Lockdown Photographs No. 8
 Archive Photographs dug out during lockdown. Well there's no live jazz so you have to do something!
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This photo – taken by the late ‘Mac’ McKenzie, who passed away recently – is of the 2 marching bands at the 1st Hamilton Quarter Jazz Festival in Birkenhead on 5/10/96. These were the Famous Reds & Blues Marching Jazz Band and the Wirral Marching Jazz Band, and the smiles were following a mock ‘ Battle of the Bands’ at the bandstand near the market hall.  The 23 musicians shown came from 6 Merseyside bands, in another of the many events organised by the late Tony Davis. Happy Days ! -  Terry Birkinhead

Keswick Jazz Festival, May 1995 - The Eureka Trio at Mire House, Bassenthwaite, one of the most idyllic settings possible for a jazz venue, and marvellous jazz from John Wurr, (reeds), Keith Stephen, (bjo / gtr), and Terry McGrath, (sousaphone.)

While listening, a lady serving mulled wine (!) to the visitors asked me if I was enjoying the jazz, and told me that Jon Penn was playing piano there the next day. I asked if Jon would be playing outside, and her reply was "Dear me, no - we couldn't bring the Steinway out here ! " I sheepishly crept away to my seat.

Late that afternoon, I looked in to Rawnsley Hall to hear Pam Hird's New Sydney Stompers, from Australia - a great band. During a break, a friend from Norwich gleefully walked down the aisle telling all & sundry that underdogs Everton had beaten Manchester United in the F. A. Cup Final ! (apologies to United fans.)

Terry Birkinhead

11/04/21 - Here's a photograph I took of the Wirrorleans Jazz Band at Boldelwyddan Castle I suspect.  It would have been taken in the late 90's and L-R are Frank Robinson, Charlie Walcom?, Al McDowell, John Blackman, Roger Roger Higham, Banjo? and Bernard Bibby. The one below would be the Smoky City Jazz Band taken at the same weekend, with Maurice Gavan on clarinet, guest Jack Mawdsley on Sousaphone, Mike Pembroke, trombone, and you can just see the back of Bill Smith's head. - Fred Burnett


Gabe Essien organised a get-together on 8th June 1986 in Failsworth which he called “Especially for Jaimie”. It was a tribute to his baby son whose tragic cot death had occurred a few weeks before.  This is the regular Magnolia Band with John Rothwell replacing Brian Woods on drums.  Others who took part that night were Pete Haslem, trombone, Les Moore, banjo, John Muskett, bass, Ron McKay and myself, drums. - Graham Martindale

This is a photo of the Raikes Paraders Jazz Band which I probably took at The Links Hotel in St. Annes. Again in the late 90's , it features David  Gunson, Sam Greenall, Geoff Clifford, Harvey Green,  Keith Staveley, Jack Mawdsley and Ken Emery. - Fred Burnett

 A band was put together by Carl Thompson & Derek Galloway especially for gigs at The Morris Dancer in Kelsall in 2005. Originally without a name, the band became The Milneburg Boys after a poll of our regular and enthusiastic audience. The line-up was Carl, Derek, Gerry Owen, Mal Horne, Robin Tankard and myself. We subsequently moved down the road to The Royal Oak and, when Carl emigrated to France, Dave Copperwaite took over. We then moved to The Fox and Barrel in Cotebrook, Tarporley where, after my move to Spain, the band continued to play for a number of years. I visited the Fox and Barrel in 1995 and was delighted to see both Carl, coincidentally visiting on the same day, and the same faces in the audience as were at our first gig ten years previously. This photo is Carl, myself and Ian McCann, depping for Mal, at The Morris Dancer. - Graham Martindale

27/04/21 - The first photo is of the Delta Jazz Band of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the 1st Keswick Jazz Festival in May1992. They were established in 1968, and here they are playing at the R. A. F. A. club, and this great band got a tremendous reception from the packed club. Trumpeter and leader Rodolfo Yoia was one of the best I have ever heard.

The other photo is of the Royal Flush Jazz Band from Kobe, Japan, at the Whitley Bay Jazz Festival in July 2000. Another great band with star man for many, the clarinettist Akira Watanabe. The band was established in 1983, and they seemed amazed at the enthusiastic reception from the large audience.

Foreign bands that I have heard in 'live' performance were from : - Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Irish Republic, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland and the U. S. A. (20 in all), plus neighbours Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I believe the late Campbell Burnap played in Finland. Can anyone add to this list ?

Terry Birkinhead

We are approaching the 76th anniversary of VE Day (on 8th May) and this photo harks back to the 50th anniversary in May 1995, with a great celebration, appropriately at the United Powers pub, (the ‘U.P.’) in Tithebarn Street Liverpool, with the WirrOrleans Jazz Band. Frank Robinson is the keyboard player, an original member of the Merseysippi Jazz Band. (N.B. the ‘woman’ ARP warden is NOT in her/his full dress uniform.)

Notwithstanding the party atmosphere, during the evening tribute was paid to those who served in WW 2 and particularly those who never returned from the conflict.

Terry Birkinhead

This is a photo of The Silver Bell Band with Alton Purnell on piano. It was taken at the Preston Polytechnic Arts Centre and also includes Pete Vickers, Frank Caunce, Dennis Browne, Keith Moore and Dave Park. It appears in the book The Silver Bell Band - Fifty Years of Music Making, which Pete wrote and managed to get printed just before he died. The photo below is of Dave Copperwaite playing at Preservation Hall. I've just spoken to Carol. She can't remember when it was taken but says it was about twenty years ago. She did say that Dave got back to the hotel with the biggest grin she'd ever seen.- Graham Martindale

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