Pat Halcox
1930 - 2013

05/02/13 - Sad news, Pat Halcox passed away last night. In sorrow, - Louis Lince


Pat Halcox must rate as one of the few musicians that influenced my life and love of traditional jazz. He was playing trumpet on the Chris Barber records I bought as a young man, and it could be said that but for him and the other members of the band, this web site would probably never have happened. I remember when I first got access to the internet back in the early 90's, his was one of the few names I searched for. Hard to believe that back then it never turned anything up, a far cry from the  41,300 results today, an indication of how well known and respected he had become.

There is a tribute and a link to a book of remembrance on the Chris Barber web site at

Fred Burnett

05/02/13 -

 God Bless a wonderful man. I would like to go to his funeral. Please send me the details.  We are going to play a tribute to Pat at the Jazzclub in Helsingborg on Sunday, with young Bjorn Inglestam on Trumpet Love and best wishes -

Sheila Collier

05/02/13 -

The news of the death of Pat Halcox is heartbreaking. He was one of the leaders in the revival of 'our' music, but he was so much more than that. Pat was one of the finest men that we all ever had the honour of knowing. A wonderful musician, the nicest and most genuine person you could ever wish to meet............there are simply no adequate words of tribute, appreciation, and admiration for him.

Amongst British jazz musicians, Pat was the trumpet player I most admired. He started it all for me back in the early fifties, and it was always thrilling to follow his progress on record and 'live' in the years that followed. He just got better and better. It's a terrible sadness to think that we will never see him again. One thing is certain; there will never be another Pat Halcox. He came up through a jazz school which no longer exists. They don't make them like that any more..

Goodbye and God bless Pat. Today feels like the day the music died.

Lez Bull

05/02/13 -

The Merseysippi Jazz Band were so sad to hear of the passing of a great friend of ours, Pat Halcox, who guested with us a number of times in the 80s and 90s.

Peter Fryer

05/02/13 - The Savannah Jazz Band would like to express their sorrow at the passing of Pat Halcox. He was a fine musician and friend of many years and it was always a pleasure and thrill to have him as a guest. We send our sincere condolences to his family.

John Meehan

05/02/13 -

Sad news indeed! What a great loss to the Jazz world on an international scale. Thousands will mourn his passing.

Pat was a truly great, tasteful trumpet player. Also a thorough gentleman in his attitude and approach to others. He was one of nicest people I have ever met in my Jazz career. He always made you feel at ease, and was always complimentary if he particularly liked someone's playing.

I'm glad he didn't leave this earth without my having had the pleasure of playing alongside Pat; first when I was with the Zenith Six and Chris Barber's great band did a double-band session with us at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, in 1967, when the two bands lined up together for the finale, and later, in the more intimate surroundings of Tommy Duck's pub, sandwiched between Lower Mosley Street and the corner of Oxford St., in the mid-late 80s, when I with Maurice Pike's Panama Jazz Band, when Pat agreed to play with us as a special guest.

If members of Pat's family and Chris Barber and the Boys, are reading this on Fred Burnett's superb website - that brings us all together worldwide - please accept my deepest condolences, and no doubt those of a great many musicians and fans on the Manchester Jazz scene of years past.

Joe A A Silmon-Monerri
("Joe Silmon")

06/02/13 -

Very sad news that another very revered and great musician, trumpet player, has died and can never be replaced.

Unwin Nunns

07/02/13 -

Dear Fred,

I would like to add my sadness at hearing of Pat Halcox's passing. He was a really nice guy and great trumpet man.

Pete Lay (Gambit Jazzmen)

We are very sad about Pat Halcox´death !  A great Jazz-Musician has left this world.  I can remember a Chris-Barber-Concert in Rendsburg - it has been one of the last gigs playing together with Pat Halcox.  Our Storyville Jazzband had the honour to play exactly one hour nonstop before the Barber-Band -using the drum-kit of the Barber-Band and the amplifier too.  We decided to play all that old Barber-Titles from the Fifties: Sing on, Tight like that, Bugle Boy March, Panama Rag, Down by the riverside, Lead me saviour - and so on.   After we had finished, Pat Halcox came up to the stage and said: Good to hear all our old tunes, we played in the Fifties and Sixties... !

When the concert was over we had the possibility to talk with some of the british musicians, and with Pat Halcox too.  A wonderful human being man - with interesting sights of the world, of Jazzmusic - etc. 

On Saturday , 9th of February, the " Storyville Jazzband Rendsburg " has a concert together with a second Jazzband near to Rendsburg and we will play together with the other Jazzband:  "Just a closer walk with thee " just for Pat ---- and I´m sure - he will hear it !

Thanks for this information - I've informed a lot of Jazz friends in Germany about Pat´s death - and the German Jazz-Institute in Darmstadt too !........ till we meet again ,

Hans-Georg-Zelewski family & the Band


13/02/13 -

Sad to hear the news of Pat have like many others memories of contact with him in his younger days. The attached photo was taken in the Lyceum Ballroom when both Pat & George were 2 of the Judges for The Boosey & Hawkes National Jazzband Competition in which I took part with my Tor Valley Jazzmen and came in 2nd place.


On 16 February 2013 Andreas Wandfluh from Switzerland wrote to John Westwood in Spain -

Hi John

I just came back from London, where I went to the Service of Celebration for the Life of Pat. It was very impressive. This was the Funeral Band:

Chris Barber (trombone) Bob Hunt (trombone) Ian Bateman (trombone)
Mike"Magic"Henry (cornet) Pete Rudeforth (cornet) Alan Bateman (trumpet)
Simon Nelson (cornet) Enrico Tomasso (trumpet) Richard Exall (clarinet)
Brian White (clarinet) Graham Read (tuba) Pete York (snare drum)
Norman Emberson (bass drum) Bernard Flegar (snare drum)  

They played:

Just a closer walk with thee - outside of the chapel, when the family arrived

The old rugged cross - when the coffin has been brought in

When the Saints go marching in - at the end of the service.

The service was very special - it was religious, but with a fine humour - as everybody would say "like Pat's smiling". The reverend referred to your entry in the condolence book! You remember that you wrote: Gabriel's got some competition up there at last.....

A professional photographer was there an took a lot of pictures - She informed me that she will send a set of fotos for the website. I too have had a small camera with me and we will these fotos publish on the website.


17/02/13 -

Hello Fred. I can remember being at the 100 Club and watching and listening to Pat Halcox playing in 1954. No wonder he stayed with Chris Barber for so long. Pat seemed a thoroughly nice guy.

Gerry Travers from Bury St. Edmunds.

Photographs at

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