Wonnacott say, "Now Julie, you run a hotel which you combine with your passion for jazz". That made me lift my head and prick my ears up, and when I heard her say, "We have a hotel in Southport and run a lot of jazz weekends", I realised it was Julie and her daughter Kate from the Talbot Hotel.   Julie said she was looking for anything jazz, anything from New Orleans, and settled on a voodoo doll from the Belgian Congo! I won't spoil the outcome, as I'm sure those of you who have been to the Talbot Jazz Weekends, will be delighted to see them again on The programme was recorded in 2015.

  • 17/01/16 - A reminder that Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz return to Poynton British Legion to-morrow night at 7.30 p. m. It is the 3rd Monday of the month now as the 3rd Thursday is no longer available.

  • 17/01/16 - New Orleans city centre was effectively shut down yesterday (January 16) as a second line parade held in honour of the late David Bowie drew hundreds onto the streets. Organised by known Bowie collaborators Arcade Fire and Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the procession marched through the city performing The Thin White Duke's most famous songs, effectively shutting down entire streets of the city. Arcade Fire & Preservation Hall Jazz Band performed "Heroes" at the start of their David Bowie tribute second line parade just outside Preservation Hall in New Orleans, LA on January 16, 2016.


  • 17/01/16 - Annie Cousins (Annie's Saints & Sinners) writes, Our gig at the Egerton in Chelford on Friday Jan 29th has been cancelled as a Burns night takes preference. All being well, we will be there on the last Friday in April.  Our spot at Macclesfield Treacle Market is still going strong with a good audience even in bad weather! We are on YouTube as background music to a video of the market with flashes of the band under Macclesfield Treacle Market 2015. Thanks for all your good work with your website! Jazz in the North West wouldn't be the same without you!


  • 16/01/16 - Hugh Potter's funeral will be at St Bartholomew’s Church in Thurstaston, Wirral, CH61 0HW, at 12:00 midday on Friday, 5th February 2016, followed by Committal and Cremation at Landican Crematorium, Arrow Park Road, Wirral, CH49 5LW, at 1:00 pm.  Musicians wishing to take part are invited to assemble in the Chancel of the church to be ready to play as the funeral party arrives at the church. - Jon Critchley

  • 16/01/16 - Peter Kerr is writing a new book about his time in the Clyde Valley Stompers. Peter, who produced the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards' international chart-topper, Amazing Grace, the biggest-selling instrumental ever, recalled how the Clyde Valley Stompers had performed on the same show as The Beatles in February 1963. The item appears in the East Lothian Courier at

  • 16/01/16 - There are no daytime jazz events coming up mid week it would appear, so good luck to all those willing to brave the ice and cold weather to get to venues, especially the musicians who'll try to get there come hail rain or snow.

  • 16/01/16 - It's a Happy Birthday to Band Marshall Jeff Roberts who's birthday is on Monday, and to reed player John Hallam who celebrates his on Tuesday

  • 14/01/16 - The entry on your website about the  World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest reminds me of when, some 30 or so years ago, I entered for the Pub Pianist of the Year Competition, for the preliminaries of which, you had to send in a recording, on tape as it was in the day. I actually entered twice, once under my own name playing "pub stuff", whilst under a pseudonym, I played a more jazz-orientated selection. Amazingly, we both got through to the regional finals, held in Manchester. Naturally, I came clean, and just "me" turned up for the live performance. Sad to relate, I did not win; close, but no cigar. As the finals were due to be broadcast, at the allotted time, I was crouched over my Cat's Whisker, and there I was, on the air, "almost famous" some would say. Just by chance, friend and superb pianist, John Featherstone, had been on the BBC recording crew that night, and kindly gave me a copy of the tape, reel-to-reel. Sorry, folks, not a success story, but it will certainly be in my Memoirs. - Noel Broadgate

  • 12/01/16 - St Thomas's Church in Parkgate presents a Winter Warmer Evening with The Parade Jazz Band. This is on Wednesday 20th January, starting at 8pm. The band will provide a special programme to warm everyone up on a cold night and there will be refreshments to purchase. Tickets are £6 from Moskitos Cafe, which is behind the church on the left or from 0151 336 2530. Attached is a photo of the current line up taken last night by Clive Edwards.

  • 12/01/16 - Perhaps you could give a plug to the jazz history in 10 parts now on Radio BBC 2 at 10pm each Thursday, by Guy Barker (Jazz on The Record). The first part last week (click for iPlayer) was about early jazz and 14th January will deal with the birth of the soloists - Clive Edwards. This a repeat of the series first broadcast in 2010 - Fred

  • 12/01/16 - If your correspondents are not able to travel far during this bleak midwinter, then why not listen (again) to Walter Love's Radio Ulster Jazz Club on BBC IPlayer. Last Sunday's offering featured some of Wally Fawkes' favourite recordings as a follow-up to his previous week's conversation with Wally, a very interesting character of many talents. - David Evans

  • 12/01/16 - Big Band followers might like to know that currently on a UK wide tour, and ahead of her new album soon to be released, the delightful BBCR2 presenter and multi award winning artist Clare Teal will play the following gig on Sat 30th Jan - Clare Teal and her Mini Big Band @ Oldham Coliseum, Fairbottom Street, Oldham, OL1 3SW

  • 12/01/16 - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz has been booked to play at The Printworks on Saturday, 5th March during the Film Festival, prior to the world premiere of the film, "There's A Future In The Past". This is a documentary about the Brooklyn Jazz Musician, Vince Giordano, who brought music to "Broadwalk Empire" and numerous Woody Allen films. Vince will be playing alongside the band in the afternoon and his film will be shown at 7.00 p.m.  Mart & Janet recently went over to Sweden to visit Mart's brother, and whilst in a restaurant in Stockholm, was recognised by jazz fans on the next table, who it seems had gone over on the same plane and were regulars at The Wilbraham Arms. This information courtesy of Mart's latest Newsletter which will appear on his website soon no doubt.

  • 11/01/16 - The WirrOrleans Jazz Band have had to move to temporary premises at The Hop & Horn in Formby on 29th Jan and 26th Feb, due to clash of dates at the cricket club. The band returns to the Cricket Club in March, but it will be on March 18th, after which it will return to the last Friday in the month.

  • 10/01/16 - You learn something new every day. Did you know that every year there's a  World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest held to provide an opportunity for aspiring pianists to compete and learn in a stimulating atmosphere, and to educate people about old-time piano music written prior to 1940? Unfortunately you'd have a long way to go, it's in Oxford, Mississippi. I've added a link on the links page as requested by Ian Hominick, Assoc. Prof. of Music - University of Mississippi

  • 10/01/16 - There is a now a tribute page for Hugh Potter and a lot of nice comments added. Feel free to send in any memories you have of Hugh.

  • 09/01/16 - This month's Jazzquiz on Ian Maund's website is a multiple choice quiz - hopefully making the 'Challenge' a little easier!

  • 09/01/16 - A couple of daytime midweek gigs for you - Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Monday, 14:00, and The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Friday at 12:30, where there's Tea Rooms, Good food available and a collection taken. Let's hope it's stopped raining.

  • 08/01/16 - Chris Barber and the Big Chris Barber Band are set to appear at Liverpool’s St George’s Hall on Monday 22 February 2016, 7.30pm. Admission: £25 (+booking fees). Other big names are set to follow as part of the Jazz season. Details of forthcoming events can be found at "Chris Barber is also appearing at the beautifully renovated art-deco Stockport Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre on Weds 27th January - £18.00", writes Barry Pryme

  • 08/01/16 - The Pendle Jazzmen have re-started their regular Thursday evening sessions, starting at 8.30p.m., at The Inn on the Wharf, Manchester Road, BURNLEY. They will soon be reaching their fourth anniversary at the venue.  Founder member and trumpet player, Stuart Whiteley, will shortly be taking an extended break as he visits his family in Australia. During this period the trumpet spot will be shared between John Percival and John Pashley. The former is a relative new-comer to the jazz scene, the latter being well-known throughout the North as both a trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist. - Colin Mason

  • 07/01/16 - The Shrimper at Southport gig list has been updated

  • 07/01/16 -  Sad news again, sorry: Our bass player and friend of many years, Hugh Potter, passed away yesterday evening after a short illness. He is missed by many friends. Details of funeral arrangements will follow.  Jon Critchley, Original Panama Jazzband.

  • 07/01/16 - I've had an all too familiar email from Karen Stewart, who tells me she's looking for a good home for her late father's jazz collection. She said, "Dads collection is large (in my opinion anyway) and varied - from Bessie Smith, Jelly Roll Morton, George Lewis, Louis Armstrong, Thelonius Monk, Ella Fitzgerald and many, many more. The records are in perfect condition (as are the books and cd's) and I fondly remember, when, as a youngster, I pretended to be interested as he tried to educate me about "chain gang blues" - I doubt I fooled him!  Dad was also a fine chess player as well as a trout and salmon fisherman and his collection of chess and fishing books are also looking for a good home!  I'd love for whichever collection to go to someone who would truly appreciate it and the absolute ideal would be to find someone with all the same interests as my dad had who would like all of it - but I guess that would need to be someone pretty unique - just as my lovely dad was". Karen is located in Birkenhead, on the Wirral I will forward any interested enquiries, just email

  • 06/01/16 - After being flooded out Carlisle Jazz Club have now found a new venue -- Creighton Rugby Club, Sycamore Lane, Carlisle, CA1 3SR.  Usual starting time 8.30pm.. Next gig - January 14: Esk Valley Jazzmen

  • 05/01/16 - Back at the beginning of March last year I received an email from a BBC researcher wanting to contact Jereatric Jazz Band leader, Fred Shawcross, as they were currently researching a new programme about dancing and dance halls. "We’re trying to track down people who have memories of the Palais in Bolton and I was wondering if you might be able to help?", said researcher Luke Hollands.    Well I did put him in contact and thought no more about it until tonight, about ten past nine, when I switched on the TV and saw there was a programme called 'You Make me Feel Like Dancing' on BBC2.  Thinking there might be some band music, I flicked it on. I immediately recognised Bolton Palais, a place where Barbara & I spent many a Saturday night, and then who should I see next, but Fred Shawcross and his band vocalist Terry Desmond being taught a dance routine by choreographer Jack Murphy. Next episode on Thursday this week.

