Neville Goodwin
Died Tuesday 23rd Sept 2014

Photo by Val Bracken taken at Rochdale Jazz Club in 2011

25/09/14 - I've just taken a phone call from Brian Singleton, leader of the Chicago Teddybears Soc. jazz Band, to inform me that pianist Neville Goodwin died peacefully at home a couple of days ago at the age of 86. Neville had no underlying illness as far as we know, and his wish to be able to play for the rest of his days, came to be granted. Neville was the elder statesman of the band, and like a lot of people of his generation he was made to learn to play the piano at a very early age, but it didn’t work and he drifted away from it for quite some time. In later life he picked up on it again and in his own time taught himself to play. Neville's interest in jazz began some 40 odd years ago when he first heard the great Oscar Peterson, it made a big impression on him and influenced his style of playing. Another of Neville's favourites was Hoagy Carmichael. You could sum up Neville's playing in one word, “gentle” he was as much at ease playing a ballad as a boogie. Funeral details will be published when they become available.

 25/09/14 -

He was missed last night Fred, Nev was a great man, a fine musician, and one of life's real gentlemen. Last time I spoke to him he wanted our address and next thing you know a nice wedding card arrives at our house. Typical of Nev. I obviously haven't known him as long as some but Alison and I are privileged to have been able to call him a friend. R.I.P. Neville. -

Andy Henderson

26/09/14 -

That’s very sad.  He was always so nice to me when I went to see the Teds and spent a long time talking about his little dog whom he absolutely adored. He told me how she would come into his bedroom in the morning to wake him up so I do wonder what will happen to her now. He would have wanted the best for her. He was a lovely man indeed.

Sue Reid-Povall

28/09/14 -

I was very sorry to hear about the death of our colleague Neville Goodwin, just as I am sad to hear about anyone on the Jazz scene passing away. May I be included in the condolences passed to his family and friends and those of the Manchester Jazz Scene?

Unfortunately, I didn't know him well, and although we played on gigs together, that could be as much as a couple of decades apart. So it would be foolhardy for me to write anything approaching an obituary, much as I would like to do. So I'll leave that to the boys in the Chicago Teddy Bears, etc., or Brian Singleton, himself, who obviously knew him well, to expand on the original item.

I last played with Neville when I was depping for Paul Broomhead about three years ago, with The Tameside Stompers, in Saddleworth, I think. But our paths never crossed again. The time before that could have been in the 80s or 90s. On Norman Pennington's above gig, Neville played impeccably on his electric piano. It was a vintage car rally, and the townfolk came out in droves - for the rally, not necessarily the Jazz!

May he rest in the Peace of the Lord.

Joe Silmon-Monerri

28/09/14 -

A great shame: Always enjoyed his unobtrusive playing and kind manner.

Jon Critchley

29/09/14 -

On the several happy occasions when the Chicago Teddy Bears invited me to guest with the Band, it was always gentleman Neville Goodwin who welcomed me to his piano stool. In the heat of a set performance, we hardly had time to talk at length, but I will always recall his friendly manner and his piano playing which so complimented the Teddy Bears' popularity. A really nice man with a fluent piano style of his own. Thanks Neville -

Derek Harrison 

30/09/14 -

I have been associated with The Chicago Teddy Bears for over thirty years. They are all a super bunch of guys but dear Neville always had a special place in our affection. Not only was he a fine pianist but one of the most loveable gentlemen in music. He was a good family man who lost his wife, Amy, a few years ago but was still a family man with his little dog. He would talk about his grandson who he tried to help whenever he could.

 He always asked about our family and our welfare. He used to invent devices like the board with four holes in so Tony Ormisher could carry more than one pint and his little bogie to enable him to wheel his equipment into Maghull Town Hall.

He always had a little joke for me when we met. I wish I could think of one for now Nev. All I can say is goodbye Nev, peace be with you,  God bless you for the pleasure you have brought to so many. we are going to miss you.

Harry and Mary Swinburne

03/10/14 -

So sorry to hear about Nev. A fine player and a really nice man. Ian McCann

03/10/14 -

Just learnt of the passing of Neville Goodwin while visiting family and friends here in NW.  On the various occasions that I was invited to play alongside Neville with the 'Teds' his playing style made drumming that much more pleasurable while his kind demeanour was always so welcoming too. Neville was without doubt among my favourite pianists. His valuable musical contribution will be a great loss to the band, many fellow musicians and fans.

My deepest sympathies to his family.
Alan Davies

04/10/14 -

So sorry to read of the sad passing of Neville Goodwin. I did not know him well, but had always admired his sensitive playing. When on a two-band gig, he invariably found time to share a few words. What a lovely man. He will be greatly missed.

Noel Broadgate

05/10/14 -

I have known Neville a number of years now but only got to know him really well in the past couple or so depping regularly with the Teds.
I must agree with everyone, Nev was a gentleman and a lovely guy and a truly great musician it has been a real privilege for me to have played alongside him. He will be sadly missed.

Jim Lucas


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