Susan Reid-Povall
Sue sadly passed away on 4th November 2021
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The Sue Reid Trio on CD

Sue Reid with Malcolm Hogarth & Isabel Toner

Sue Reid (full name Susan Reid-Povall), grew up surrounded by music as her father, Roy, was a very accomplished jazz piano player and her aunt, Beryl Reid, was to become very famous in the world of theatre and film. But it wasn't until around 2011 that she plucked up the courage to sing in public and has now become quite well known on the traditional jazz circuit in the North West of England.

Isabel Toner had piano lessons as a youngster, but attracted to the jazz scene in later life, she took to playing the double bass. Her playing debut was in Fritzel's in Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Now, 20 years later, she plays in several bands, particularly in the North West.

Malcolm Hogarth had piano lessons from 10 years old and when 12 heard, and opted to play jazz, Not playing much when doing a proper job, he returned to the keyboard when jobless in the 1990s, to finish paying the mortgage. He now plays, with and without Isabel, in bands in the North West.

Malcolm and Issy say that Sue gently entered their lives over the last few years when they heard how well she sang, and are pleased as Punch to have made this CD. Enjoy this sampler below, it's been recorded in a studio, so the quality is excellent, better than the sampler.



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