  • 04/01/16 - Good to hear about Amy Roberts (16/12/15). She really is a great musician. The more so considering her music college background and her preference for earlier styles of music. Most of her contemporaries think jazz started with Charlie Parker - some even with John Coltrane and beyond. I played with her for a week at The Music Village in Brussels a few years ago. - Pete Maguire

  • 04/01/16 - What a shock to hear of the death of Johnny Rogers, a wonderful clarinet player and a really nice guy. I have fond memories of the time Ros and I travelled to the Cala D'Or Jazz festival in Mallorca with the Savannah Jazz Band, Johnny was dep for them and boy did we have some fun in that hotel bar. The pool party's in the afternoon were brilliant, lots of fancy dress and dunking in the pool, but some great impromptu jazz. All the players from other bands used to attend and we all got to blow or sing etc and Johnny was a shining star among them all. While visiting our Daughter in London we met up with him at one of his gigs, he was very surprised to see a northern lad so far south but we had a good catch up and recalled some of the antics we got up to. A nice man all round Our sincere condolences to Val and his family, God Bless -  Roger and Ros Wimpenny, Tame Valley Stompers.  

    This is particularly sad for me as I used to play with him in Barry Palser's band in the 1960's. -  John Reade.

  • 04/01/16 - We may never know when Bunk was born but I have a picture of me kneeling in front of his gravestone and his date of birth on that is December 27 1879.  This was taken in 2003 when I took my oldest son on a pilgrimage through Mississippi and Louisiana seeking grave sites and listening to music. We worshipped at Charley Patton’s grave and eventually reached New Iberia to “see” Bunk.  Thank you for your continued support of the music.  - Glen Page, Vancouver, Canada. (click picture for larger version)

  • 04/01/16 -  It is with deep sadness I have to announce that Johnny Rodgers passed away on Sunday evening January 3rd 2016. Not only a really nice guy, we have lost a wonderful clarinet player. He will be sorely missed.  I know you all would like to share my condolences to his wife Cathy and to Johnny’s daughter and grandchildren.  R.I.P. dear friend, your pain is finally over. - Pete Lay. - a tribute to Johnny Rogers by Ken Hall.

  • 03/01/16 - The Latest Bugle (Funky Butt Bugle January 2016) is available from Dove Jazz Club and should be on the club web site soon. If you want your regular copy, E mail:

  • 03/01/16 - 1,872 people  made 6,266 visits to the site last month, viewing an average of 2.38 pages per visit, which means that a total of 14,941 pages were viewed. Phew!

  • 03/01/16 - My 'Dining Out' map of places to eat around Lancashire when visiting jazz venues in the area, has been updated. It's accessed from the bottom of my Links Page, which in turn is accessed from the main menu. If you have any favourite eating out places you'd like to recommend, please let me know

  • 03/01/16 - Jim West & Graham Martindale are the latest musicians to add memories to the Gordon Pettit tribute page.

  • 03/01/16 - Hi Fred,   thanks for your good wishes on my birthday. I am doing my "History of the Jazz Piano - The First 50 Years" at SOLIHULL TRAD JAZZ CLUB (Royal British Legion) this Tuesday 5th. January at 8pm if any of your site visitors can make it.

  • 03/01/16 - Many Happy return on Monday to Brian 'Sam' Ellis (Savannah Jazz Band), and to Lancastrian guitarist Jon Moore on Thursday

  • 02/01/16 - The January issue of the free magazine What's New from Sandy Brown Jazz is now online", writes Ian Maund in JazzNorthWest on Facebook. "I hope you like this month's articles, reviews, quiz, etc. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year".

  • 01/01/16 - I'm sure this is one of hundreds if not thousands of messages you will receive today and hope it doesn't block your site!! Very best wishes to you and Barbara for the New Year of 2016, and thanks for the wonderful website you have produced and managed over so many years - Richard Knock - All the best to you and yours for 2016. As you well know, all jazz musicians and fans are 100% indebted to you and your great Website. Our sincere thanks for the information and enjoyment that you provide - Noel Broadgate. - Thanks Richard and Noel, you are right I have received lots of messages, so thanks to everyone, but I think I'll stick at these two before my head gets any bigger! - Fred.

  • 01/01/16 - Regular visitors to  Keswick Jazz Festival will have seen Neville Dickie from S.W. London,  on piano. It's Neville's birthday today so many happy returns Neville from NW Jazzers.

December 2015

  • 31/12/15 - Dear Fred,  I would like to wish yourself and Barbara plus all Musicians and Traditional Jazz Fans a Happy New Year and I hope that things go well for all in 2016.   I was really sorry to see the flood destruction of The Waterside Pub near Ramsbottom. I recall playing in that pub many years ago and it was most enjoyable.  Kind Regards, Mart Rodger

  • 30/12/15 - News has come in of the death of Gordon Pettit.  His son Mathew tells me - "He passed away quietly and peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the 22nd of December 2015.Just 7 days short of his 75th birthday".  Mathew sent me some interesting facts about the bands and the musicians his father played with, and his email is reproduced on a tribute page which I would like you to contribute to if you have any special memories of listening to, or playing with, Gordon Pettit. As a tribute to Gordon, check out, Huub Janssen's Amazing Drum solo on YouTube - 

  • 30/12/15 - Buxton Arts Pavilion gig list for 2016 has been updated

  • 30/12/15 - The regular New Riverside Jazz Band's monthly gig at the Black Bull in Bentham, has moved from the 2nd Monday in the month to the first Monday. This means that the next jazz night will be on Monday 4th January. Also the band's next gig on the 7th January at the Wagon & Horses in Lancaster, has had to be cancelled due to the floods. It is hoped that things will be back to normal for the following gig on 4th Feb

  • 28/12/15 - The gig list for Eagley Jazz Club has been updated

  • 27/12/15 - Bunk Johnson was born this day in 1879. He died July 7th 1949

  • 27/12/15 - It always felt a little odd addressing someone as 'Bugleboy', but that's how Graham Leavey signed himself. Graham, who died on  12th November, was from Bristol, but his Home town was in Street, Somerset. I never met him, but he was a regular contributor to this site and I shall miss him.

  • 23/12/15 - The Dove Jazz Club 2016 gig list has just been added to the site and to What's On

  • 21/12/15 - I've seen some amazing videos on YouTube, but when it comes to video editing, this beats the lot

  • 21/12/15 - If you are on Spotify, then this is my Christmas present to you, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year


  • 21/12/15 - I would like to say thanks to the Tame Valley Stompers for the support and encouragement they have given me this year as I try to make my way in the jazz scene. A superb band and a great bunch of blokes. I went to the Christmas party at Beaky on 16th and as usual they were spectacularly good and great fun. And a seven piece! Brilliant to see Noel Broadgate at the piano again. Even when they played one he'd never heard of - after a 5 second briefing from Terry you'd have thought he'd known it all his life. Thanks for the nickname, Noel - I've been called a lot worse. I have also had the great pleasure of playing with the Pendle Jazz Men at the Inn on the Wharf, Burnley. Thanks lads - really looking forward to coming back in the new year. And thanks to everyone who helped in my search for a mouthpiece. And get well soon Howard Murray. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. - John Percival

  • 20/12/15 - Keith Wadeson sent me this photograph of the Wyre Levee Stompers at their recent Christmas Party at the Ashley Club in Thornton Cleveleys on December 17th 2015. You can click on the picture for a larger version.

  • 20/12/15 - Something noticed on the full list of British Jazz Awards, Tipitina, from Preston were fourth in the 'Small Groups' category, a group regularly booked by Malcolm Cookson at Roa Island Jazz Club . Boogie piano is Malcolm's thing and lead Justin is 'his man'. 1st. Spot was Digby Fairweather's Half Dozen and 2nd was high flying 'new gypsy guitarist's Remi Harris' Trio'. Prestigious company indeed!

  • 20/12/15 - Many Happy Return of the day today to Noel Broadgate. Birthday wishes also go tomorrow to ex Merseyside, trumpet player Tony Pringle, now in Hudson MA. On Wednesday Bernard Burke (tbn) and George Galway (rds) celebrate their birthdays, Pete Darwin (dms) on Thursday, and Tom Culbert (pno) on Saturday. Have a great birthday all of you.

  • 20/12/15 -  Having received rave reviews from Norman Gibson and Barrie Marshall, this one from Dave Wellock sums it up - "Just returned from the Heron Theatre in appalling weather conditions, but well worth the trip, as the Hot Fingers Trio with Spats were in terrific form and with the added bonus of Emily Campbell's velvet tones, the evening was a pleasure to behold. Sheer class and that's what live music is all about. Another full house of mature, knowledgeable listeners".

  • 19/12/15 - There's another Christmas party coming up, this time at the boathouse pub in Parkgate Wirral on Tuesday 22nd of December 2015 with The Parade Jazz Band. There will be fun, food and frivolity as well as Christmassy tunes and good Dixieland/mainstream jazz. All are welcome. There is a nominal admission fee of £3.

  • 18/12/15 - This item from Peter Butler on his jazz&jazz web site - “Not before time”, the Award for “Services to British Jazz” went to Digby Fairweather. “As a musician, Digby’s achievements are regularly recognised by the British Jazz Award’s Small Group Category for his “Half Dozen”, but his services to British jazz go far wider, as broadcaster, writer, educator, archivist and record producer.”

