Stan Davies

Died 13th September 2020


17/09/20 - We are sad to announce the death of Stan Davies 80   always as Stan the Man on Sunday 13th September.   Stan played clarinet and saxophone and was  a well known and loved player.

He played with The French Quarter band , the Canal Street Stompers  [for 18 years ] the Eclipse Parade band and Louisiana Highway .His love of New  Orleans music was second to none and he was a good and helpful friend to everyone.

We send our deepest sympathy to his wife Marie and their children. - Trish  Galloway

L-R Sam Wood, John Brown? and Stan Davies

18/09/20 - 

So sorry to hear the news about Stan Davies. We met in the usual way - as deps with various bands. I then played a few small group gigs with Stan around Glossop and East Manchester which were always relaxed and enjoyable evenings. I remember one of Stan's regular venues was the delightful Woolley Bridge Working Men' Club, this must be one of the smallest in the country.

The photo shows myself, John Brown? and Stan playing at Burnage Rugby Club after Bill Oldham's funeral. I think this was ten years ago, March or April 2010. We were lucky not to spill hot pot and red cabbage on the white shirts!

Sam Wood

20/09/20 -

Sad news about Stan Davies.I first met him when marshal with The French Quarter Band and then The Eclipse Parade Band.After I took over running the band Stan became a stalwart and Mr Reliable, never letting me down once and full of enthusiasm on every gig.A lovely bloke who will be missed by all 'the chaps' wherever we get playing again. Condolences to Marie and family

Jeff Roberts

20/09/20 -

I was really saddened to hear about Stan Davies from Derek last week. Stan was a really lovely, kind, gentle man and I enjoyed the company of Stan and Marie very much. This video has two extracts featuring Stan which were filmed in 1994. Gerry Owen (clt), Stan Davies (sax), Annie Hawkins (bass), Les Moore (bjo) playing at The Gadlys Hotel, Anglesey on our way to the 1994 Cork Jazz Festival.  The coach picked us up in Burnage to take us all the way to Cork and the 1994 Jazz Festival. On the way to catch the ferry , we stopped off at the Gadlys Hotel in Anglesey for a session. We had a great time, playing, eating and drinking and looking forward to a snooze on the overnight ferry. On the way to the terminal the old banger, which Les had hired for about a tenner, broke down in the middle of nowhere at around midnight. We missed the ferry of course but, to cut a very long story short, eventally arrived in Dublin, bleary-eyed and sort of sober. It was bank holiday weekend so, try as we did, we couldn't find a coach to hire to replace the old banger so we lugged our music cases (including two drum kits) off the ferry, onto the station, into Dublin and then dashed across the city in a selection of public transport minibuses and caught an extremely crowded train to Cork. I must write a book !!!

Graham Martindale


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