Norman Dakers RIP 23/08/18


L-R  Eric Brierley (tbn), Don Bridgewood (dms), Roy Bower (tpt), 
Norman Dakers (bjo), .John Featherstone (pno) ???? (bs), Alan Brown (cl), 


27/08/18 -

Sorry to relay news of the passing of NORMAN DAKERS on Aug 23rd 2018. Norman was an original member of SOUTHSIDE J. B. of Manchester during late 1950's/early 60/s. A fine musician & a larger than life character. His regular saying was 'I used to know lots of jokes, but can't remember any ' , then spent the next half hour rolling them out non-stop. He saw action in Europe during the 1939-45 war, where he sustained a back injury which affected him for the rest of his life. During recent years He, wife Margaret, my wife Jean & myself were frequent visitors to jazz clubs & dining out until ill health hit them. A lovely man, always pleasant (except when he had to wear a tie). Everybody he met was his friend. He will be missed. R. I. P. "Norm" -

Frank Cholerton

28/08/18 -


I remember Norman Dakers when I joined the Southside Stompers in 1958.  He was such good fun!   I remember giving him a lift in my Isetta bubble car over the Pennines to Sheffield to play in a Jazz Club over there, and we got lost and had to ask the way. He was a large gentleman, and when I opened the front for him to get out, he almost rocked the little 3 Wheeler over.  Another time we got lost in the smog, and I stayed at his mum’s house, borrowing her long nightdress. I was only 18. Happy days.  My condolences to his family, -


Sheila Collier.

28/08/18 -

Norman Dakers' funeral will be at Peel Green Crematorium at 11am Wednesday 5th Sept. postcode M30 7LW. and afterwards at Irlam Social Club Cutnook Lane, M44 6JS -

Tony Dunleavy

06/09/18 -


I attended the funeral of Norman Dakers today. It was a beautiful ceremony. From the “Old Days” Eric Brierley and his wife Maggie also were present and it was so good to renew, and review, old times. Thank you so much for the publicity you have given to this wonderful friend and musician, Norman Dakers.


Yours in Jazz -
Alan Brown


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