  • 17/12/15 - The latest edition of Just Jazz Magazine (Jan 2016) is now available. Click here for details

  • 17/12/15 - Such a Loss to the Jazz world. RIP Jim Pack. My tribute to the memory of a smashing fun bloke! - - Ken Hall

  • 16/12/15 - Some of your readers may have missed last night's Emmerdale when Zak Dingle said to a rehearsing singer: "Of course, I'm not a musician, I'm a drummer" - Philip J. Cakebread

  • 16/12/15 - It is with regret that I have to tell you the sad news about the passing of our goods friend and jazzer Jim Pack (Jimbo). He passed away at around 4.00am this morning (December 16th). I have no details about funeral etc – it is far too early for that, but as soon as there are any details, I will let folk know. Here’s to Jimbo - Pete Lay

  • 16/12/15 - Sorry to hear that Howard Murray is back in hospital. This time it's his leg, which was, as he puts it, "Source of spare parts" for his recent  coronary bypass. He's currently having intravenous antibiotics and says, "As a result I'm back in dock and up on blocks!".   Let's hope you're out soon and back to the practice sessions on the sax Howard.

  • 16/12/15 - Well done Amy Roberts... Winner (flute) of the miscellaneous category in the British jazz awards! No longer a rising star, now a fully fledged Super Nova!! Very proud of you - Richard Exhall (via Facebook)

  • 15/12/15 - The gig list for Rochdale Jazz Club has been updated for 2016. The club voted the Washington Whirligigs, Band of The Year 2014-2015

  • I don't normally advertise events outside the NW, because I don't want to start a trend I can't handle. However I had a very nice letter from Stuart Battle in Leicester to tell me about a ten hour Jazz event in its 12h year for £15, which is in aid of PROSTaid, a charity that provides Information & counselling for all prostate cancer & prostate disease suffers and their families, given by local Leicestershire  men who themselves have prostate cancer & diseases of the prostate, and providing funding for nurses in three locations in the area. I'm sure we all know someone who has been caught by this desease, and if you'd like to go and support the event, then click here for details.  Stuart says they have several good quality hotels nearby.

  • 15/12/15 - Malcolm Hogarth writes, "It was great reading Mart Rodger's bit about the chap leaving his wheelchair after 2 years and dancing to the music. It's the way you play 'em, Mart. Well done.  Also sales of our CD, Milk of Amnesia, are going well, but I still haven't received acknowledgement from The Alzheimer's Society for our £500 cheque. Maybe it's a demonstration of the illness's symptoms.

  • 15/12/15 - The River City Jazz Band will be having their Christmas bash on 23rd December, in (what was) the Royal British Legion in Conwy and they have Ian Royal on trumpet

  • 15/12/15 - We will be playing with Jazz Rag, Royal Oak, Betws y Coed, Morris omitted to say (08/12/15) that we are there from 2pm to 4pm on Christmas Eve. Also in that neck of the woods, The River City Jazz Band will be having their Christmas bash, in (what was) the Royal British Legion in Conwy and they have Ian Royal on trumpet - now that's not to be missed. - Malcolm Hogarth

  • 15/12/5 - It is with extreme disappointment that I have found out the hard way, that endeavouring to put a jazz coach trip together brings up more hurdles than the easier task of running good jazz evenings. Some lovely people, whom I can tell from our telephone chats would have been a joy to have as travelling companions, promised their support, and I have had to disappoint them by cancelling the venture. It was moving towards half full, but regrettably not quick enough, when the ferry company required the booking made firm with the deposit. Also, the hotel and chalet people were needing some answers. I am totally gutted, because inside I really still feel it could be done, but the financial risk is just too high. My humble apologies to those I have let down, and I do hope they will take advantage of Brittany Ferry's travel offer and make their way down, and meet up with me, (?) at Chateauneuf du Faou. They will not regret their visit to the most enjoyable and refreshing jazz festival that I have experienced. - Norman Gibson

  • 14/12/15 - Just been reading your pages for details of Don Lambert's funeral but no-one seems to have reported his death. Don, a fine piano player, died on Saturday 5th December 15. He played with The Wall City Jazz Band in Chester and will be sadly missed. - Malcolm Hogarth

  • 14/12/15 - The New Riverside Jazz Band gig at Bentham Black Bull is on tonight, despite flood damage on the road outside Low Bentham - there is a diversion in place, so coming from Lancaster give yourself a bit more time. Jim Swinnerton will be on bass! - Dave Bateman

  • 13/12/15 - The Harlem Hot Stompers will be having there Christmas Party at Didsbury Cricket Club on Thursday 17th December. There will be the usual Jazz Quiz, raffle, mince pies, prizes and a jolly good time for all.

  • 13/12/15 - There's quite a few musicians celebrating birthdays this week. So it's many happy returns to Barry Quilliam tomorrow, Richard Knock on Tuesday, Sam Wood on Wednesday, Harry Swinburne (promoter) on Thursday and bass player Derek Brown on Saturday. Best wishes to you all.

  • 13/12/15 - Three midweek daytime jazz events for you this week. Annie's Saints And Sinners are at The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Mon, 14 December, 14:00 – 16:00,  Mike Lovell 6 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 16 December, 12:00 – 14:30 and The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 18 December, 12:30 – 14:30

  • 12/12/15 - The Poynton Sports Club sessions on a third Monday has not been a success for three reasons. So Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz are to return to Poynton Legion Club starting in January. In fairness to the Sports club we are playing there on 21st December.  The 2016 programme for Poynton Legion Club will still be the third Monday each month – January 18th, February 15th, March 21st, April 18th, May 16th etc.  I’m glad I’m not playing outside today!!!!!   -  I did one of my Care Home gigs this week with my trio and there was something special happened. One of the men has been in a Wheel Chair for at least two years and when we brought in a great traditional jazz tune he go out of his chair and had a dance with a care worker. His wife was crying whilst taking pictures. That made us very heartfelt happy. Regards Mart Rodger

  • 10/12/15 - News from Cornwall: Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Five Degrees West in Falmouth last week. This is a popular bar with good food and good beer and there's always a full house for the Great Western Jazz Company's Thursday residency. GWJC are a tight swinging band, always adding interesting new numbers to their set and attracting a lot of young lindy hop dancers.  Not such good news from the Sunday lunchtime sessions at the famous Smugglers Inn, St Erth Praze. From January the 51 Club will be twice a month instead of weekly. Last Sunday a reasonable crowd braved the rough weather to hear one of the local bands. I hope my future visits to Cornwall tie-in with the revised programme!  There has been jazz at the Smugglers for 45 years with only a couple of breaks in the time I've been attending. Years ago the pub closed for a couple of months following the eviction of a landlord. I also remember a single Sunday missed due to a problem with the music licence. On both these occasions the band found temporary venues just down the road in Hayle.  -  Sam Wood

  • 10/12/15 - Noel Broadgate tells of A night at The Beaky Jazz Club (in rhyme), Click the link to read it.

  • 09/12/15 - Bill Duckworth tells me, "Carlisle Rugby Club is out of action. We have cancelled the two gigs before Christmas and are now trying to find a venue for the New Year.  The last time the Rugby Club was flooded in 2005 it was six months before they were up and running again. Will keep you posted as soon as we have some good news".

  • 09/12/15 - Hi Fred,  I've just read the amazing challenges that the Old Green River Band overcame last weekend! All those routes and places (and their tendency to flood) are still familiar to me after living 30 years in Cumbria and the 'South Lakes' !   I've just spoken to Tim Belford, legendary pianist with the Steve Andrews Quartet, and can confirm that Carlisle Jazz Club's venue at the Rugby Club has had to cancel all activities after flooding. Perhaps the Club may find a 'temporary' venue in another part of Carlisle, but road closures and diversions are apparently still causing chaos in the City at present.  After the 2005 floods the Jazz Club 'moved' to the 'Greenbank' Pub near the M6, but apparently that has since been converted into a private house!   I do hope that Carlisle Jazz Club are somehow able to 'keep going'. - Roy Cansdale

  • 08/12/15 - The Roa Island Club page gig list has been updated for 2016. Malcolm tells me the Old Green River band were nearly stranded there this weekend. Quite a few musicians in the Lancaster Area have been without power. Barrie Marshall had no gas supply, so no heating, lighting or cooking facilities. Barrie eventually told me he'd worked out that an old fashioned phone would work when the cordless one had no power. As an ex GPO man I could have told him earlier when I tried to ring his mobile, but with the cell phone transmitters off the air, I couldn't get through to him. Promoter Norman Gibson was also without power, as was Sue Parish, but thankfully he and others are now reconnected.

  • 08/12/15 - Jazz Rag is now in it's 21st year at the Royal Oak Hotel in Betws y Coed LL24 0AY.  Our weekly gig on Thursdays continues to attract a good crowd of holiday makers and locals throughout the year.  This month we have two special guests on the front line - on the 10th we have Jon Critchley and Jamie Brownfield on the 17th.  The Royal Oak serves excellent food until 9pm. The beer is great and admission is free Start time 8:30 until 10:30pm  - Morris Jones

  • 08/12/15 - On Tuesday the 22nd December at the Widnes Rugby Union football Club the Savoy Jazzmen will be having their Christmas Party night. Raffle prizes and seasonal food. Rumour has it Father Christmas will be dropping in.  Just to let you know we will not be playing at the Wids on Tuesday 29th December. Our first session at the Wids in 2016 will be Tuesday 5th January. - Peter Swensson

  • 06/12/15 - As there's no daytime jazz events this week, how about some great videos to keep you going? Try or how about The New Orleans Style of Jazz Part 1 - 1914 to 1935

    06/12/15 - We have been booked to play an afternoon gig at the Derby Hope Swings Eternal at The Derby Arms, Witherslack – just off the A590. On Sunday 13th December. Start time is 3 pm - we are free – the food and drink are not !! Regards Roger Middleton. Hope the water levels are down by then Roger

  • 06/12/15 - There are no midweek daytime jazz events to look forward to this coming week, unless you know different.

  • 06/12/15 - Only one musician birthday coming up this week as far as I am aware, and it's one of our oldest younger musicians (regular readers will get the in joke). It is of course Moe Green who celebrates his birthday on Friday.

