The Sun Street Stompers

Left to Right Adrian Morris, Peter Boswell, Barrie Marshall, Steve Lister, Lawrence Marshall
Photo - Barrie Marshall)

Band Contact - Barrie Marshall (01524 844873)

The Sun Street Stompers are a traditional jazz band who play every Sunday lunchtime at the John O'Gaunt pub in Lancaster. They have played at the John O'Gaunt for over 30 years with only one break. The sessions were started by Barrie Marshall, basically just as a Sunday band for fun rather than a working band. Word was also spread that any jazz musician, no matter how inexperienced, would be welcome to sit in with them. This works well and they often have many guests turning up. On Sunday 23rd June 2002, Barbara and I popped into the John O'Gaunt and no less than 12 guests musicians and singers appeared out of nowhere! 

Guests who 'dropped in' on Sunday 23rd June 2002

Eddie Simpson

Brendan Cronin

Alan Mathews

Victoria Morris

Bill Bailey

Bernard Overton

John Perella

Danny Riley

Judy Margerison

'Ollie' Brooks

Fred Williamson

Don Clarke


Some of the jazzers who take their beer and music seriously

If any jazz musicians visiting Lancaster go along to the John O'Gaunt on Market Street on a Sunday lunch, they will get to play. 

"I have made contact with Barrie Marshall as you suggested some time ago. His band (Sun Street Stompers) recently made one of their rare none residence appearances at the Whitewater Hotel and I have to say that it was superb jazz and well appreciated by those present. I have found that many of the bands I have listened to recently tend to sound a bit tired / too well rehearsed in their ensemble work - generally lacking in spontaneity. I think that the latter is what jazz is really all about. There was none of this with Barrie's band - I said to him that he should get his band out more often."  

- Dave Hough

Barrie Marshall is not only a talented musician, he is a photographic and computer graphics designer.
Here's one he's taken of Alan Duckles at The John O'Gaunt, and he's used his computer
to produce this unusual 3D effect.


Click on the Play button to hear "Love Nest" by the Sun Street Stompers

The line up is:- 

Barrie Marshall........Clarinet
Peter Boswell............Cornet
Lawrence Marshall...Banjo
Steve Lister .............Guitar
Adrian Morris.....Double Bass


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