Arthur Pedder

11th August 1937 - 14th Feb 2012

This lovely photograph of Arthur was taken in France last year and sent to me by Harold Troughton


15/02/12 -

I am sorry to have to announce that our trombonist, Arthur Pedder, passed away on 14th February, after a short illness. As you can imagine, the news has come as a shock to the band; our thoughts are with his wife Gill and his family and we shall pass on more details in due course

Dennis Harrison-Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra

16/02/12 -

So sorry about Arthur. A fine player, A really nice man and an enthusiast on stage who never failed to connect to the audience. Gill must be devastated. Best wishes to her, to the rest of his family and the lads in the Blue Mags

Roger Browne

16/02/12 -

Sorry to hear about Arthur - that's sad news. I met him up on the Isle of Bute a couple of times and at the defunct Barnsley Jazz Festival in the '90s.

Pete Lay

16/02/12 -

Shocked to hear about Arthur: A great character and musician: He was a member of the Original Panama Jazzband for many years and his enthusiasm and personality always contributed so much. Another great loss to North West music. Our thoughts are with Gill and family.

Jon Critchley and The Original Panama Jazzband.

16/02/12 -

Very sad to hear about Arthur Pedder. I played with him for a number of years with New Orleans Express. Lovely man. Love to Gill and the family.

Graham Martindale

17/02/12 -

So sad to learn with deep shock that Arthur Pedder has so suddenly passed away. Our thoughts and condolences are foremost with Gill and the family, the members of Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra and his undoubted 'legion' of friends and jazz fans. Arthur's excellent trombone playing with his exuberant contribution, dedication and knowledge was certainly a bonus for all the bands he was involved with over the years. Thank you, Arthur. While principally impressing the north-west jazz circuit he also 'wowed' the audiences on tours with bands to France, Holland and also Germany.

Personally, Arthur will be especially missed as our friend.

Alan Davies

17/02/12 -

So sorry to hear about Arthur Pedder passing away. Great trombonist and great personality. Our condolences to his family, and of course, The Blue Mags Band.

Rob and Dee Lamble.

18/02/12 -

I was very shocked to read that Arthur Pedder was no longer with us. I'd known him, & enjoyed his playing & friendship, for about twenty-five years. A great musician & gentleman. RIP.


19/02/12 -

Like everybody I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Arthur's death. When I told the members of our band, Good Time Jazz, here in Brittany they too were deeply upset. The Blue Mags had played alongside us three times recently at our festival, Fest Jazz, here in France as well as at concerts in Liverpool and Abersoch. Arthur made a tremendous impression on the French musicians both as a fine trombonist and as someone who really made an effort to get to know them, using the music as a way of making friends and breaking down boundaries. They insisted we play a number (Savoy Blues) for him at our regular monthly club this afternoon. It is a tribute to Arthur that even in this little of corner of France he is so fondly remembered as a great musician and man.

Best wishes to Gill, the family and the Blue Mags

Trevor Stent

19/02/12 -

I first met Arthur Pedder in the early eighties when he was with the New Orleans Express, since when I’ve always enjoyed his playing. In the early nineties we met up on a tour in Germany with Alan Davies’s Delta Jazz. I was living in Holland by then, and the night before the tour began I had an accident on my bike, so that I arrived in Biebertal with my face grazed and covered in bruises – much to the amusement of the rest of the band who insisted that I sing Black and Blue in every gig we played! Gill, was there with Arthur, and I shall always remember the kindness and concern they both showed in helping me and supervising the cleaning and dressing of my various wounds as they began to heal. We have played together since in Kelsall of course, but it’s Arthur’s friendly generosity as much as his fine trombone-playing that I shall remember.

My condolences to Gill and the family, and to the Mags.

Allan Wilcox

19/02/12 -

I have good memories of Arthur Pedder and actually played one gig with him at Breda. A bunch of us were sitting in the Blue Note Cafe as the festival was winding down and we spotted Malc Murphy (then with Colyer) talking to some guy in the square outside. Malc used to play in my band in Leicester and so I went in invite him in for a beer. The end result was that there and then we put a band together to play the Sunday evening in the next square. We had Arthur on trombone, me on Cornet, John Smith (The Sunset Music Company) on clarinet and sax, Black Eagles Bob Pilsbury on piano and Peter Bullis on banjo, Malc Murphy on drums and an Australian on string bass. We had a great session playing to a crowded square full of mostly younger people and were kept well supplied by the many bars around the square. What a lovely evening and that's how I'll remember Arthur - so sorry that he is gone, he was a good person

Tony Pringle USA

20/02/12 -

Very sad to hear of Arthur's untimely death. My wife Jean & I send our condolences to Jill and family on their sad loss. I had the luxury pf playing with Arthur in some of the best years of the New Orleans Express playing in the UK and Europe, it is truely a sad loss to all involed in Jazz. May I take this opportunity to add Gerry Owen in this tribute to Arthur as he does not have internet access.

