Thursday December 24, 2020

Dear  Jon

Back in the day, if you needed to know where Tubby was playing, who was on at Ronnie Scottís, which US jazz giant was due to tour, or just what was on at your local jazz club, youíd pick-up your copy of the Melody Maker on a Friday. 

So, as jazz lovers, we ask Ö What did the Melody Maker do for you?

This year Covid-19 has impacted all of us. For the National Jazz Archive itís meant cancelling our fundraising concerts. This has significantly reduced our income, which we need to continue preserving our historically important material, as well as updating our free-to-access online catalogue. 

So, we now ask Ö What can you do for the Melody Maker?

The National Jazz Archive has in its care, a complete collection of the Melody Maker up to 1981.  Founded in 1926, primarily for dance band musicians, itís 1950sĖ1960s editions hold material that document the cultural British jazz revival. But itís use of print-on-paper technology makes it extremely fragile. To ensure the original magazines are protected for future generations, the Archive needs to conserve and transfer the collection into acid-free, archival boxes, which can then be stored appropriately.   

This is where you can help. By donating a single amount, or agreeing to provide a regular donation you can make a difference to preserving your cultural jazz heritage through the efforts of the National Jazz Archive.  As an example: £25 will provide 4 archival containers, £200 will fund some 500 specialist polyester pockets, and £3,000 will help fund a part-time project archivist to direct our team of volunteers.

To give what you can to help the National Jazz Archive continue with its efforts on behalf of all jazz lovers just click on the donate button above.
Please do it now. A large or small donation will make a difference in this difficult year and youíll be doing something for jazz in return.
Thank you for your support,

Paul Kaufman,
Chair of trustees
National Jazz Archive

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