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04/10/18 -

‘Following from the sad loss of our clarinettist Phil Yates, Mark and I discussed future possibilities for the band. All the remaining members are quite busy with other band commitments, our drummer, Nick, is at the ‘further education’ stage of life, and with the prospect of only continuing as a ‘deps pick- up band’ as so many bands now find themselves, we decided to call a halt. It has been a pleasure to be involved with such a fine bunch of musicians for 7 years. - Richard Knock.’

Jazzin'it are a six-piece Jazz band,  originally started by Mike Sutton in Autumn 2011. Now with it's own individual personality and style, the 6 current members of Jazzin'it plays a variety of traditionally based jazz music without being 'pigeon-holed' into a specialist category.   Old standards are sometimes presented in a new way; the band likes to make full use of the  individual talents of its musicians, while always presenting an entertaining programme.

Personnel: -

·         Richard Knock    - Trumpet

·         Phil Yates             - Clarinet

·         Alan Matthews - Trombone

·         Mark Todd          - Guitar

·         Gerry Clayton    - Bass

·         Nick Todd            - Drums

Band Contact Mark Todd - 07849 190540

Apart from jazz venues, the band is the ideal choice for private parties, weddings, balls, corporate events or any function where 'toe- tapping' live music is required.

For information call Mark Todd on 07849 190540

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