Brian Woods

20/02/12 -

I first met Arthur in the early 60's, when he came for an audition with the Five and a Penny Band. He had just arrived from, I believe it was called Westmorland, in those days. I can still see him walking down the aisle in some theatre type setting where the Five and a Penny were rehearsing for a television audition at the Barracks down in London, big time stuff for us! He sat in without instruction and it all worked fairly well. He was in.

The founder trombone player, who was one of the older members of the band, was happy to be able to please his wife and retire. The possibility of a TV appearance would be embarrassing to her.

Having joined the band at the end of the first year of its existence Arthur stayed with us through a period of masses of bookings. He would have certainly left his personal contribution to the Five and a Penny Band style as it exists today.  He gave way to Peter Fryer, when he was motivated to small group playing.

We are all enriched by our friends and community contacts, thanks to you, Arthur Pedder.

Roy Potts

20/02/12 -

I was away last week and only heard about Arthur's passing yesterday.  I had known Arthur since the early 80s when I used to occasionally dep for The New Orleans Express, and was delighted when he agreed to be a founder member of the original Wabash Jazzmen of the early 90s. He made several recordings with the band before he joined The Blue Magnolia and he was a dynamic tailgate trombonist for us.

All of us in The Wabash have been deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with Gill and family.

Mark Challinor

20/02/12 -

So sorry to hear about Arthur. Such a shock. I only played with Arthur when I depped with the New Orleans Express way back back in the 70's. The last time I saw him was in fact at one of the Mersey's Festivals at the Crowne Plaza.

A fine musician. He will be greatly missed.  Condolences to Gill and the family.

Peter Swensson ( The Savoy Jazzmen)


21/02/12 -

I knew Arthur and first met him not through Jazz but through crown green bowls. We played in the same team for Kelsall Bowling Club in Cheshire.We also played indoors through the winter. It was with sadness and disbelief that we heard of his passing.

Sadly I only heard Arthur play twice. Once at Chester Rugby Club and again at a local Jazz Festival that he and Gill organised. His sense of humour shone through his undoubted virtuosity.

Reading the other tributes to him I can only agree with what has been written. Arthur was a lovely man and I found him to be dedicated, enthusiastic and hardworking in everything he did.

Kelsall Bowling Club members would like to add their sympathy and condolences to Gill and the family.
In every respect Arthur will be a very hard act to follow.

Sincerely, John Gray


I simply wish to pay my deep respects to Arthur Pedder. We played together in various Bands in 'the early years' - or should I say '- the golden years'! I recall his fine trombone and his easy going personality, which was a great asset to every gig we played. A very sad loss, and Arthur was certainly a musician who will be long remembered by all who played alongside him or listened to his music.

Derek Harrison

21/02/12 -

Happy memories of my association with Arthur during the 60's, when he was living in Morecambe and working at ICI, Middleton. He played for some time with my band, the Riverside Jazz Band, until ICI cruelly transferred him to Chester, thus depriving us of a fine trombonist and a good friend. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Alan Duckles.

27/02/12 - Sorry to hear about Arthur. A fine player and a really nice chap. My condolences to Gill and family.

Ian McCann.

28/02/12 -

Some - oh twenty? years ago Arthur depped for a while with The Merseys. At that time, they played a gig for me at Wrightington Hospital Garden Fete, as a "thank you" for me new hip!  I was on a canal holiday with Beryl at the time, so - dear old Arthur met the boat at a pre-arranged spot near Nantwich, took me up to Wrightington (near Wigan!) to join the Merseys as they played for a marathon walk of "hippies" - or joint replacees! And returned me to my beloved some hours later. A task well beyond the call of duty! I've never forgotten that very kind action and it makes me swallow hard.

Tony Davis.

Hi Fred, My name is Ian, Arthurs eldest son

I would like to say thank you to all the great tributes for my dad. Losing him was a big shock to us all. His energy and love for jazz music will be something I will always remember. I have lots of memories from the '70's and '80's, and remember gigs at the old Albion Hotel on city rd in Chester and Sammy Rimington being amongst the guests.

I appreciate the page you have set up in memory of my dad. I always remember him doing Sweet Georgia Brown, one of my favourites. We are hoping to arrange a night in his memory and raise some money for charity, Dennis Harrison and Gill will have more details in the future, be good to meet yourself and other friends and musicians my dad was involved with

Thanks to you all.

Ian Pedder


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