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The band started as the Mathew Street Ragtime Jazz Band in the 1980s playing at Flanagans Apple. In 1988 they moved to the Marlborough on Slater Street and changed their name to The Downtown Dixieland Jazz Band.  Early members of the band were Jim Lucas -trumpet. Bart Poole -trombone. Linton Ali-drums. Keith Jones(RIP) -clarinet. Cliff Barker(RIP) -banjo. Peter Campbell(RIP) -bass.

The band played at the Marlborough for many years before moving a few years ago to the Caledonia pub near the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

The band play on the 3rd Friday of every month from 9pm to 11.30pm. Admission is free.

The current line up is

Jim Lucas trumpet

Andrew McKenzie trombone

Liam Beddall clarinet

Mal Horne guitar/banjo

John Dorgan tuba

John Blackman - drums


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