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John Beaumont

RIP 8th April 2021

Photograph by Barrie Marshall


09/04/21 -  Sad news Iím afraid; John Beaumont died yesterday. Apart from Brian Gordon he was the last surviving founder member of the Lune Valley Jazz Band. His cornet playing was straightforward melody with beautiful tone, it anchored the band. His deteriorating health saw him leave the band four years ago. He would have been eighty this year, if I remember correctly! - Steve Lister

10/04/21 -

I remember John well, I was a member of The Lune Valley Vintage Jazz Band In itís early days but not a founder member, he had a wonderful tone on his cornet and was a good player of tunes, just one anecdote, I was chatting to him about being a doctor he said all you need to be a good doctor is a very good memory and a good bedside manner.

RIP John.

Barrie Marshall

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