The Dennis Browne Creole Band

This page was was last updated on February 24th 2002

I am sorry to report that Dennis Browne died on Monday 23rd July 2001


Members of the Dennis Browne Creole Band have collectively spent over a hundred years living with the music and have absorbed its reality to an amazing degree. No contemporary band can claim complete authority; for that you must refer to the work of those who mostly have long since gone. This band, though heavily influenced by the sounds of the New Orleans dance halls, has thrown in other influences which ensures the sound is vibrant and is for all the world "Like a conversation between friends" - shared with the listener. Emotional, not sentimental, exciting yet relaxed, Enjoy the experience

Dennis says, "Roots-wise, this band dates from New Orleans when this century was new and artistic innovation was everywhere. Great jazzmen created the jazz classics and the world stirred to their compelling sounds. Styles changed, jazz too, but the Good-time New Orleans swing that is the inspiration for The Dennis Browne Creole Band remains as fresh and vital as ever."

Says Dennis, "Don't just call this music "Jazz"; that is too restricting! Its wide origins in Africa and Europe with elements of Spanish fire and French romanticism combined with Indian mystique ensures a complex musical feast. As in the best cordon bleu cooking, the result is deceptively simple - but the execution an art."

The Dennis Browne line up plays and sings for all occasions and includes Dennis Browne (leader/clarinet/alto sax), John Hummerstone (trumpet), John Brunton (tenor sax/clarinet), Pete Beaumont (piano), Nick Kirk (Banjo), and Richard Lord (drums).


The Dennis Browne Creole Band Tapes

Miss The Mississippi
Float Me Down The River

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