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Lockdown Photographs
 Archive Photographs dug out during lockdown. Well there's no live jazz so you have to do something!
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This one was submitted by Peter Swensson 28/08/20

Submitted by Robert Lamb 28/08/20


Submitted by  Peter Swensson 29/08/20


Supplied by Bob Lamb, 29/08/20

He was a regular attendee at the Merseysippi's Albert Dock gigs. Always wearing a jacket bedecked with badges and dancing with the nearest lady, whether they wanted to or not. I suspect that he was well known elsewhere. Does anyone know anything about him? - Bob Lamb

This Picture, submitted by Peter Eddowes (19/08/20), was taken 25 years ago at the Keswick Jazz Festival (May 1995). It was taken in the then, Dining Room of the Queens Hotel Keswick. The room is now a shop and the Hotel is now called "inn on the Square", after being taken over by Lake District Hotels some years ago. L/R Peter Eddowes Barrie Marshall Dave Bateman Alan Duckles (slightly out of shot) Malcolm Hall, Alan Mathews and Vocalist Delia Glaister.

Submitted by Peter Swensson 07/09/20


When the Tall Ships came to Liverpool on 1holm6th August 1992 ,Tom Culbert (Forest N.O. Band) organised a group to play on one of the Mersey Ferries. It was Arthur Stead tpt, David Ellison clt, Dave Stansfield bass, Dave Stanley dms and, of course Tom Culbert on keyboard All members of the Forest New Orleans Band - what a day that was ! - Dave Stanley (06/08/20).


05/08/20 - Peter Swensson has been digging through his photograph album and sent me a couple of old photographs which he thinks was taken during the visit of the Tall Ships, but what year? They show Ron Hall (snare drum), Billy Williams (bass drum) Robin Tankard (tuba), Tom Orrett (cornet), Dave Thomas (clarinet) Roger Hewitt? (sousaphone), Brian Legan (alto sax), Roger Higham (trumpet) and Tony Ormesher (banjo)". I’m sure it was 1984. Tony Davis (Spinners fame), organised the event.

The New Riverside Jazz Band

L-R Barrie Marshall, Peter Eddowes, Alan Duckles, Dave Bateman, Delia Glaister, Malcolm Hall, Alan Matthews

19/09/20 - Found this old photo of George Chisholm (trombone), my ex late husband Colin Tomkins (trumpet) and John Hallam (reeds).

I can remember this, but can’t think of the venue! Must have been early 70’s but probably John can remember?

Brenda Canty -Forrest (was Tomkins)


28/09/20 - Two more photographs from Peter Swensson. Peter says, "It was a Savoy Jazzmen event but can’t remember the occasion. On the photos Jeff Lewis, Dave Renton, Don May, Les Harris, Geoff Walker, Tommy Orrett, Reg Aveyard, Robbie Foster, Stu Carter, Ken Horton, Pete Darwin, Don May and the good looking one, Peter Swensson, is obscured.

Well done in resurrecting these photos from your archive ! Yes, I took the photos and it was The Savoy Jazzmen’s 30th anniversary celebration in the upstairs room at ‘The Welly’, on 24th May 1990. That was a great night, and the finale had 14 musicians on stage giving it some ’welly’. I have 14 photos of that event in one of my albums. The late Al MacDowall once told the Wirrorleans regulars that I was the only bloke he knew that took a photo of every tune ! - Terry Birkenhead

06/10/20 - "Don't know how I got this photo", write Peter Swensson, "anyhow it's John Petters' New Orleans All Stars taken on the boat Lady Diana, in Chester, in June 1996. L-R - Clive Payne, Ken Sims, John Petters, Mart Rodger (depping), and Tim Phillips.


07/10/20 - This photograph sent to by Harry Swinburne shows the Chicago Teds in about 1989.  He thinks it was taken at The Dovedale Towers, which is situated on the famous Penny Lane in Liverpool.  The musicians are, from left to right,  Roy Rogers, Neville Baldwin, Ken Doran, Brian Singleton,  Tony Dunleavy, Joe Addy and Derek Pierce.


12/10/20 - It seems, like a lot of other musicians, I've been looking through old photographs and came across this one of the John Gordon Quartet. It was taken in Northwich Market, sometime in the mid 1990s but we can't remember the exact date. What a smart-looking group! The personnel is Mick Burns, trumpet, Sammy Reynolds, clarinet and sax, myself on bass trombone and John Gordon, banjo - Paul Medina

17/10/20 - I'm not sure when or where this was taken and how I ended up with a copy", says Peter Swensson. "I only recognise Billy Edwards. It would be good to know the names of the other musicians.


Photo of Phil Mason & Christine Tyrell guesting with the Tuxedo Jazz Band,  October 1995.  Arthur Williams, Geoff Jones, Carl Thompson, Brian Woods, Phil Mason, Unknown, Christine Tyrell, Brian Legan & Mal Horne.  Photo courtesy of Terry Birkinhead.  Their uniform is very fetching! - Peter Swensson

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