  1. 06/12/15 - The Jazz Rendezvous Session at St Helens Bowling Club will take place on Sunday, 13th December, starting at 8 30 pm. They  will be injecting a bit of Christmas flavour into the proceedings, including a rendition of their own special Sherry and Mince Pie Blues. And for once, there’ll be a prize for the quiz!  Click here for details. The Peninsula Jazzmen also invite you to their Christmas session Tuesday 15th December starting at 8.30 in the Royal British Legion, Pensby Road, Heswall. Good music, Christmas eats and a Grand Draw!  Finally (for now), Jon Critchley tells me that The Original Panama Jazzband will be hosting their Christmas party night at The Irby Club, Wirral on 16th December. It is hoped that the audience will enjoy themselves more than usual, with the incentive of food, good company, banter, a brightly dressed OPJB, and of course the lovely warm atmosphere of the club.

  2. 03/12/15 - Re Fred’s McCormick's funeral on 7th Dec at Landican Crematorium, CH49 5LW, and anyone wishing to play.  His relations have contacted me to confirm that the funeral directors do not want a jazz band playing in front of the hearse. They say it may be possible to form up in the annex and/or outside after the service.  Regards - Brian Woods

  3. 02/12/15 - Like they say, you can't keep a good man down, and the good man in this case is Norman Gibson. Norman has had to take some time out recently and take it easy - Doctor's Orders. So what does he do? He sets about organising a coach trip to next year's FEST JAZZ at Chateauneuf-du-Faou, Brittany, from Thursday 28th July to Monday 1st August 2016. Norman says, "All costing has now been established for an Executive Class Air-Conditioned Coach, with Tea/Coffee self-service and CD/Video facility for jazz entertainment en route". You can read the full details by clicking here. It's a great deal he's come up with and I can't help feeling he won't be short of interested parties.

  4. 02/12/15 - The latest edition of Just Jazz is out, and features articles on John Crocker, Steve Lane and Pete Allen as well as a write-up on Abersoch Jazz Festival by Jan Atherton, and a farewell to Russell Bennett.

  5. 01/12/15 - The great Roy Williams is set to return to the North West for at least one night that I know about. He will be joining the Merseysippi Jazz Band at The Victoria Hotel, 6 Victoria Road, Aigburth, Liverpool L17 0DL on Monday 7th December at 8-30pm, so don't miss it.

November 2015

  1. 29/11/15 - Many Happy Returns today to the following musicians this week - ex NW Banjo player, Tony West,  Paul Marks on Tuesday, Derek Harrison & Howard Murray on Thursday, and Alan Duckles on Friday.

  • 29/11/15 - Just one daytime midweek gig - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 1 December, 14:00 – 16:00

  • 27/11/15 - Have you ever heard "The Prune Song", or "The Bath Tub Ran Over Again"? Or how about "The Lips That Touch Kippers Shall Never Touch Mine" and "You're Not The Only Oyster In The Stew"? Well today I received my purchased copy of "Milk of Amnesia", a CD delivered with perfect diction  (I wonder if he went to elocution classes),  by vocalist and trumpet player John Higham. John is accompanied on piano by humorist Malcolm Hogarth. It's called "Milk of Amnesia", a perfect title for a CD that is raising funds for the The Alzheimer Society. This extract from the cover notes will give you a taste of what to expect - "We would like to thank our sponsors, Tyrone Shoelaces and Angus McOatup for unhelpful criticism and withdrawing their financial support at the last minute". You can read more about the CD and how to order it, by clicking here

  • 27/11/15 - The Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band from Hungary are set to do another tour of the UK, and listening to their latest CD which they sent me, I can see why they are so popular, talented and tight is how I'd describe the band.  They are organizing their tour for 2016, and are nearly ready. However, they still have two open dates that are available if any promoters out there are interested - 4 May (Wed) and 7 May (Sat).  "If you haven't heard them yet, the Bohéms are eight "wonderfully talented and versatile musicians" (by Christine Hounslow, UK), who play traditional ragtime and classic jazz of all sorts. They are celebrating their 30th jubilee this year and are welcome guests in a great number of jazz festivals and clubs all over Europe".

  • 27/11/15 - How nice to hear something from the 'mercurial' Graham Martindale.  Always a pleasure to have him playing drums in The New Orleans Express in Frodsham Conservative Club on Friday nights. I cannot believe he is 70, he always looked so young. "Graham, if you read this, it'd be nice to hear from you, and especially hear that you are still playing."  - Malcolm Hogarth.

  • 27/11/15 - A last minute notification - Jazz Evening with VAL BAULARD and Pete Boswell's BOSCATS this Friday 27th November at CHRIST CHURCH (Keighley Road) SKIPTON.  Starts 7.30pm Tickets £10 (includes a glass of wine) profits to Church funds.


  • 25/11/15 - On 10th November, ex NW musician now living in France, Graham Martindale celebrated his 70th birthday. To celebrate, Graham said, "My lovely daughter bought me a Brunswick 78 "Zutty Singleton Orchestra" from a UK dealer and a Zutty photo from an American dealer, wrote birthday messages on the 78 and had it all framed. Wonderful.".

  • 23/11/15 - When John Higham and I have been busking in Chester, we've had many requests for a CD of our stuff. Our first CD, "Milk of Amnesia", has been well received and sales at £5 each have been encouraging, so we've decided to donate the profits to The Alzheimer Society (our forward planning!). Our first donation of £500 will be sent to them this week.   I trust I can mention that anybody who might like a CD, which has 17 tracks of seldom heard tunes and lyrics, could email me (; payment of £6 to include P&P by cheque or PayPal, or £5 cash face to face. - Malcolm Hogarth

  • 23/11/15 - After a three week closure, Jazz at Sedgley Park returns with a bang - On November 29th, a welcome return to one of the UK's most popular and talented jazz musicians - Alan Barnes, Alto, Baritone Saxes and Clarinet. For this occasion the admission charge will be £7. It takes place from 1pm to 3-30pm at Sedgley Park Rugby Club, Park Lane, Whitefield. M45 7DZ

  • 22/11/15 - For those of you who don't like going out on a dark night, there are two daytime jazz events you could go to - Mike Lovell 6 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 25 November, 12:00 – 14:30, and Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 26 November, 14:00 – 16:00.

  • 22/11/15 - Many Happy Returns today to John Meehan, leader of the Savannah Jazz Band. Other birthdays coming up this week are Bob Hambleton tomorrow, and Dave Berry on Thursday. Hope you all have a great week.

  • 21/11/15 - When you've an hour to spare, have a look at - John Westwood. Thanks for that John it was most interesting - Fred

  • 21/11/15 - It is with great sadness I announce the death of Fred McCormack who passed away last weekend. Fred has supported most of the jazz venues on the Wirral for many years. He was not only an authority on jazz but also of the blues and folk. He will be greatly missed.   His funeral is at 2.30 p.m. Monday 7th December at Landican Crematorium, Arrowe Park Road, Woodchurch, Wirral, CH49 5LW and afterwards everyone is invited back to the Misty Blues, Manor Road, Wallasey, CH 44 1BY to celebrate his life.   -  Peter Swensson. Sorry to hear that Peter, Fred has been a great contributor to this site over the years and I was always in awe of his knowledge of jazz and folk music. - Fred

  • 20/11/15 - This Sunday will mark 9 years of Mad Ed's Hot 5 tenure at the Blue Bell Halkyn which will this week comprise: Al Tunstall on piano and accordion, Prof Tom Rippeth, trombone, Mr E Lloyd- Hughes Kontrabass, Mr David Dixson on tin saxophones aaaaand Roger AND John Higham on their tin trumpets.....Beer will be available in exchange for coins, while bunting, flags and merry quips will no doubt spill out as the band murder all the well loved melodies. 15.30 thru 18.00, no cover charge and as usual there will be a bottle of vintage Vimto donated by our munificent landlord Mr Steve Marquis to be won. Eee Champion! - Ed Lloyds-Hughes

  • 19/11/15 - Glossop Jazz Club gig list has been updated

  • 19/11/15 - Jon Moore (guitar),  and Barrie Marshall (clarinet), will be playing at The Robert Gillow in Lancaster on Tuesday November 24th from 9pm

  • 18/11/15 - Change of date for December only, due to a pantomime matinee. Bunters Imperials will be playing at the Altrincham Garrick on Sunday 6th December 12.30 till 3 pm. Admission £5 , Betty’s butties as usual.  Back to normal 2nd Sunday in the month starting 9th January 2016 and continuing until June.  Happy Jazzy Christmas to all jazz fans, especially to WONDERFUL FRED !! - Trish Galloway

  • 18/11/5 - I have just been notified that new management are taking over the Old Brown Jug in Newcastle U Lyme, and there is no place for jazz in their plans. With immediate effect all Sunday lunch jazz sessions are cancelled which means that the Old Fashioned Love Band will not be appearing on November 29th. We will miss our Jug friends. - Mike Pembroke

  • 18/11/15 - I'm a bit late finding this out, but the composer of the week on BBC Radio 3 this week is Hoagy Carmichael. 12noon-1pm, repeated 6.30-7.30 pm. Lots of great recordings on the programme today from Louis, Ella, Nat Gonella, and many more in subsequent episodes. Yesterday's and today's can still be heard on BBC i-player as well as the rest of the week after broadcast. - Phil Yates

  • 18/11/15 - There's an interesting night coming up in the Potteries on Thursday 17th December 7 – 10pm, and it's free entry.  It's a Multi Arts Evening of Jazz, Beer and Oat Cakes at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Bethesda Street, City Centre, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 3DW,  with an evening of jazz music from local band ‘Fine and Dandy’ led by well-known musician and broadcaster Mel Hill and readings from Arthur Berry by local film producer Ray Johnson MBE. The evening performance is inspired by the work of artist, writer and poet Arthur Berry and his friend, musician and local radio producer Arthur Wood. Throughout the evening the museum café will be serving a selection of oatcakes and the bar will be open for alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments. 

