To all musicians.

I'm sure you are aware that things are slowly improving and gigs are starting up again, but it has definitely left a trail of damage behind in some cases, not least on this web site.  Sadly some musicians are no longer with us, and some have decided to retire. Some bands have disbanded, and some are having to reform and recruit and are surviving on deps.

This means in some cases that if the band you play with has a presence on my site, it's quite likely that the information is now incorrect. As a result the band spotlight page now says, "Please note that due to Covid and retirements, some of the band pages are now outdated". Some pages still list musicians that are no longer with us, and some pages list residencies that have since closed. Some of the pages link through to sites created by the bands themselves, so obviously I have no control over them, but even some of those disappeared during Covid, presumably the cost of maintaining a site without any income, was not feasible.

I appreciate that you may well have told me of changes, and I do update the News and What's On, but I've always drawn a line when it comes to checking through each of the band's web pages to see if any are affected. I regarded the band pages as being owned by the bands - it is their statement to the site visitors, and therefore their responsibility to submit any updates or amendments to me so I can make the changes.

I would appreciate it, if you play with any of the following bands, if you could take 5 minutes to review their pages and bring it to the attention of the band leader, or let me have any amendments so I can update them. Apologies if you have recently submitted an update, in which case, please ignore this message.

I should add that the bands listed below are those who have appeared in What's On over the last two years (this will revert to 12 months next year), and they are constantly under review and transferred to another part of the site if they don't meet this criteria. The pages are never deleted as they are part of NW traditional jazz history, they appear under the title, "Whatever Happened To".