The Gentlemen of Jazz

Left to Right:  Stewart Jessett, Euan Pringle, John Crawford, Peter Myers, Dave Wylie


Band members -

Stewart Jessett - Double bass. 

D. O. B. 1938, Newcastle, Theatre Royal Newcastle gang shows, 1950 -1954, Vieux Carre  & River City jazz men 1958, Hill Cresters rhythm group 1960.  Moved to Cumbria 1970, and played with Gelt river JB 1970 - 1975, Mick Potts' Gateway JB 1975 - 1990, Esk Valley JB 2000

Euan Pringle - Drums.

D. O. B. 1942, Edinburgh, in his youth, played for The Roadsters and also The Palais Quartet (Ray McVay big band)  Then spent 4 years in Australia .  Upon his return, came to live, work as a senior partner in an investment consultancy . Plays golf - well. Musically, he has played with and for the Gateway JB, Les Bull's Festival band, Geoff Barnhart, John Hallam, Steve Andrews, Mainline with Tim Belford, Esk Valley JB & Gentlemen of Jazz.

John Crawford - Banjo.

D. O. B. 1940, Liverpool, retired pharmacist, his interests embrace music (jazz, all eras, classical) cricket, Everton football club, art (fairly catholic taste but mainly 1st. quarter 19th century to present day) and steam railways. Discovered jazz in the fifties via skiffle and the "trad boom"; classic jazz of the 20s followed, Oliver, Armstrong, Dodds etc., Totally swept away by the "Chicago school" after hearing the Eddie Condon band at Liverpool Empire. This led to small group swing - Buck Clayton et al and on to big bands like Basie and Ellington.  Now content to while away the hours with Hot Fives, Beethoven quartets and Chivas Regal!

Peter Myers - Trombone

D. O. B. 1936, Carlisle, retired Quantity Surveyor  interests, jazz, of the sort played by Jack Teagarden and Bobby Hackett, some,  classical music, Chopin, Schubert, reading,   The late (and sadly missed) Mick Potts taught me how to play a Bb tuba when I was 16 and I then joined the Gateway JB for whom I played off and on until Mick's death in 1993.  Since then, I have played with sundry local bands (jazz) who needed a tbn. player.

Dave Wylie - Trumpet

D. O. B. unknown! (elderly) a southern Scot who developed his musical talent in the army - specifically in the regimental band of The King's Own Scottish Borderers - with whom he travelled widely;  Dave is a very gregarious and likeable chap who, in addition to the G. of J. has his own band that normally plays north of the border, but occasionally at Carlisle JC For further info., you'll have to speak to the man himself, - he'll be happy to oblige.

Clarinet,/Sax player.

The band does not have a resident clt./sax player at the moment, because there is no one in our locality - that we are aware of - with the necessary credentials for our style of playing.. However, we are aware of at least three players outside our area, but within Cumbria who have expressed their willingness to play for us if available , in the event we get bookings Ergo, the G. of J. will always have six players for pre-booked occasions.

The Gentlemen of Jazz, a resurrected 6 man jazz group in the Carlisle area are once again available to play for your entertainment. We play for indoor & outdoor functions of any sort; weddings, barbeques, anniversaries, parties etc. See and hear us perform at Carlisle Jazz Club, courtesy of Carlisle Rugby Club, Warwick Road Carlisle.


Band Contact -  for further information
Please call Peter Myers on 01228 - 710641


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