  • 17/11/15 - I am pleased with the Telegraph's list of jazz films - there are some on there I feel I must make efforts to see. The list of New Orleans jazz performers does disappoint with the omissions of George Lewis, Lucien Barbarin (incidentally Harry Connick's Jnr's trombone band lead), Greg Stafford and Dr. Michael White. The late Jacques Gauthe and Lloyd Washington (last of 'The Ink Spots') could well have felt miffed they didn't get a mention! -  Norman Gibson

  • 17/11/15 - 20 great musicians from New Orleans -,  best jazz albums of 2015 -,  The 26 best jazz films - and today in The Telegraph - Who is the greatest jazz musician of all time? It's Miles Davies

  • 14/11/15 - On Wednesday 18th Nov, my band, The Tame Valley Stompers are celebrating fifteen years at The Beacky jazz club (Beaconsfield Conservative Club ) Stamford St East Ashton under Lyne. We play first & third Wednesday every month with a good crowd every session, but always room for one more. This weeks special guest is the Temps Derek Galaway. December 2nd guest is that wonderful young pianist Ian Wynne plus guests who wander in. - Norman Pennington

  • 14/11/15 - The Downtown Dixieland Jazzband with Amanda Brown will be appearing at the newly refurbished Peter Kavanaghs Liverpool tonight at 9 30pm. Special guest musicians will include Pete Friar, Brian Hall and John Dorgan on brass bass. Come and experience the great atmosphere and hospitality and fine selection of ales. All welcome admission free. Jim Lucas (Facebook)

  • 14/11/15 - Derek Skepper has now joined the Savoy Jazzmen, and attached is a photo of the 2nd liners who joined in the parade numbers last Tuesday at Sefton Park palm house, with Terry Birkinhead strutting his stuff leading the parade.  Over 100 people attended the session and I am pleased to say we have been booked back for 2016. - Peter Swensson

  • 14/11/15 - Unfortunately a lot of news emails were bounced back by Sky, Yahoo & Talktalk internet providers, Sky's reason was  " Email not accepted for policy reasons."! So it's the web site version only for some this week I'm afraid.

  • 14/11/15 -  A few days ago, Barrie Marshall emailed to say that the Sun Street Stompers are playing at Thurham Hall near Lancaster, LA2 0DT, on two occasions, tonight and Friday the 27th, 8pm start, and it's open to the public. He then rang me to tell me that he'd been emailed by the organiser to say it was residents only. Today he received an email saying "Bring a crowd with you", so no pressure there Barrie. Will any of you out there be one of them?

  • 14/11/15 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event coming up - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth on Fri, 20 November, 12:30 – 14:30. There are no NW musician's birthdays coming up next week, unless you know different.

  • 13/11/15 - This amazing video is doing the rounds at the moment. Isn't the internet wonderful? Mind you it's been there since 2009, so don't know how I've only just seen it. It's an episode of the March of Time from 1937, featuring the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Watch for a scene where composer and piano roll artist J. Russel Robinson plays the piano. Charlie Straight's rag "Rufenreddy" can even be heard in the background.


  • 12/11/15 - Despite early reports mentioning Pete Best by name, it would seem that it was Andrew "Andy" White who died on 9 November 2015. He was a Scottish drummer, primarily as a session musician. He was affectionately christened "the fifth Beatle" as he is best known for replacing Ringo Starr on drums on the Beatles' first single, "Love Me Do", and on on "P. S. I Love You", which was the B-side of "Love Me Do".   Andy White was born in Glasgow on 27 July 1930, the son of a baker. At the age of 12, he started playing drums in a pipe band, and became a professional session musician at the age of 17. In the 1950s and early 1960s, Andy played drums with a number of swing and traditional jazz groups and musicians.  In 1958 he formed a big band jazz outfit and took it to the American Northeast where he backed rockers like Chuck Berry, the Platters and Bill Haley & His Comets.

  • 12/11/15 - I've also had a call from Preston Guild Hall to see if I could point them in the direction of any jazz clubs that they might contact about a forthcoming visit to North West by vibraphonist Roy Ayres and his band. I'm told it's the only venue in the North to host this American musician and his band. I expressed doubt about many of my site visitors being interested, but put her in contact with Southport Melodic Jazz club. If you can think of any other clubs I might point her to, please let me know.

  • 12/11/15 - I've had an email from Felicity on behalf of JazzUK (formerly Jazz Services) about piloting a brand new Jazz festival in Coventry at the end of November. She was wondering if we might be able to have a chat about possibly setting up some reciprocal marketing between ourselves and Jazz North West.  Coventry in the North West? She'd like me to publicise it and says "I think working together presents a really exciting opportunity for jazz in this area". I've emailed back and asked for some assurance that they are booking traditional New Orleans and Dixieland bands. I won't hold my breath based on past experience.

  • 10/11/15 - Allen Toussaint, the legendary songwriter, producer, arranger and performer hailed by the Grammys, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and musicians and fans worldwide as one of the most influential figures in New Orleans music, died Monday while on tour in Spain, his family confirmed. He was 77.

  • 08/11/15 - Noel Broadgate has asked me to pass on Birthday Wishes for yesterday to clarinettist Pete Carlton. Why not? I'll also had my own and add Birthday wishes to my daughter Sara today, who probably won't even see them on here, but then I'll be in touch later.

  • 07/11/15 - Just one daytime jazz event for you this coming week and that's Annie's Saints And Sinners at The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Mon, 9 November, 14:00 - 16:00.

  • 07/11/15 - A couple of musician's birthdays coming up this week. Terry Brunt will be celebrating his on Tuesday, and Ken Parkinson will celebrate his next Saturday. Happy Birthdays to both of you. Noel Broadgate says, "Happy Birthday to beret and scarf, Terry Brunt (he also plays trombone)".

  • 06/11/15 - I'm afraid NTL and possibly Virgin Media, are getting over zealous with their spam checking. I had several emails bounced as suspected spam when I sent out the last News Update, so if you missed yours I guess you'll need to catch up with the online version.

  • 05/11/15 - Barrie Marshall (clt) recently had a cataract operation which is taking some time to heal, so here's wishing him a speedy recovery. in the meantime his place will be taken by Bruce Carnaffin at The Wagon and Horses tonight, and Jack Schofield at The Robert Gillow on Sunday.

  • 05/11/15 - Surprised to see no mention in your news of the passing of two more British Jazz Giants. Pianist Brian Lemon and Reeds Player Don Rendell (1926-2015) would have been 90 next year what a outstanding player. Had the privilege of doing a Radio broadcast with him back in 1954 together with the late trumpeter Eddie Calvert on his Forces Jam Session programme from the Garrick Theatre London. - Bugleboy, Bristol

  • 04/11/15 - Roger Hartley from the Lake District, is the latest drummer to go on the Deps List, Roger is also on the lookout for a new drum kit, details of which are on the Wants Page, both of which can be accessed by Jazz Extras

  • 04/11/15 - The Parade Jazz Band will not be playing at The Boathouse, Parkgate, on Tuesday 10th November as the upstairs area is closed for staff training.

  • 04/11/15 - Derek Galloway's Bunters Jazz Trio will be playing at what appears to be a new venue according to my What's On calendar. It's at The Crown  Heaton Lane Stockport [under the railway arches] on Tuesday 17th November ,starting at 8pm Jazz and real ale  what could be better?

    03/11/15 -
    Martin Bennett has posted the following on Facebook - "Russell Bennett's funeral drew a massive crowd, too many to get into the church and too many to get into both pubs for the evening's musical send-off. The church service was very well presented by the vicar and Richard Bennett made a very moving speech under extraordinarily testing pressure. A jazz quartet, comprised of Adrian Cox, Jules Aldridge, Jim Swinnerton and Dorine de Wit, played beautifully. Altogether, with the the evening's entertainment by Roadkill, followed by many of those musicians present playing their hearts out, the day was a very strong statement of how people felt about Russell and how they were prepared to spend so much of their time identifying with him. Our family was quite overwhelmed by the spirit of the occasion. Russell would have loved it."

  • 03/11/15 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out, and you can check the contents from the front page here

  • 01/11/15 - In the Yarrow River Band we occasionally used to practice a 12 bar blues in all keys, moving up a semitone each chorus until we arrived where we started. Good exercise, it did produce a few bizarre sounds though. I know Henry Red Allen set great store by being able to play fluently in all keys. i remember hearing his band at The Metropole in New York. There would frequently be 2 bands on the gig, and the 'transition' would be done by substituting one player at a time. Henry delighted in causing confusion by playing a well known tune in an obscure key. This produced puzzled expressions on the faces of the replacements much to Henry's musician's amusement. Not all Bb and F! We've got Ab, C, Gm, and Dm and anything the lady singers want, (given bit of notice!). - Richard Knock

  • 01/11/15 - Sorry to read about the death of Owen Bryce. I knew a couple of people who attended his courses, they said they were hard work but very useful and gave them a lot of confidence.  I've got three or four volumes of "Lets Play Jazz" by Owen. I picked these up cheap in a Manchester music shop. I think shop-soiled would be a fair description - faded and dusty, they must have been lying around for a long time. Interesting books anyway, they looked dated when I got them 20 years ago but the basics are explained very well. Owen obviously had a bee in his bonnet about using "the right chords", easier said than done?    I remember a chapter full of advice on how to play together in a band. Also how to structure your tunes, with not too many out- choruses. He also said it's essential to practise in all 12 keys. I don't think many bands have followed that piece of advice, but jazz is all in Bb and F anyway, isn't it?  - Sam Wood

  • 01/11/15 - The gig list for "Jazz At The Arts" at Bollington Arts Centre Wellington Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, has been updated

October 2015

  • 31/10/15 - "Back home from Wythenshawe Cardiac Service Depot. in almost one piece...(1.2 pieces..  number dropping by the hour)", writes  Howard Murray.  "Would like to thank everybody for their thoughts and good wishes, all of which worked wonderfully.  Long struggle ahead to get back to working order but that's up to me.  Will be testing chops on alto mouthpiece today.  Who knows what will happen?".

  • 30/10/15 - There is now a Tribute Page for Maurice Gavan who died on 19th October.

  • 29/10/15 - And now the moment you've all been waiting for when yours truly was given the honour of raising Tower Bridge in London to allow the private luxury yacht Latitude to sail down the Thames. It's now on YouTube at so I hope you enjoy it. It should have been the paddle steamer Dixie Queen, in the evening, but unfortunately it was cancelled the day before.

