Tony Iddon

RIP 2nd Jan 2020

Left-to-right:  Pete Mooney (d/bs), Dave Potts (bjo), Allan Dent (tpt), Dave Berry (dms),
Mick Knowles (tbn), Roy Maguire (pno), Tony Iddon (clt/ldr).
The Red River Jazzmen photo reproduced  from the late Alice Garnett's "Jazz Times" September 1991 issue.
The photo, however, was probably taken 25 or 30 years earlier. - Joe Silmon

03/01/20 - Tony Iddon, who many will know because he ran The Red River Jazzmen for probably fifty years, died in hospital last night. He was taken in at the end of November and I went to see him earlier this week, when his condition had deteriorated rapidly from last week so it was a blessing when he went. As soon as I know funeral details I will let you know. - Bernard Selby

03/01/20 -

So sad to hear this. Condolences to his family.

Tony was a lovely player, 'The Red River' were a great band, so popular on the Manchester scene for so long.  I knew Tony quite well back in the early sixties, but never met him since.  I  recall depping with the early band on two occasions, about 1960-61

RIP Tony.
Des Hopkins

04/01/19 -

I am sorry to hear of the death of Tony Iddon. I played with the Red River Jazzmen in the '60's and in my opinion it was one of the best bands in the country at that time. I rejoined the band over 30yrs later. Unfortunately Tony was not in the best of health and the band eventually folded.

Tony led the Reds for 50yrs which is quite an achievement.

Moe Green.

05/01/20 -

I put this video up again yesterday (see below), to say Thank you and Goodbye to Tony Iddon - Clarinetist and leader of The Red River Jazzmen from Manchester - who passed away on January 2nd 2020.

I was the singer in the band during the 1980’s and we played Dresden in 1984 and 1990 - this clip is from 1984, with the great Danny Moss guesting on Tenor Saxophone - a moment in time I will never forget.

The Red River were the greatest of the Manchester Bands with a weekly residency in Stockport - Manchester - downstairs in the cellar of the Warren Buckley Pub with many famous guest musicians.

They also played my first Hayfield Jazz Festival in 1983 with guest Bruce Turner on Alto .
Bless you Tony dear friend and condolences to your family .

Sheila Collier



Photo supplied by Sheila Collier

09/01/20 -

I was really sorry to learn that Tony had died. Although I never heard the Red River Jazz Band, I knew their enviable reputation and felt very honoured (not to say over-awed) to find myself sharing the bandstand with Tony back in 1991 when I joined Bricktop’s Red Onion Jazz Babes for the first of several annual trips to New Orleans. The eight-piece band that year included two reed-players, the other being Dave Mott. It was a lovely band to play in – and in such a setting! – but my fondest memories include clarinet-duet features between Tony and Dave, notably a beautiful two-part arrangement of Clarinet Marmalade, and Tony’s unforgettable lyrical low-register rendering of Trogg’s Blues. Such a gifted musician! Such a loss!

Allan Wilcox

In the arms of Tina ‘Bricktop’ Earl are, from left to right,
Dave Mott, Charlie Bentley, Alan Bray, Ian McCann,
Dave Berry, Malcolm Hogarth, Allan Wilcox and Tony Iddon

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