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02/03/13 -

Chris Brown passed away on 1st March 2013 after a long fight against cancer.   He played trombone with The Red River Jazzmen in the very early days.   He was at Manchester University in the 1950’s studying dentistry.   He became a local dentist in Disley and he was my dentist and when he became a partner in Glossop I went there with him.    He also played trombone at The Cheshire Cheese pub in Buxton which was a lively evening.

Chris was a great New Orleans Traditional trombonist and a lovely fellow.

 Chris played with a selected band called The Canal Street Ragtimers who made an LP for George Buck at Jazzology Records in the USA – this LP was called “Feelin’ The Spirit” and now this is issued on CD.

 Sad news again, as we have lost another person who has been a North West of England contributor to the British traditional jazz scene

Mart Rodger - Manchester Jazz

03/03/13 - It is with great sadness that I read today of the death of Chris Brown.

He was my dentist until 1998, when his retirement and my move from Manchester coincided. I was having lots of dental problems in the 1980's, when I was still a full time pro musician, and quite a few people both in the jazz and the classical music scene in Manchester advised me to go and see him. He completely put me at ease and sorted all of my dental troubles in quite a short time.

I remember breaking the crown of a front tooth on one occasion when I was working on a show at The Opera House in Manchester - panic!  I rang Chris who told me to get to his surgery in Glossop at 7.00am the next morning. When I got there he and a dispatch rider were waiting for me. He took a dental impression of my teeth, gave it to the dispatch rider and told me to come back at mid-day. On my return he fitted me with a new crown and I was back at work at the Opera House at 2.30. Beat that for service!

I also got to play alongside him on a few occasions and very much enjoyed the experience.

Laurie Cooper.


08/03/13 -

Sorry to read about the death of Chris Brown.
I first met Chris at the long established Wednesday night session at the Cheshire Cheese in Buxton.  This was in the early 1990's, and I think the band was called the Hot Spa Stompers.  Chris was always the first there, so he had the task of moving tables and chairs to allow the band to set up!  There were some changes of personnel and Chris wasn't playing at the Cheese when the Jazz finished in the mid-1990's.
More recently Chris was a regular attendee at Dove Holes Jazz .
Sam Wood


08/03/13 -

I have enjoyed your newsletter when living abroad, now back. Sorry to hear of Chris Brown's passing. A good dentist, lovely man and decent trombonist. We played in the "tech.trads", who incidentally won the national jazz band comp for universities in Birmingham, mainly due to Doug Wwhaley. That's approximately 55 years back.  Where have the years gone? 

Pixie Roylance

15/03/13 - I played alongside Chris in Tony Iddon's Red River Jazzmen in the 1960s. The band at that time was really great and really did 'swing like the clappers', Chris playing an integral part in the band. Chris later had to leave the band to concentrate on his studies at the Manchester college of dentistry. Of course I have enjoyed Chris's company on many occasions since then including renowned jazz parties.

Dave Berry

15/03/13 - I wanted to thank people for their words about my dad, jazz was such a huge part of his life, but he stepped back when he became a family man, only to pick it up again in later life. This clip of the Red River jazz men back when dad was still on trombone, was the music we ended the funeral service with, a fitting tribute. Uncle Tony (Iddon) on the clarinet, assumed we were playing Chris Barber. When I assured him it was dad Tony quipped we weren't too bad back then were we. A fitting tribute if you can't see the player below.


Fiona Brown

16/03/13 -

It was so nice to be able to listen to "Gonna Travel On " played at the funeral of Chris Brown by the Red River Jazz Men Thank you Fiona. My husband Jack Smith who died in 2008, was playing with the Red River when I met him many moons ago. Chris kept in touch with Jack in their later years which was great. I now live in Australia and want to add my tribute to Chris, a most generous, talented and very humorous man.

Chris Smith (Australia)


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