  • 29/10/15 - Just one daytime gig this week, The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday, 3 November, 14:00 – 16:00

  • 29/10/15 - Many Happy Returns of the day on Sunday to Roger Browne, on Monday to Danny Riley, Tuesday John Pashley, and on Friday 6th November, to trumpet player Harold (Harry) Roberts.

  • 29/10/15 - Owen Bryce deserves to be remembered for his teaching of Jazz as well as his playing, particularly his courses on which he introduced students to the basics of old style jazz. Concentrating on typical chord structures such as- Bill bailey-Blues-Latin - I got Rhythm. No modes! He could create a reasonable big band from a mixed class in 3/4 days and most of all could stimulate the students into creating their own groups during the course and playing from dawn till midnight. All with the help of Iris (whose book 'Canals Are my World' is a good read).  The barge 'Bix' was moored near Gloucester many years ago when I worked down there and I was able to give him a few gigs with ' The River City Stompers' - though it required picking him up and dropping him off, well off the beaten track in pitch dark. - Peter Boswell.

  • 28/10/15 - David Evans mentioned "the late Owen Bryce" in a news item on 20/10/15, which came as a surprise to some people, not least one Dr. Mary Mills who wrote in her blog, "By chance today I learnt of the death of Owen Bryce at the age of 95. Woolwich should be proud of Owen, not just because he was a shopkeeper here but because he was one of the people who started revivalist jazz in Britain. ‘Trad jazz’ – played by a group of lads from Woolwich in wartime Barnehurst".  You can read more at

  • 27/10/15 - I played Tea chest Bass in the Gulley Stompers Band at RAF Odiham with Dick Murray in the 50's . We played every week at the Tuns Hotel Odiham. Dick's wife Rita sung with the band .Does anyone know if Dick is still about ? I would love to get in contact with him or any other members of the band. I am now 77! - Eddie Wonfor

  • 27/10/15 - I had a request from a member of the audience at Verwood Jazz Club on Friday night - Walter Carter - He went to school with and was a friend of Ray Orpwood - ex Crane River - He is seeking to contact the Orpwood family - Could you kindly place a note on the Website in hopes ? Many thanks - Ken Ames

  • 27/10/15 - Back again, and will be showing some pictures of the bridge lift when I catch up on the emails.

  • 23/10/15 - Off to London for the weekend when I will be pushing the button at 10am Saturday to raise Tower Bridge for the Motor Yacht Latitude. Well it makes a change from doing the web site.

  • 22/10/15 - Sad to hear about Maurice.  Some years ago he invited me to play in the Smoky City Jazz Band for two (packed!) sessions at a Jazz Festival in Furness- in and around Broughton village.  An absolute gentleman, an excellent pianist, and a real Jazz enthusiast.  (Also a very accomplished Clarinet player!)  -  Roy Cansdale

  • 22/10/15 - Two PA systems have just gone on the Sales Page

  • 22/10/15 - Thanks to Harold for directing us to the interesting video. He was quite correct with his spotting Artie Shaw in the band, but he could have avoided his painful stop/start search if he had just scrolled down the page where it states: "Conductor and future military test pilot Roger Wolfe Kahn is seen in this 1932 soundie clip directing his Orchestra which includes Charlie Teagarden and Mannie Klein trumpets, Artie Shaw clarinet, Ward Lay string bass, and Chauncey Morehouse drums.........."-Frank Whitehead

  • 22/10/15 - Martin Bennett has emailed with details of Russell's funeral - "The funeral service will be held at St Michael's Church, Bude, Cornwall, on Friday 30 October at 3pm followed by a musical celebration of Russell's life at The Carriers Inn, Bude. The funeral will take place the following day at 1 pm at Landscove Church, S Devon-more of a family function".

  • 21/10/15 - Derek Skepper has passed on the news from his family, that Maurice Gavan died peacefully in hospital at 10.20 pm on Monday night, 19th Oct 2015.  There will a be a short service of remembrance at Peacehaven Chapel of Rest in Chatburn on 27th October, so I suspect it will be a quiet family affair. No doubt the undertakers can answer any enquiries - Brian Price & Son, Tel: 01200 441297.

  • 20/10/15 - The Millennium Eagle Jazz Band page has been updated to reflect the fact that Brian Mellor has joined the band on Banjo, Guitar & Vocals.

  • 20/10/15 - Hi Fred I came across this vid of Wolfe Khan's band, New York city 1937 Well worth a play for the incredible dancer. but more interestingly the clarinet solo sounded like Artie Shaw. After a painful stop/start search I managed to find a short still of what I believe to be Artie on the front row. - Harold Troughton

  • 20/10/15 - The Late Paul Barnes, Radio Northampton on Saturday 17.10.15 featured George Webb and his Dixielanders ref. the late Owen Bryce, cornet and trumpet, during the latter stages of the first half of this programme. Well worth a listen on BBC IPlayer during the next month. - David Evans

  • 20/10/15 - Hello Fred, A more hopeful item for your News Page after this week’s terrible news…   “They don’t make excursions outside of their Barcelona home very often but the Sant Andreu Jazz Band are returning to Fest Jazz 2016 in Brittany. You can get a taste of what this remarkable band is like here:   Also there is a possibility that the coach from Lancashire may be re-instated for Fest Jazz 2016 (28th – 31st July), depending on sufficient numbers to make it viable. This would include the organisation of the ferry, accommodation and tickets for the festival . If you are a jazzer in striking distance of the “M6/M5” corridor, please e-mail to indicate your interest. Many thanks!” -  Trevor Stent

  • 20/10/15 - A happier night last night. Although outside the coverage of your web site, I paid a rare visit to the Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow, Sheffield. The Monday night jazz has been running for about 6 years but this has been a jazz venue for over forty years - originally on Friday nights. where The Jazz Preservation Society plays. Good music and a good attendance, I must go more often. - Sam Wood

  • 20/10/15 - So sorry to hear of the sudden death of Russell Bennett. He only played once with the Savoy Jazzmen some 7-10 years ago when he was on banjo. We had booked his dad to play with us on trombone and both Russell & Richard happened to be visiting his dad. What a session that was. They nearly blew the roof off the Wids. Sincere condolences to Martin, Sue, Richard and family. - Peter Swensson. (the Savoy Jazzmen).  I was very sorry to read Martin Bennett's extremely sad news about his son, Russell. Would you kindly pass my sincerest condolences to Martin and his family? Martin allowed me to play with his band at Dove Holes Festival about three years ago. It was the first and last time we had met. As a dad, I know how I would feel, so he has my full sympathy. May Russell rest in the Peace of the Lord. - Joe Silmon-Monerri

  • 19/10/15 - How very sad to read the news about Russell.  I've recently returned from the pub where me and a school friend were talking about one of our classmates who at age 58 has only hours left. Also tonight heard of the untimely passing of one of my college lecturers who was only mid-60's. What an end to the day.   I'm now thinking of a tune played at my pianist friend John's funeral in May - Matt Monro's "On Days Like These".   -  Sam Wood.  So sorry to hear of the death of Martin's son, Russell My sincere condolences to the whole family. - Derek Skepper. We will miss Russell; he had a lovely sense of humour, always smiling and joking, yet the perfect gentleman when you spoke to him...he did our Jazz something a lot more than proud too!!  A sad loss to us all. - Tony Talk

  • 19/10/15 - Walter Love's Radio Ulster Jazz Club of Sunday 18.10.15 featured two late stalwarts of the Chris Barber Band namely, Monty Sunshine and Pat Halcox. Well worth a listen on BBC IPlayer over the next month!  -  David Evans

  • 18/10/15 - As expected, a super show from the full six-piece Tame Valley Stompers in Buxton today. The band again went well over their programmed hour. A good selection of tunes with a variety of styles and tempos, and features for most of the band members. I'd guess there were about 70 in the audience.   My cunning plan failed, I didn't save myself two quid. Couldn't commit myself to the jazz yesterday, but this morning realised I could make it. Thought I might get an advance ticket from the box office in the morning but no, "on the door" also means "on the day".   Once I had started spending, I thought I should try the food. This was limited to beef or veg pie, no trimmings, but after a meagre breakfast I did enjoy the pie!   Next session is Sunday 15 November - the Andrew Wood Trio with Porter, Gershwin, Sinatra, Fitzgerald "in a style reminiscent of the Oscar Peterson Trio" - that's what the programme says.

  • 18/10/15 - A charity fundraising event will take place with the Lune Valley Jazz Band on Thursday 12th November at 8 p.m. It takes place at the 53rd Lancaster scout headquarters, Greaves Park, off Belle Vue Terrace, LA1 4TY. It is also in memory of Beaver Leader Margaret Eddowes, who died this year. Tickets are limited £10 each including supper. All enquiries to David Wilkinson Telephone 01524 35556

  • 18/10/15 - Hello Fred. Worse news now regarding my younger son, Russell. He was declared dead by Derriford Hospital on Sat at 6 pm. Great efforts were made there to try and save him but his brain was too severely damaged to respond. - Martin Bennett

  • 17/10/15 - Martin Bennett wrote on Facebook yesterday - "For all of you who know him, my son, Russell Bennett has collapsed with a brain haemorrhage and is going through emergency treatment at the A & E Department at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. The paramedics classed it as ''very serious''. Then subsequently he wrote "News in regarding Russell - very, very severe indeed and he is now not expected to make it".  It is so sad, and I'm sure all our thoughts are with them facing this trauma.

  • 17/10/15 - Just one daylight jazz event this week - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz at Timperley Sports Club on Thu, 22 October, 14:00 – 16:00,  £6 admission, at Timperley Sports Club, Stockport Road, Timperley. WA15 7LU

  • 17/10/15 - Many Happy Returns on Monday to musician vocalist Suzanne Mott.

  • 17/10/15 - Following the request for comments from musicians by Jeff Roberts re talking during jazz performances, Barrie Marshall responds - "Of course it all depends, a pub is a different ball game to a jazz club, if people talk in pubs that is OK, I see people I know who come regularly not only talking but using their smart phones, the important thing is they are there.  A jazz club is of course a different thing for two reasons, it's a concert and people have paid to get in so silence from the audience is the way it should be.  About musicians talking to each other, in a pub it's not so bad because often the guys are deciding what to play next, it's OK as long as it does not go on too long but at a jazz club the band should have a list of tunes they are going to play so very little chat is needed.  My little common sense bit".

