Mike McCombe
Died on Tuesday 30th January 2018

Photo courtesy franklin clay films

09/02/18 -  "Hello, I'm Mike McCombe's wife Barbara, and I'm sorry to send the news that Mike passed away on 30 January. As you may know, he was the Merseysippi Jazz Band drummer for many years before moving to California, where he played with the Grand Dominion, Albion and his own band Skunk Creek".

09/02/18 -

I'm very sorry to hear of Mike's passing. We met a few times over the years, good chap!! -

Pete Lay

09/02/18 -

Very sad news about Mike McCombe. Mike was instrumental in getting the Merseysippi Jazz Band over to the U.S. I had some great times with him over there. A lovely drummer, he also worked with the Colyer band. My heartfelt thoughts go to Barbara. -

Pete Darwin

10/02/18 -

More sad news, but it seems to be that we are all in that age group where we shouldn't be surprised.

Mike was a good friend

Tony Pringle

11/02/18 -

I well remember my days in the Blue Magnolia JB when Mike was drummer: He was a great drummer, with curly pipe firmly clamped between his teeth, and a very dry, great sense of humour. Weíve exchanged a few emails over the years and Itís very sad yet another special character and musician has gone.

Jon Critchley

13/02/18 -

Mike McCombe & I share a surname and even more coincidentally both lived for a time in Crosby. Fred Burnett forwarded an email of mine to Mike, years ago, and we entered into a brief correspondence about family trees!. Itís always baffled me how two families could share a relatively unusual surname and live in the same village without being aware of each other.Commiserations to Mikeís family.

Fraser McCombe


I was sad to hear about Mike.

I had great times with Mike playing with him in many different bands and also working on his house.  The best times were when Dave Renton and myself ran a telephone band at the Albion New Brighton for a number of years.  Mike was a great drummer who could play in many styles and could swing and drive in all of them as required.  He was greatly missed when he went to the U.S.A. both for his drumming and his sense of of humour.

Jim West

21/02/18 -

I was so sorry to read on your web site about the passing of Mike McCombe.  I got to know him well, with his many visits to the Island for our Jazz Club with the Merseysippi jazz Band. An excellent drummer and a very nice gentleman. I enclose a photo which you may like to put on your website. The year would be 1972 at Laxey Glen Ballroom. On trumpet is Nat Gonella and on alto sax is Bruce Turner. The hidden pianist is Frank Robinson.

Alan Grubb (IOM)

(Click on photo for larger version)

23/02/18 -

I was very sad to hear that Mike passed away. He was a great person that meant a lot to The Jazzin Jacks. He was always very supportive and he is a great part of wonderful memories of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.  So was also of course Barbara.

Lasse Karlsson
JazzinJacks Sweden


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