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I went to night school to learn the basics of jazz piano so I could sit in with a jazz group at my 60th birthday celebration. Two years later after more night school and “sit ins” with a very patient band, their venue closed. Several musicians offered to play with me if I found a venue and Annie`s Saints and Sinners was formed! Our first gig was in the basement of The George in Macclesfield, now a block of apartments. As with most bands, the line up has changed and now only two members of the original band remain, myself and Ron Smith.     

In 1997 the Dog and Partridge in Bollington let us have a room above the bar. At first we tried playing there once a fortnight and eventually once a month. It is now a jam/practice session where the occasional listener drops in.  We are able to extend our repertoire and enjoy ourselves in the process.

In 2000 we started visiting primary schools and developed a programme to illustrate the origin of New Orleans jazz. We have played in many schools in Cheshire and south Manchester and it is very rewarding for us and the children.

  At the end of 2007 we got a regular gig at The Egerton Arms in Chelford where we play once every three months, and since 2011 we have a spot at Macclesfield Treacle Market on the last Sunday of the month


There are two slightly different bands, the Treacle Band  with Mike Mason and David Griffiths and the Egerton Band with Chris Taylor and Stan Davies, both under the umbrella of Annie`s Saints and Sinners. All the musicians are talented and are involved in other bands ranging from jazz, swing to brass bands and classical music.

We all play just because we love the music!

Annie Cousin Telephone 01625 610059 
E.mail: ann.cousin *       

The full band consists of seven musicians: 

Chris Taylor/Mike Mason - 
Stan Davies - 
David Griffiths
Barrie Booth - 
Doug Timperley - 
Ron Smith/Terry Cooper  - 
Pete Smith
Annie Cousin - 

Clarinet, Sax
String Bass, Sousaphone
Piano/Keyboard - Leader

The band is available for all types of functions. It  made its first CD entitled "Jazz at the Dog" and more recently its second one - "Gentle Annie"

copies are available from :-

Annie Cousin Telephone 01625 610059 

 If you can't see the player, Click here to download 'Gentle Annie'

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