Martin Francis Gough
RIP 26th December 2016

Photograph courtesy of  Jon Penn

09/01/17 - Very sad to advise you that Martin Gough passed away on December 26th in Torquay, He was 77 and had moved there about 20 years ago. He had played double bass with the Severnside Jazz Band in Shrewsbury frrom at least 1973 when I joined it and I believe earlier on had played with Dan Pawson in the Midlands.

After moving south he played occasionally with local bands and I met him in 2003 in Bude when he was with Father Mike's Chosen Six and also in 2005 when he attended with his wife Freda as a visitor.

He had a triple heart bypass operation in Shrewsbury about 20 years ago which I think prompted the move South. He died shortly after being admitted to hospital just before Christmas.

I shall always remember him a strong rhythmic bass player who could be relied on to keep a very steady beat and drove the band with his slap bass style.

He was always immaculatly turned out with never a hair out of place, just like the Jazz World's Ernie Wise, and as I often told him you could never see the join!!

Jon Penn

10/01/17 -

It was with very much sadness and shock that I have just learnt by reading Jon Penns email that Martin Gough had passed away on Boxing Day.

It is some months since I saw Martin though we had spoken on the phone. I first met Martin while playing in Ray Hayes' 'Roaring Twenties' band at Chester in the eighties. He subsequently played for my band Delta Jazz there while also being resident bassist with the Severnside band. Martin was a drummers' bassist as his timing and drive was rock steady. He was a kind and gentle man and always dapper.

I have very much to be grateful for in knowing Martin & his wife Freda as he was, forgive the pun, 'instrumental' in introducing me to the south-west jazz scene when we moved to Cornwall 10 years ago. He was often to be seen playing with various bands at the renowned '51 Club' venue at the Smugglers Inn, near Hayle and around the region, he also regularly played for my band down here on a number of occasions. He was always willing to turn out to play, distance being no object, though in recent times Martin was more active in trio work much closer to his Torquay home.

Our condolences and deep sympathy to Freda and all his family as Martins' charm, presence, reliability and stable playing will be much missed both up country and in the south west.

Alan Davies




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