  • 14/10/15 - Anyone who saw the Pedigree Jazz Band when they were in the NW in June, will remember leader and clarinetist, Chris Walker. Well Chris & Janet Walker have written a book  entitled "The Melody Lingers On", about the lives of some of the leading composers and performers of 'The Great American Songbook'. You can get a copy of the book from Chris,, and the price is  £12 inc P&P

  • 14/10/15 -  Sam Wood offers this advice for anyone thinking of going to see the Tame Valley Stompers this Sunday, 18 Oct,  in the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton. Sam says tickets are  £7 in advance, but £9 on the door - but he reckons you can probably book by phone and pick up a £7 ticket on the door. Box office is 01298 72190.  Bar and food from 12.30 pm, music starts at 1.00pm.

  • 14/10/15 - Since the closing of the Formby Social Club this month The WirrOrleans have secured a new monthly residency at the "Hop and Horn" bar/restaurant, Chapel Lane, Formby, L37 4DU, starting on Friday the 30th October at 8.30pm.  The following month Friday 27th November we will be hosting two special guests, John Hallam and Malcolm Hogarth.  Due to a pre-booked Christmas party at the "Hop and Horn" on Friday Dec 18th we will be moving to the Formby Cricket Club, Cricket Path, Formby, L37 7DP.  That's all for 2015, see you next year, - Bert Schroeder, - That's a 5th, 4th and 3rd Friday in succession, I've asked Bert if it will be a steady pattern next year.

  • 14/10/15 - If  jazz/R&B and vibraphones are your thing, then you might be interested to know then Roy Ayers & His Band will be appearing at Preston Guild Hall on Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 19:30.

  • 14/10/15 - I was intrigued by Norman Gibsons comment regarding the audience talking at Rochdale Jazz club, a venue incidentally where I have often felt intimidated if I coughed!  It is hoped that Norman is not looking to have audiences sit in wrapped attention, ears dutifully cupped as in folk clubs of yore! What does he feel about the band talking during numbers?   Let the musicians give us their views. -  - Jeff Roberts.  Good idea - Fred

  • 13/10/15 - Yet another name to add to that great roll call in the sky. Tonight I was informed of the passing of New Orleans style drummer Keith Staveley, by Alan Matthews. In his earlier years Keith played for five years with the Silver Bell Band in Preston, Then followed a four year spell playing with clarinettist Gabe Essien and trombonist Dave Donohoe in a band called the Salutation Stompers. He later played with the New Riverside Jazz Band and The Raikes Paraders.

  • 13/10/15 - This weekend saw the last Llandudno Jazz Weekend take place. Harry Swinburne rang me tonight and told me it was a very emotional weekend for him. Harry has been organising jazz weekends in Llandudno for 19 years and during that period he has made many friends from all over the country and from Ireland too.  He would like to say a very big thank you to all those people who came and supported the events and to all the bands that have played there. Like Harry said in his farewell speech, "I won't forget any of you or your names, and I have all your addresses too!".

  • 13/10/15 - It's good to hear that there are several jazz bands out there now who are doing a great deal of work to support local charities. Brian Singleton has emailed me to say, "We have played for many worthy causes over the years from church tower restorations to various hospice fund raising events, and on 31st Oct 2015 we have been asked to play at an event to help some local volunteers raise funds to purchase musical instruments. This is so that they can then try to teach some of the younger members of their community how to make music. At a time when a lot of us in the jazz world are falling by the wayside, either through age or illness, it is nice to hear that there are some out there who are making the effort to get more young ones interested in playing music and possibly graduating into the jazz world".  This event will take place  at St Johns Church Hall, 53 Norley Rd, Sandiway Cheshire CW8 2JY  featuring "The Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band", from 7:30pm till 10:30pm, Admission is  £10 at the door including supper (bring your own wine).  For further details Tel Tony Johnson 01606 301206.

  • 13/10/15 - On Tuesday 27th October: There's real ghoul jazz upstairs as The Boathouse, Parkgate, with The Parade Jazz Band.  Songs for swinging Wizards and Witches.  Fancy dress optional (but fun)! - Sue Reid-Povall

  • 13/10/15 - Mart and the band met the Royal Garden Jazz Band from Norway at the Dresden International Dixieland Festival in 1986 and a close friendship developed, leading to visits for both bands between Norway and England  over the years.   The Royal Garden Jazz Band will celebrate their 60th anniversary this coming weekend and have invited Mart to join them for their concerts.    Needless to say, it will be some re-union!  - Janet Rodger

  • 13/10/15 - Just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful evening on Friday 9 October with Spirit of New Orleans from Delph. Dave Pogson and the boys were in sparkling form and many of our members said "The best band this year!" With Ian Wynne on piano instead of Pete Beaumont, the always exciting Jim Swinnerton on bass and the magical Mike Taylor on trombone - wow! what a line up, what a sound! Haste ye back boys.  - Stuart McLean Chairman Ayr Jazz Club

  • 11/10/15 - The Doc Houlind band  is probably back home in Denmark by now after their tour which included several NW venues. Norman Gibson says, "It went well with us last Wednesday. In fact, we dropped in to Rochdale Jazz Club on Sunday night to see them again, when it was easier to relax when not running the show. Incidentally, the club had a full house, in a smaller venue, which improved the acoustics. A very good night, but just a pity many in the audience feel it necessary to do a lot of chattering! Soren makes no secret that his playing was influenced by Bunk Johnson - hence this video for you at".

  • 11/10/15 - It's the 7th annual Lancaster Music Festival  this weekend and yesterday saw the Sun Street Stompers and The Three Bears. Who are they you may ask?  It's Tom Kincaid, Jim Swinnerton and  Jack Cotterill, and they are playing on Monday 13.00 till 15.00 at a pub in Lancaster - The Borough in Dalton Square.   The food there is supposed to be excellent and of course most of the festival people will have gone so it should be fairly quiet, says Barrie Marshall. The photograph is of the Sun Street Stompers at the festival and as usual you can click on the photo to see a larger version.

  • 11/10/15 - A recent trip to Cornwall found jazz alive and well at two of my favourite watering holes.  I sat in with the Great Western Jazz Company who play every Thursday at the 5 Degrees West in Falmouth. This bar has a great atmosphere, good food and beer, and lots of young dancers enjoying the music. So it's all looking good for this long-running residency.   The Smugglers Inn, St Erth Praze is always my Sunday lunchtime destination. Good to see a local band with some familiar faces playing to a full room. Also a surprise guest appearance by Sheila Collier. Well done the 51 Club for keeping this famous venue going.    My next visit to Cornwall is planned for early December. I don't know if the 51 Club have any plans, but I will be remembering Harry Townsend who died on the 5th December 1995. Harry was leader of the New Jubilee Jazz Band and they put the Smugglers on the jazz map, playing the Sunday session for about 25 years. I'm so grateful to Harry for giving me my first sit-in with a real jazz band! - Sam  Wood

  • 10/10/15 -  Hello Fred. Just for this month – The 'Hope Swings Eternal' band has been asked to play at the Hope and Anchor, Daltongate ,Ulverston on Thursday 15th October instead of Thursday 29th October. As usual we start at 9 pm. Thanks. Roger Middleton.

  • 09/10/15 - Little did Howard Murray know what he was starting when he sent me an innocent video to jog the memory of a bygone era. It evoked several responses and the wit of some NW musicians knows no boundaries, from Dick Barton to clog dancers, it's kept me smiling all week. It's now moved to the discussion pages where all the entries have been collated. Keep it up, this could be the longest discussion page yet!

  • .

  • 08/10/15 - Dear Fred,  Just to let you know we are no longer at the Hilbre Court Club each Monday. Unfortunately Monday night football got in the way and as the pub is open plan the management reluctantly had to end the weekly residency.   All is not lost however as they are hoping to arrange a regular daytime session so watch this space.   - Peter Swensson. Savoy Jazzmen,

  • 08/10/15 - A Yamaha Stagepas 300 PA System has just been put up for sale on the Sales Page

  • 08/10 15 - Dear Fred, talk of bells around knees reminds me that Sweet Emma used to wear them. Was she a secret Morris Dancer I wonder? - Malcolm Holland (This item is now on the discussion page which you can access by clicking here)

  • 08/10/15 - I'm grateful for a heartfelt obituary that Allan Wilcox has written for Roy Potts. It's been added to Roy's tribute page Allan tells me, "The funeral will be held in Chester Crematorium, Blacon Ave, Chester CH1 5BB on Monday 19th October at 12.00 noon, after which we will repair to The Cheshire Yeoman, Welsh Rd, Ellesmere Port CH66 4QR for what will no doubt be a musical send-off".

  • 08/10/15 - Derek Harrison (not the one on piano) rang me today to say he was surprised with all this talk about the 40's and 50's that nobody mentioned 12th Street Rag, which was the record that got him into jazz.

  • 08/10/15 - Re: "I've got a secret",, I'd be very interested to hear any details about Tony Sbarbaro's (Spargo) visit/tour to the UK other than when he was here with the ODJB in 1919. He was a superb New Orleans-style drummer who didn't get the recognition deserved. A great clip of film. - Pete Lay (Just Jazz Editor)

  • 07/10/15 - I like the piece about clogs and jazz, I play jazz and was a clog dancer for many years, I still have my clogs. - Barrie Marshall (Sun Street Stompers). Photo is of Jon Moore (gtr) and Barrie Marshall (clt), who made their recent debut playing as a duet at The Robert Gillow in Lancaster on Tuesdays, the first of what is hoped to be a series of performances.  Click on the image for a larger version.

  • 06/10/15 - I would like to inform Mr. Broadgate that my last book " Louis Armstrong. Was He Born in Grimsby " had three print runs exceeding 33 copies.  Research for my latest book has unearthed an interesting print in " Fosdyke's Clog Dancing Miscellany " ( Arkwright House. 1894 ) entitled " Primitive Dancers in Congo Square " which appears to show two of the dancers wearing clogs and what look like bells around their knees. This would appear to fit in with a short piece by an unknown writer that I recently came across which mentioned that Buddy Bolden doubled on accordion and frequently accompanied " jingling dancers " How this could have developed into Ellington's " Ring Dem Bells " I might discuss at some later date. - Moe Green.

  • 06/10/15 - I would like to inform Mr. Broadgate that my last book " Louis Armstrong. Was He Born in Grimsby " had three print runs exceeding 33 copies.  Research for my latest book has unearthed an interesting print in " Fosdyke's Clog Dancing Miscellany " ( Arkwright House. 1894 ) entitled " Primitive Dancers in Congo Square " which appears to show two of the dancers wearing clogs and what look like bells around their knees. This would appear to fit in with a short piece by an unknown writer that I recently came across which mentioned that Buddy Bolden doubled on accordion and frequently accompanied " jingling dancers " How this could have developed into Ellington's " Ring Dem Bells " I might discuss at some later date. - Moe Green.

  • 06/10/15 - Keith Allcock writes - "Sorry to hear the news about Roy Potts. I played with him a few times lately and had to admire the terrific courage he showed to go on playing the music he loved in such difficult circumstances. He was an important figure on the NW jazz scene over many years. My sympathy goes to his family".  You can read more tributes on the Roy Potts tribute page.

  • 06/10/15 - The discussion on Jazz in France and the French attitude to hospitality made Jon Critchley put pen to paper and challenge Roger Marshall to compare Trevor Stent's FestJazz at Chatenauf du in Brittany with the Panama Jazz Band's experience at Dove Jazz Festival. Today Barry Pryme responds on behalf of Dove Jazz Club.

  • 05/10/15 - Although we wake up to the abrupt end to our mini "Indian summer", its still quite pleasing to wake up anyway, and I would seek to reassure our revered style guru M. Green, that any inclemency need not delay the publication of his opus, as a replacement for papyrus has recently been announced. I'm pretty sure that references to "Snowy and Jock" have non "PC" connotations ,and tend to be avoided. Does make you wonder how "Dick" gets through though; but then he always did didn't he! Meanwhile here's a pic of the ultimate "Widows peak". cheers -  Jon White.

  • 05/10/15 - Moe's latest book sounds of such universal appeal that I am wondering if there will be a reserve list, or perhaps a ballot. My research implies that his last book was so internationally acclaimed, that the original print run sold out eventually and that the publishers had to print a second run of ten. - Noel Broadgate

  • 05/10/15 - Hi Fred,  Many thanks for the clip of Tony Spargo with the ODJB at - fascinating! I am sure he came over to England and played, with a pick-up group of fellow Americans, at The Municipal Hall in Colne. The entertainment manager, Arthur Fenton, was very keen on Jazz and shrewdly made contact with the various managers as the Bands were on their tours up and down the country. He persuaded them to call in at Colne or Barrowford or Nelson with an extra concert at lunch-times.    I re-call Tony Spargo/Sbarbo playing wit a pick-up group at Colne and demonstrating how he played in those early days when bass drums and other parts of the drum kit were not compatible with the primitive recording equipment. Sometimes he had to use a drum case as a bass drum: he even demonstrated a technique by which he put in the bass drum part on sticks - incorporating it with the snare.  Is there anybody out there that remembers this tour? - Colin Mason (Pendle Jazzmen)

  • 05/10/15 -  Mart and I are very sorry that we are unable to attend Johnny Tippett’s funeral tomorrow as the band is playing in Skipton at lunchtime for the Jazz Weekend organized by Barbara and John Hallam. Even though I have met Johnny and his wife occasionally in Hazel Grove I have no idea of their address so I can write and apologize for not being there, so if anyone has the address, please could they send us an e-mail at: Mart, of course, knew him from the very early jazzband days, but I was still at school when I knew him from the happy swimming days at the old Bramhall Park Swimming Baths, now a housing estate. - Janet Rodger

  • 05/10/15 - As Jon White correctly affirms it is indeed called a Widow's Peak a style I tried to popularize in the late 20's. Apropos the current interest in a certain Special Agent why haven't Snowy and Jock received a mention ? They did help Mr. Barton in a minor way.  As for my " resting " situation I have been researching for my latest book " The Influence of Morris Dancing on the Charleston & Lindy Hop with Special Reference to Congo Square " which I hope to have published in the next year or two, weather permitting.  -  Moe Green.

  • 05/10/15 - Hi Fred, Thanks to Noel Broadgate, for the hirsute composer picture. I believe the style was referred to as a "widows peak" in its day. Who better to ask than our revered and ancient style guru, Monswer Moe Green, of these parts, who appears to be in a 'resting' situation. -  Jon White

  • 05/10/15 - Noel Broadgate tells me, "I am back home following a Pacemaker operation, and would like to thank those who sent their good wishes. The bad news for all you jazz followers is that I may start playing again, though my Physio says a kazoo would be easier to carry around rather than a stage piano and all accoutrements".

  • 05/10/15 - John Blackman called to tell me that Formby Sports & Social Club, previously known as the British Legion, closed permanently from midnight last night, Sunday 4th October. As a result, the WirrOrleans Jazz Band will no longer have a residency there. John asked me to thank the many friends and supporters the band has built up over the four years they have played there and asks people to spread the word, especially to those who are not on the internet. He says, "Watch this space, and to those in the Formby area, watch the village notice board. Any enquiries, call John on 01695 574153.

  • 03/10/15 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out, and you can check the contents from the front page here

  • 03/10/15 - No midweek daytime jazz events coming up this week I'm sorry to say.  You can however raise a glass to Doug Whaley & Jack Cotterill who share birthdays on Birthdays on Friday.

  • 03/10/15 - As usual, Fred, I am at least a month behind the threads of news that make your pages so enjoyable. I too remember Dick Barton, Special Agent. He was played by an actor called Noel Johnson. My Mum's maiden name was Johnson, and she used to say that she had had a distant cousin called Noel, who, she believed, had gone to Drama School. It could have been him! So, once again, I could be "nearly famous". As regards the Devil's Gallop, I cannot claim to be a relation of its composer Charles Williams , though I do envy his hairstyle.  - Noel Broadgate

  • 03/10/15 - Now please read this carefully from Sue Parish's latest publicity blog. There is a full stop after the word 'Free', which I didn't notice on first reading and I got quite excited - Sunday 4th October: Jazz Breakfast at the Robert Gillow, Lancaster. Music from myself and guitarist Jon Moore between 10 am and noon.  Free. Breakfasts (and champagne, if you're feeling devil-may-care....) available from 9:30 onwards. Sue also tells us that Tuesday 6th Oct but I won't be there - if you're in Lancaster do go along to the ROBERT GILLOW, where guitarist JON MOORE and clarinettist BARRIE MARSHALL will be duetting for the evening from 9pm)

  • 03/10/15 - I'm reluctant to plug regular events which already appear in What's On, but I'm always happy to plug one-off charity events like this one from Bruce Carnaffin.  The High Society Jazz Band are playing at the Parish Hall, Kendal Parish Church on Friday 9 October, 7 - 10pm. All are welcome to come to listen and/or dance, admission £5 on the door includes bread and cheese. Wine and soft drinks available, and all proceeds go to the Parish Church.

  • 03/10/15 - Hello Fred,  I'm an infrequent visitor to your Jazz North West site because of having misspent some of my youth in the sixties playing banjo with the Louisville Jazzband at the Black Lion, Salford, then banjo and guitar with John Hallam and the late Mickey Cook in the Blue Lotus Jazz Band. Since having moved to Leicester in 1975 I have misspent the rest of my life with various Midlands bands, currently with Nottingham's Bob Wilson Jazz and Swing band, and with J for Jazz. J for Jazz is Leicestershire's oldest established band. Led by the "Rev." John Timms on vocals and cornet, the band also features Avo Avison on trombone, a stalwart of the old Bob Wallis Band, who is still playing as strongly as ever. Formed over 40 years ago and playing most Wednesday nights since then, J for Jazz has recently taken up a Wednesday night residency at the Foxton Locks Inn, near Market Harborough. The pub is on the site of the world famous flight of 10 locks on the Grand Union Canal, which also features an inclined plane. So if any North-West jazzers are enjoying a boating holiday in the area, there is a warm (free) welcome, great food, and six real ales, from 7.30 every Wednesday. - John Irwin.

  • 03/10/15 - Martin Potts rang me a few moments ago to say his dad, Roy, passed away last night. He has been ill for some time although still playing up until a few weeks ago. He did of course lead his own band The Roy Potts Five & A Penny for many years and was always busy in an around Chester and the North West.  For the last ten years he has also been playing with the Savoy Jazzmen.  He was a real character, always giving a strong lead and very whimsical on the microphone. He will be sorely missed.  Condolences to Anne, family and friends. - Peter Swensson (The Savoy Jazzmen.)

  • 03/10/15 - Johnny Tippett's funeral will take place next Tuesday, October 6th, 1.45 pm at Stockport Borough Cemetery. - Des Hopkins

  • 03/10/15 - Re: Don Ellis, This humble banjo player listens to Craig Charles and collects Don Ellis records. I also like really rough New Orleans music like the non union bands. Keep an open mind. - Lawrence Marshall.

  • 02/10/15 - The Gig List for The Shrimper in Southport has been updated

  • 01/10/15 -  What a wonderful memento of the ODJB. (I've got a secret). This band is as good as the original. Great to see Phil Napoleon in action too. - Neville Dickie

  • 01/10/15 - Hi Fred, Re: 'I've got a secret' 28/09/15, What an absolute gem - I feel quite young! Well done to that Ealing surfer! Interestingly, Satch puts the ODJB origins further back to 1909 when he listened to Nick LaRocca in the waifs home way back when, When you think that some of those guys were drafted to WW1, and survived the big depression, just "two in" sparked off a faultless encore. What Pros !, What a sign off! (excuse me, I'm just stubbing out my fag). Ooer the sponsors watching.-  Jon White

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